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Chapter 365: Broken Arm

“You react quite fast, huh.” At this time, the man looked at Luo Yue and said coldly.

He didn’t expect that Luo Yue actually held a dagger in her left hand.

And this dagger was very sharp, glistening with a pale blue light.


At this moment, Lin Xiu who was behind had already rushed over and the Dark Edge spear in his hand pierced towards the man’s body!

The man wanted to continue attacking Luo Yue, but at this moment, he sensed something. The pupils in his eyes shrank suddenly. In the next moment, he disappeared!

Lin Xiu’s Dark Edge spear pierced the air!

“Boy, you are courting death!”

Before Lin Xiu had time to react, a voice came from behind him.

The man who disappeared suddenly appeared behind Lin Xiu and he held the daggers into a cross, forming two cold rays, directly splitting Lin Xiu’s head in half!

“I told you not to get in the way.” The man sneered.

He only found Luo Yue a little threatening because he felt that Luo Yue seemed to be quite similar to him.

And he disregarded Lin Xiu from the very beginning.

But in the next moment, the look in his eyes suddenly changed.


With a swish, he felt a sudden pain in his arm!

At this moment, he took a closer look and realized that he got cut by a sharp spear tip on his arm.

Fresh blood sputtered out in an instant.

Swish swish swish——

But the spear did not stop moving and continued to stab him crazily!

The middle-aged man no longer cared about the sharp pain in his arm and kept dodging the Dark Edge spear that was stabbing like countless phantoms.

At this moment, Luo Yue, who was at the back, also continued to attack him with the long sword in her hand.

Under the attack of the two, the man seemed to be in a tight spot.

He kept evading and he quickly retreated to the back.

“d.a.m.n it, why aren’t you dead yet!?” The man looked at Lin Xiu, who was holding the Dark Edge spear as he continued to attack with Luo Yue.

He saw Lin Xiu’s ‘dead body’ just now but it had actually disappeared at this moment!

This was the first time he had seen such a weird ability.

Lin Xiu did not answer him. At this time, with a violent wave of his hands, a flaming bird burst out of Lin Xiu’s spear and rushed towards the middle-aged man!

With the flaming bird, the surrounding area was burning in red flames.

What kind of skill is this!?

The man who dodged to the back felt the temperature of the flames at this time and his expression changed.

“Insignificant skill!!!”

At this moment, a hint of fury appeared on his face as the thought of being suppressed by a low-level warrior such as Lin Xiu surfaced. At this moment, he mobilized his source strength and concentrated them on his daggers.

At this time, blue light began to s.h.i.+ne on his dagger which looked very strange.

What is this!?

Lin Xiu was surprised when he saw this scene.

At the next moment, he did not evade the flame, but rushed directly to the flying flaming bird!


The daggers in his hands slashed violently and the flaming bird was directly cut in half!

After the flaming bird was cut into two, it instantly turned into a little flame and dissipated.

Lin Xiu looked at this scene and couldn’t help being surprised.

This guy’s dagger could even slice his flaming bird!?

Just then, the man was already rus.h.i.+ng towards Lin Xiu!


Like a black shadow, he appeared in front of Lin Xiu instantly.

“Go to h.e.l.l!” The man screamed suddenly and the dagger in his hands that emitted light blue light cut into Lin Xiu’s body!


But at this time Lin Xiu reacted very swiftly, holding the end of the Dark Edge spear with both hands and blocking the attack.

As his daggers slashed Lin Xiu’s spear, Lin Xiu felt a strong impact coming and his hand became numb.

And at this moment, Luo Yue who was behind has also continued to attack with the long sword in her hand.

The man who originally wanted to attack Lin Xiu could only give up attacking Lin Xiu at this moment and continue to dodge.


But the moment he dodged, a white flame suddenly appeared, rus.h.i.+ng towards his body.

What is this!?

The man noticed the white flame out of the corner of his eyes but he had no way to dodge it!


The next second, the white flame has already encircled his arm.

As soon as the flame hit his arm, the man suddenly felt a sharp iciness on his arm.

Click, click, click——

The white flame spread to his entire arm in an instant.

And at the same time, the ice has covered his arm and solidified his left hand.

d.a.m.n it! What kind of flame is this!?

When the man fled to the back, he looked down at his left hand. The white flame was still spreading to his body and his left hand was frozen!

“Get lost!!!” Looking at the white flames, his face turned sinister, then he screamed and his source strength burst out, trying to disperse those white flames!

But the nature of this flame was really terrifying, even if he dispersed most of it, in the next moment, it started spreading again!

And now Luo Yue and Lin Xiu did not stop their movements as they rushed towards him!

Seeing this scene, his eyes were gloomy as he looked at his left arm covered in ice and the dagger in his right hand. Without any hesitation, he cut his arm directly!


With a dull sound, he has cut off his left arm!

After he cut off his left arm, his body disappeared.

The Dark Edge spear in Lin Xiu’s hand pierced the air.

“Where is he?”

Lin Xiu frowned and saw the broken arm on the ground.


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