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Chapter 472: Monster!

The three years old Hinata was standing behind Kurenai and her father carefully watching Roja.

“Since nothing happened, we will also say our goodbyes now.”

Kurenai looked at Roja’s back respectfully until it disappeared before turning toward Sarutobi and Konoha’s ninjas. Then she looked at the Hyuuga before stopping on Hinata. If she asked, she knew that Hinata would leave with her to the Mist.

Seeing this, Sarutobi was infuriated, but he still sighed reluctantly. Since Roja appeared, he turned a blind eye on this, fearing that Roja would cause trouble for the village.

Fortunately, Roja seemed to be uninterested in Konoha.

After taking a sigh of relief, Sarutobi personally sent Kurenai and the others out of Konoha.

Inside the Raikage tower in the village hidden in the clouds, the fourth Raikage sat in front of a table with some irritation while reading some doc.u.ments.

At this moment, a ninja suddenly walked in, kneeled and reported: “Raikage-sama, we have news from the Ninjas we sent to Konoha for the celebration.”

“Oh? Did Konoha bow down…”

The Raikage put down the doc.u.ments in his hands and looked at the ninja before saying: “Did they get the Byakugan?”

“Something unexpected happened.”

The ninja’s face became nervous as he reported what happened in Konoha. When the name Blood Beauty of the Mist was heard, the Raikage’s brow wrinkled, and when he heard about Roja, he was completely shocked.

“How come that guy was in Konoha…”

When it comes to Roja, the entire world should be afraid of him, whether it was a small village or one of the great five.

“In this case, the matter ends there.”

The Raikage was always violent, but under these circ.u.mstances, he directly gave up the idea without any further thought.

“The original should be something like this.”

In the Mizukage tower, Roja sat leisurely on the sofa while listening to Kurenai’s report. Although Roja showed up, Kurenai still told him everything.

“I don’t doubt the blood beauty of the Mist.”

Mei turned around and glanced at Kurenai and smiled.

Kurenai looked at the relaxed Roja and smiled at him and said: “I was bored before, but this time o went to Konoha and found something interesting.”

Although Kurenai followed Roja, her father was a ninja from Konoha after all, and like the original, he died in the Kyuubi’s attack.

This time, she visited Konoha to attend the festival and visit her father.

“Don’t worry, you can go to Konoha, but don’t stay late, I can’t handle all of this alone…”

Mei stretched her waist and stood from her seat and walked toward Roja and deliberately touched his should twice.

Roja found it funny as he pulled her cheeks and said: “Getting itchy already?”

Roja had Hanc.o.c.k in his heart, but it was impossible not to have any reaction to them, he had the intention to ‘train’ these two maids, but they were lazy.

“Right, there something in need to deal with…”

At this time, Mei thought about something and picked up a doc.u.ment from the table.

“What happened?”

Roja found it strange, so he directly asked.

Mei looked at the doc.u.ment and said: “There is a group of people called Akatsuki, which is full of S rank criminal and also their leader had the power of the Six-Paths, and he started destroying everything, and no one could stop him.”

“Six paths?”

Kurenai was shocked as she heard this, the two of them followed Roja for a long time, and although the strength gap was huge, their intelligence wasn’t like the originals at all. Just the words six-path made their hearts shake.

Mei nodded seriously: “It is said that there was a weapon in the Six Path sage’s era that could bring world peace…”

As she said this, she turned to look at Roja as if trying to inquire.

“Not so exaggerated!”

Roja shook his head casually as he listened to Mei’s words.

Roja had a bit of impression about the Rain village.

This monster was indeed weak, but according to his vague memories, it’s impossible to compare it Madara and Hashirama. Only the ability to see through the heart made Roja curious.

Is it power the same as Kenbunshoku Haki?

“The monster destroyed a small country, swept all the way to Konoha only to be sopped, and it seemed as if the next direction would be the Mist.”

Mei rushed to Roja and said with inquiries in her eyes; after all, this is something that involved the Six-path.

Roja stood up and stretched before saying: “It’s okay. I will take a look.”

“Huh, if you are going, we’ll be fine.”

Mei breathed in relief, and the fear on her face disappeared, If Roja didn’t go, she would feel awkward for the team who would go only to be killed by this monster.


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