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Chapter 89: Practice, Young Man!

Lin Xiu was stunned at this moment.

That’s not right, according to what he knew and the fantasy novels he had read before transmigrating, imbuing the source strength into the weapon would allow it to reach its greatest power.

“Do you know why warriors are strong?” Baili Haoling seemed to know what Lin Xiu was thinking, then he shook his head and said.

“‘Cultivation technique’?”

“That’s right.” Baili Haoling nodded with satisfaction.

“The better a person is with ‘cultivation technique’, the more air he can take in which allows the energy from the universe to be absorbed in his body. Some are stored in the body, and some are used in improving the body’s muscles, bones, organs, and even cells.”

“Part of the strength stored in the body, which we call the source strength, can be released.”

“Source strength is one of the strongest foundations of a warrior;” Baili Haoling explained and then pulled out a long saber around his waist.

“Imbuing the source strength into the weapon would change the quality of the weapon; it would become harder and sharper, but like the stone just now, even if it became hard, it would not be able to detach from the substance itself. Using the source strength to cover the weapon, as your source strength got stronger, the more powerful the weapon would become.”

Lin Xiu thought about it for a moment and suddenly said, “You mean, our weapons are not the most important factor, they are only a medium for the use of skills and source strength, the true power lies in the source strength? So I should use a weapon as a medium then use source strength to fight!?”

“That’s right!” Seeing Lin Xiu understand it so easily, Baili Haoling could not help but nod approvingly.

“And the weapon wrapped in source strength not only increases the sharpness, but also indirectly plays a protective role so the damage to the weapon will be greatly reduced.”

“Look, I bought this saber for only a hundred union coins at the weapons store.” Baili Haoling held the long saber and released the source strength. The aura of the saber suddenly became different.

“Focus the source strength on your eyes!” Baili Haoling suddenly exclaimed sharply.

Lin Xiu instinctively activated his source strength, and with the source strength covering his eyes, Lin Xiu could see everything in the night, like things were much brighter. The long saber in Baili Haoling’s hand was covered with a layer of faint blue light that looked like a gas.

“This is…” Lin Xiu’s jaw dropped.

“Yes, this is the source strength, this isn’t the first time you found out that you could see source strength this way, is it?” Baili Haoling nodded and said.

He was also very surprised. This was the first time in 20 years he met someone so talented and he just had to give a hint and the other party immediately understood.

Horrifying, too horrifying.

Baili Haoling appeared as if he saw a rock in his hand about to be carved into a beautiful jade, he couldn’t help from getting excited.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that at the level of my current source strength, this weapon that costs only 100 union coins could become as sharp as those weapons in the market that costs tens of millions.”

“But if I just imbued my source strength into the weapon directly, it may not be able to withstand the strength and may be easily damaged.”

“But according to what you said, aren’t high-ranking weapons meaningless then?” Lin Xiu couldn’t help but ask.

That’s right, based on what he said, why would those warriors want to use other weapons?

“What a fool. Weapons will shake when they collide; although the source strength can cover the surface of the weapon, it can’t resist the vibration of the force. Of course, the more expensive the weapon is, the better it is. If you use a garbage weapon, although it will be very sharp with source strength over it, but when it collides with a high-ranking weapon, your weapon would be destroyed,” Baili Haoling said with a hint of pride at this moment.

“It’s the same theory as your ‘Rupturing Fist’ – its defense is strong on the outside, but it would still hurt inside.”

Lin Xiu frowned and thought about it, then said, “So you just covered your fist in source strength and focused it on your fist, then relying on the strong source strength covering the fist, it allowed your fist to harden to a considerable level?”

“That’s right…” Baili Haoling nodded, then covered his mouth. ‘d.a.m.n, I blurted it out!’

“Isn’t that cheating!” Lin Xiu pointed at him and shouted.

This guy’s warrior ranking was very high and so his source strength should have reached a certain level. He might have suppressed the strength in his body to rank 1, but his source strength couldn’t be suppressed!

“He he, let’s not talk about that. Let’s practice!” Baili Haoling smiled and suddenly changed the topic.

As soon as he said that, he tossed the saber in his hand directly to Lin Xiu.

“Try it, evelop the whole saber with your source strength!”

Lin Xiu pursed his lips, but holding this saber and looking at it close-up, it was really an ordinary saber.

It was simply terrifying that this guy could turn an ordinary saber into such a sharp saber.

Lin Xiu took a deep breath. At this moment, he slowly activated his source strength and began to wrap the saber with it.

But the source strength had merely covered a third of the saber when Lin Xiu began panting.

“No, it’s too tiring…”

If it was getting the source strength imbued into the weapon, Lin Xiu could easily do it, but to envelop the weapon was somehow extremely difficult. One really needed to have very good control of source strength.

“It’s not that easy. Oh, it’s even difficult for a warrior above rank 3 to cover the weapon evenly with source strength.” At this moment, Baili Haoling shook his finger and said.

No wonder, when he fought with Tang Mubai, he didn’t sense that he was using this method. So he didn’t learn it yet either?

In fact, to see Lin Xiu covering a third of the saber on his first attempt so evenly, Baili Haoling was quite surprised.

This method was one of the advanced techniques of using the source strength. Although it was still too early for Lin Xiu, if he started learning now, it would be very beneficial when he learned other source strength methods in the future!

“Go on!”


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