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Chapter 1017 Ups and Downs 3

Ms Yu had been putting up with Feng Wu’s nonsense until then, but the kid only repaid her with even more of a farce. Despite her usually mild temper, Ms Yu had become vexed.

Feng Wu shook her head. “Chaoge didn’t hit him hard. The force she used couldn’t have killed anyone.”

Mu Yaoyao smirked inwardly. Indeed, Chaoge couldn’t have, but Mu Yaoyao had her whole plan. Yao Hao had to die today!

Mu Yaoyao feigned a furious tone and stared at Feng Wu. “He’s stopped breathing! You’re going to pay with your life!”

Feng Wu glanced at Mu Yaoyao. She was anything but stupid, and she had realized what Mu Yaoyao wanted after the latter mentioning paying with her life repeatedly. Mu Yaoyao was trying to call off that bet!

As expected, Mu Yaoyao moved closer and whispered in a threatening voice.

“Destroy that paper with the bet on it and I may let you live.”

She was right —

However, Feng Wu only darted a look at Mu Yaoyao. “You’ll beg for my forgiveness in a moment.”

Feng Wu was amazed by how emboldened these people were. Were they seriously trying to poison someone when she, the master of poison, was around?

When she was only five, she already knew of every poison known to man. That little red pill she had created, the laxative, was still sold widely across the Junwu Empire. Mu Yaoyao still had a lot to learn if she wanted to conceal a poison from Feng Wu.

Mu Yaoyao snorted inwardly after Feng Wu rejected her offer. So, the girl would rather learn the hard way!

However, Feng Wu had walked up to Yao Hao and started working on him with her pale green light. Dots of green light then seeped into his body through his forehead.

Master Duanmu was astonished!

What Feng Wu was doing was completely out of his expectations.

Because that green light was a treatment method only practiced by Supreme Level medicine refiners!

In other words —

This teenage girl was a Supreme Level medicine refiner?!

That was preposterous! Master Duanmu refused to admit it!

More green light flew out of Feng Wu’s hands.

And they covered Yao Hao’s entire body.

Was there going to be a miracle?

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in astonishment.

However, Mu Yaoyao smirked the entire time.

She had planned everything out; Yao Hao had agreed to take a medicine that would make him appear dead. He could come back to life after Mu Yaoyao got the bet called off.

However, Yao Hao didn’t know that Mu Yaoyao hadn’t told him the whole truth!

Knowing what an amazing doctor Feng Wu was, Mu Yaoyao had used a real poison on Yao Hao, which would actually kill him!

That was why Mu Yaoyao was so pleased when Feng Wu tried to save Yao Hao.

Yao Hao had no chance!

She was right —

One minute pa.s.sed…

Three minutes…

Five minutes…

Yao Hao still lay there with his eyes closed. His face was emotionless and he still wasn’t breathing.

It seemed that Yao Hao really was dead.

“Stop it! Don’t touch my brother!” Yao Ying rushed out and charged at Feng Wu.

Mu Yaoyao gloated.

However, just before Yao Ying made contact with Feng Wu —

Green light appeared all over Feng Wu and sparked to life like a protective s.h.i.+eld.

Yao Ying looked like she had b.u.mped into a wall, and she bounced off the s.h.i.+eld!


She was flung back as she smashed into a wall. There was a loud crack, and Yao Ying cried out in pain.


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