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Chapter 478: Encounter

Inside the Mist village, a figure was standing in the highest place. If someone perceived nature’s chakra flow, they would know that it was constantly flowing inside this figure’s body.

Roja stood there quietly without any sense of time. He suddenly grabbed air, and Sen Maboroshi appeared in his hand.

At this time, Sen Maboroshi was crystal clear, and the light seemed to form on the sword. It was as if its power about to have a breakthrough.

“There is only one last step before it reaches the Eighth Stage.”

Roja looked at the sword in his hand and muttered. His directly tried to look at the property bar and saw that it reached the limit of the seventh stage +10.

In the past few years, Roja was traveling between the holy lands absorbing nature’s chakra without any delay. With the next visit, Sen Maboroshi would reach the eighth stage.

Roja has been waiting for it to reach the eighth stage for a long time now.

In fact, Roja’s power from Naruto was stronger than the power he had from Bleach, and his Shinigami mode was weaker than the Six-path mode.

Roja’s strongest mode was the fusion between the two, Rokujigan mode, which wasn’t based on the power of the Shinigami. The attack power from his six-path mode was stronger than releasing three Bankais. So he was using Sen Maboroshi less and less in Naruto’s world.

But, when Sen Maboroshi reaches the eighth stage, even if Roja’s Shinigami power can’t exceed the power of the six-path, It would be close.

In addition to being able to release Zanka No Tachi, he would be close to opening four bankais at the same time. And the Zanpakuto would be his main weapon again.

“Nature’s chakra in the Ryuchi cave would recover in the next few days…” Roja took a deep breath as he muttered while he had a look of antic.i.p.ation on his face.

He always had one goal; it was getting stronger and going to the world of bleach.


Roja sighed in relief, and he could feel that Sen Maboroshi in his hand, was eager to change.

Just as Roja felt the will in Sen Maboroshi, a figure suddenly flickered in the distance, and after jumping a few times, it arrived in front of Roja.


The person who came was Kurenai who greeted Roja gently.


Roja put away Sen Maboroshi and looked at Kurenai: “What is it?”

Kurenai directly reported: “Roja-sama, the people from the Akatsuki are in the country of water…”

The Akatsuki is related to the future of this world and the fourth war, and it was Roja’s most concern in this world.

However, Roja didn’t spy on the Akatsuki. He was too lazy to control them in secret. He didn’t agree with the Sage of the Six-path. Therefore, the Mist was always collecting information about the Akatsuki. It is possible for them to monitor all the members who are in action.

“Oh? They are here in the country of water. Most likely, they are here for the Three-Tails.”

Listening to Kurenai’s report, Roja had a thoughtful look on his face.

In the border of the country of water.

“We have been tracked.”

In a forest, Itachi, who was running with his companion, looked behind and said calmly.

“What direction? What do we do now?”

Itachi’s companion was obviously not Kisami, and he was a strange ninja that never appeared in the original story. He directly believed Itachi’s words and asked.

At the same time, his eyes flickered, but he didn’t stop moving as he kept following Itachi.

Itachi turned around and looked with his Sharingan.

“There aren’t many people, the direction at seven o’clock.”

There was little communication between the two, just a few words, but both of them could understand the look in each other’s eyes.

Wouch! Wouch!

Itachi who was running and his partner stopped and at the same time and started making hand seals in the air.

“Fire Release: Fireball Technique!”

Itachi didn’t use advanced Ninjutsu, and he directly used the most basic fire Jutsu.

Ninjutsu wasn’t about being strong or not, but it was all about effectiveness.

At the same time, Itachi’s partner released another ninjutsu at the same time.

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”


The attack moved rapidly, the seven or eight ninjas from the Mist couldn’t react at all.

“Not good we were discovered!”

The rest look at each other and screamed, their mission as just tracking not fighting. Now that they were discovered, it was either fight or retreat. There were only these two choices.

There weren’t many Jonins amongst them, just a few, they hesitated a little. And this cost them the choice of retreat as Itachi and his partner surrounded them.

Wouch! Wouch!

Itachi’s wrist shook as shuriken attacked the ninjas.

The ninjas of the Mist were preparing to dodge, but they saw Itachi looking at them coldly.

Of course, Itachi used Genjutsu on them and made them unable to dodge as they directly were hit.

On the other hand, Itachi’s partner didn’t use any tricks; he just held Kunais in his hand and covered himself with thunder chakra.

Directly, the few Ninjas of the Mist were directly wiped.

There was only one Ninja left.

Itachi went to face the remaining Ninja, and his Sharingan started spinning as he said: “Why are you following us?”

The Ninja resisted for a bit before finally fell under the Genjutsu.

“… Mizukage-sama commanded us to follow you…”

“Mizukage command?”

Itachi frowned.

Just as he was ready to ask another question, footsteps were heard from the forest.

“… it can be said as my order.”

Roja walked a few steps and arrived in front of the two with an interesting look.

Seeing Roja, Itachi and his partner looked at each other and thought of something, and their faces changed as they immediately knew who was in front of them!!


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