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Chapter 257: Fierce Battle In The Forest (I)

‘What skill is that!?’

The team immediately thought of dodging the skill when they saw the phenomenon, but it seemed to be too late!

The resplendent light shot into their eyes and they immediately felt immense pain.

They could not open their eyes!

“Activate sphere!!!”

Guo Ling shouted out loud instinctively.

Bang bang bang-

Following a series of rumbling sounds, Guo Ling and the others were flung backwards.

All of them crashed into branches near them.

“If you guys were at the peak of rank 6, I would feel a bit of pressure.”

Zhou Wenhao held his gigantic sword that was releasing a resplendent light and swept his gaze across Guo Ling and the others as he commented.

He was a rank 7 warrior and the few rank 6 warriors were nothing to him.

After all, as a warrior advanced in ranks, it became increasingly difficult to go to the next level.

Although the difference in rank was only one, the strength disparity was too great.


Guo Ling and the others spat out blood upon cras.h.i.+ng onto the tree.

If not for them activating sphere at that moment, they would have been killed by Zhou Wenhao.

But even after blocking the attack, the blood and energy inside their bodies stirred.

Their chest caved in as blood flowed out.

The impact of the attack was too powerful.

“Hahaha, see how arrogant you guys were!” One of the men that were protected by the barriers started to laugh.

He became fearless when he saw Lin Xiu and the others in such a peril and walked out of the barrier.

“Wenhao, kill them.” The young man looked at Zhou Wenhao and said.

Zhou Wenhao nodded his head and walked forward with his giant sword.

He had even killed other rank 6 warriors before.

And killing them made him extremely excited and happy.

It was a sense of satisfaction birthed from killing.

Guo Ling stood up and immediately felt the unbearable pain in her chest.

It was as though her blood and qi were in disorder.

She stood up and noticed Zhou Wenhao slowly walking over.

Although her sphere and blocked his attack, she was no longer able to use it!

And it was not only her. Qiu Li and the others were unable to use Sphere.

“It’s considered your bad luck to encounter me.” Zhou Wenhao looked at Guo Ling and the others and commented indifferently.

But his eyes were filled with killing intent.

He decided no longer to hold back and kill all of them right away!

“Goodbye.” He held his sword in one hand and slashed down when he was close to Guo Ling!


But right when his gigantic sword came down, he felt as though it had collided with something hard.

A low resounding sound came out.

Zhou Wenhao felt his right hand turn numb. He turned to see Lin Xiu already at his side with Dark Edge!

Lin Xiu did not stop after blocking and Dark Edge stabbed Zhou Wenhao like a dragon!

Under the Profound intent Torrential storm of rose flowers, Lin Xiu’s spear produced more than a hundred attacks in one second!

Right at this time, the surrounding air seemed to explode all over.

Clank clank clank-

Although Lin Xiu’s spear was fast, Zhou Wenhao’s gigantic sword was even faster!

“So powerful…” Qiu Li and the others had their mouths wide opened.

Lin Xiu was stabbing out at an astronomical speed but Zhou Wenhao was able to block them with ease.

Every stab would be completely blocked by Zhou Wenhao. Not a single strike managed to land on Zhou Wenhao!

“Seems like you’re rather strong.” Zhou Wenhao saw Lin Xiu’s frenzy of stabs and revealed an excited smile as he commented.

Lin Xiu frowned, Zhou Wenhao was too powerful.

Under a.n.a.lytic Eye, Lin Xiu could see that Zhou Wenhao wielded the strength of a rank 7 warrior!

This was a gap of two levels and he would not even be able to be on par with Zhou Wenhao with Fury.

What can I do?

Lin Xiu attacked Zhou Wenhao and secretly planned his next steps.

“Alright, game’s over.” He blocked Lin Xiu’s attack again and spoke up.

He suddenly raised the gigantic sword in his right hand and slashed at Lin Xiu.

He wanted to cleave Lin Xiu’s body in half!

Lin Xiu was not in time to block, right at that instant, the gigantic sword landed on his body!

“It’s over!” Chen Jin’s expression changed when he saw that.

Qiu Li, Guo Ling and the others all had frightened expressions.

Zhou Wenhao was too powerful!

“Hmph.” Zhou Wenhao snorted, having sensed something amiss.

When his sword cleaved the brat in two, the sensation was off.

He never had this feeling having killed countless before.

As though he had cut a fake person in half.


Right at this moment, the Lin Xiu that was cleaved in two turned to smoke!

Guo Ling and the others were stunned at the sight of this.

“Right, that’s Lin Xiu’s skill!”

Guo Ling recalled something and commented.

She had witnessed this strange skill that Lin Xiu used against Yu Yi before.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hehe, not bad.” Zhou Wenhao squinted his eyes and laughed out loud.

All the men that saw Zhou Wenhao laugh turned cold.

They all knew that Zhou Wenhao rarely laughed like that. Once he revealed this laugh, it meant that someone had become extremely unlucky.

He glanced at his left and right and saw two figures charging at him.

The two were identical Lin Xius!

Both held Dark Edge as they wanted to stab into his body!

“Which is the real one?” Chen Jin squinted his eyes and asked Guo Ling.


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