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Chapter 583: Under the Magma

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Lin Xiu looked at his ‘Sphere’ and was shocked by the small gaps that were corroded by the sputtered magma.

How could this magma have such an effect!?

If he didn’t have the protection of the ‘Sphere’, his situation would become extremely dangerous.

Boom boom boom —

The ground shook slightly again and in the next moment, under the magma, something seemed to slowly appear.


As soon as those things appeared, they rushed towards Lin Xiu!

Unprepared, Lin Xiu was bitten on his arm by something and a sharp pain struck instantly.

Taking a closer look, he found that his arm was bitten by a snake!

This snake was different from ordinary snakes. Its whole body was golden yellow and it had a pair of small eyes that glowed with red light.

At this time, the snake bit Lin Xiu’s arm firmly, but because Lin Xiu was wearing the battle armor, its teeth didn’t directly penetrate the armor and pierce Lin Xiu’s flesh.

“Get lost!”

Lin Xiu directly grabbed the snake’s tail with his left hand and lightning burst out in his hand, pulling the snake away.

He slammed violently and it flew out, hitting the rock in front, instantly smas.h.i.+ng its body.


“Congratulations Master for killing the rank 7 flaming snake and gaining 10 million experience!”

A rank 7 evolved beast?

Lin Xiu was startled at this time. Looking closely, there were two eroded parts where his arm had just been bitten by its sharp fangs.

Even the battle suit could be bitten till it was this way, one can imagine the horror of this darn thing.

However, although this flaming snake’s attack ability was strong, it seemed to be very fragile.

So Lin Xiu dealt with it easily.

But before Lin Xiu could heave a sigh of relief, the surrounding magma seemed to start to rumble again.

It seemed to be slowly rising.

The rock that Lin Xiu was standing on now began to slowly submerge!

Darn it!

Seeing this scene, Lin Xiu’s expression changed greatly.

Looking around, it seems that there is nothing unusual around here.

How to pa.s.s this level?

Before Lin Xiu could think about it, at this moment, a large amount of things in the magma began to emerge, then they rushed towards Lin Xiu like arrows!

It’s those flaming snakes again!

d.a.m.n it!

Lin Xiu cursed secretly, then waved his Dark Edge spear frantically to attack.

Bang bang bang-

Those flaming snakes were continuously killed by Lin Xiu and there were constant prompts of gaining experience in his mind.

This was originally a good thing, but for Lin Xiu, it was a ha.s.sle.

Because he had to kill these flaming snakes and couldn’t use his energy to think of how to break through this level.

What made Lin Xiu feel even more overwhelmed was that now the magma seemed to be slowly surging up.

The place where he was standing now was about to be submerged by these magma!

Now Lin Xiu felt that his shoes were starting to emit white smoke, as if they were about to be corroded.


These flaming snakes seem to be endless, constantly rus.h.i.+ng up from under the magma.

Although gaining experience is a very good thing, but the current situation is obviously not suitable.

“I’ll go all out!”

When Lin Xiu saw that the magma was about to sink into his shoes, Lin Xiu roared and without waiting for the flaming snakes to rush up, Lin Xiu jumped into the magma!


As Lin Xiu’s body jumped into the magma, he suddenly felt a sharp pain.

It was as if the whole body was burned by the flames.

Pain, it hurts too much!

Especially the eye area, it hurts to death.

However, at this time, Lin Xiu had already activated the ‘Bodybuilding Technique’ and the source strength of his entire body was mobilized.

Lin Xiu dared to jump in mainly because of the ‘Bodybuilding Technique’ he had practiced before.

‘Bodybuilding Technique’ was to train one’s body under extreme conditions.

Previously, the body was forged with thunder, but this time, it was forged with these magma.

Just sinking under this magma, in the next moment, a large number of flaming snakes, in the next moment, all tore at Lin Xiu’s side.

The density of magma was relatively high and the speed of swinging the Dark Edge spear would be very slow.

Lin Xiu has now sunk into the magma and all he saw was red and yellow.

A lot of source strength was concentrated in the eyes, protecting the most vulnerable parts of the eyes.

Everywhere in the body was bitten by those flaming snakes.

Originally, the corrosion of the magma was very painful so Lin Xiu was already numb to the pain of these flaming snakes biting him.

The Dark Edge spear was thrown on the ground and in the next moment, Lin Xiu ma.s.sacred and attacked the flaming snakes biting his body.

The heads of those flaming snakes burst when Lin Xiu pinched them.

As Lin Xiu frantically grabbed the flaming snakes that were biting at his body and the prompts of gaining experience in his mind kept ringing.

There were too many flaming Snakes and Lin Xiu didn’t even know how many heads he had crushed with his bare hands.

Minutes and seconds pa.s.sed and as the number of those flaming snakes dwindled, the skin on Lin Xiu’s body was corroded.

And at this time, Lin Xiu’s body had a lot of corrosion everywhere.

The whole body was covered in blood and it looked like a b.l.o.o.d.y man.

Even the battle suit on his body seemed to be corroded at this time.

But Lin Xiu had already closed his eyes tightly at this time, his whole body sank under the lava, then he started the ‘Bodybuilding technique’ and ‘Cultivation Technique’ and fell into the state of cultivation.

“Why is he still at the 91st floor?”

At the same time, down there, those who had been paying attention to Lin Xiu’s progress all felt puzzled at this time.

Because it had been five hours since Lin Xiu arrived on the 91st floor and it still showed that Lin Xiu was there, neither failed nor succeeded.

“What happened to him on this floor?” Some warriors also frowned at this time, seeming to be very puzzled.

“Don’t tell me he died?”

“Impossible. If he dies, ‘X’ will be displayed here. Now it is obvious that he is still breaking through on this floor.”

The time pa.s.sed quickly and one night went by and the next day came.

“Why is he still on this floor?”

Some warriors looked over to the screen and found that Lin Xiu was still on the 91st floor and there was no change!


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