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1192 Unt.i.tled

However, everyone was crying out at that moment.

“Look! Feng Wu is a Level 8 Spiritual Grandmaster now!!”

“OMG… A Level 8 Spiritual Grandmaster!”

“Feng Wu is amazing!”

Many cheered in the audience, but a lot of people in the VIP section looked relaxed.

The people of the Xuanyuan family smirked.

She was a mere Level 8 Spiritual Grandmaster, which was nothing compared with Xuanyuan Yi.

Strange spiritual essence exploded in the arena, and energy erupted from Xuanyuan Yi’s fists.

It shot at Feng Wu with a rumble.

The air in front of Feng Wu twisted with a crackling sound, as if big boulders were tumbling down!


Everyone cried out inwardly.

They were so sure that Feng Wu was going to die this time…


Xuanyuan Yi’s fist smashed into Feng Wu, sending her flying backward. She flew in an arch in the air, before cras.h.i.+ng down.


Many people covered their eyes involuntarily.

Was Feng Wu dead?

Surely that had been enough to kill her.

Feng Wu lay there, motionless and covered in blood, as if she was already dead.

“Xiao Wu —”

Chaoge rushed toward the arena as if she had lost her mind, but the others stopped her.

Feng Xun was worried sick.

If anything happened to Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan would be so furious that he would slaughter the entire crowd here!

“Xuanyuan Yi, do you have a death wish?!”

Feng Xun roared and rushed toward the arena.

“Stop him!” the empress dowager bellowed.

“But —”

Before Feng Xun could say another word, the empress dowager said angrily, “It’s a duel, and no one is to interfere!”

“But —”

Jun Linyuan really would lose his mind if Feng Wu was killed!

Feng Wu was still lying motionless in a pool of her blood, when spiritual essence started rus.h.i.+ng into her body.

Was that the convergence of spiritual essence?!

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in disbelief.

Was she having another breakthrough?

To their astonishment, there was a crackling sound in the air from the gathering of spiritual essence during Feng Wu’s breakthrough.

“Oh, G.o.d —”

“Am I seeing things?”

“Feng Wu is, is…”

Everyone was already astonished by the way Xuanyuan Yi had broken through, but now…

“Check out Feng Wu’s ranking!”

Feng Wu had been 20th before, but now, she was making her way up the list. 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th…

4th, 3rd, 2nd…

Many were looking forward to seeing how far Feng Wu would rise, and even hoped that she would rise beyond Xuanyuan Yi!

All the members of the Xuanyuan family opened their eyes wide and were on edge!

But in the end, Feng Wu stayed in 2nd place. According to the system, Xuanyuan Yi was still more capable than Feng Wu.

Many in the audience sighed when they saw this.

Xuanyuan Yi’s face twisted. Staring at Feng Wu, he struck at her with a fist, sparing no effort.

He believed that the mercy he had shown Feng Wu earlier had provided her with readily exploitable loopholes.

Rising to her feet with much difficulty, she pointed at Xuanyuan Yi with a fair hand.

“Who are you?”

She asked the question in a cold voice.


Everyone else looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment, wondering what she meant.

Xuanyuan Yi smirked. “Are you just realizing it now? It’s too late!”

As he spoke, he attacked Feng Wu.

The spiritual essence in his palm seemed powerful enough to crush heaven and earth.


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