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Chapter 128: They’re Lying!

Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu’s complexion paled due to Feng Xun’s attacks.

But the two of their faces were presently already no longer as haggard as they were in the beginning, especially Fairy Mu Yao. Her snow white teeth bit her lower lip while tears flooded in a pitiful manner as she implied again with grief and indignation. “Feng Wu, she……she was with someone in an unclear and ambiguous manner. We met her by accident! That’s why she wanted to kill and silence us!”

Feng Liu nodded immediately. “Right! That’s right! The two of us saw Feng Wu ambiguously together with a young man in an alleyway.”

Feng Yi Ran wished that he could choke Feng Liu to death!

Was she an idiot?

Even if she wanted to bring harm to Feng Wu, couldn’t she find another excuse?

No matter what, Feng Liu and Feng Wu were indeed cousins and were born from the same clan. If Feng Wu’s reputation wasn’t good, how good could Feng Liu’s reputation be? This was clearly the same as injuring an enemy a thousand times only to injure yourself eight hundred times. She unexpectedly even yelled so loudly. Was she a complete idiot? ! ! !

Feng Yi Ran wished that he could slap this younger sister back into his mother’s womb, so that she could be reformed. How could she be stupid to this extent?

And at this moment, a slight anger could already be glimpsed on Feng Xun’s handsome face!

Jun Lin Yuan’s ice-cold aura became increasingly ice-cold. The temperature at the scene instantly lowered to the freezing point!

Feng Xun grabbed Fairy Mu Yao and lifted her up. “What did you just say? !”

Fairy Mu Yao decided to throw caution to the wind as she loudly said. “The two of us personally saw Feng Wu, that trash, together with a young man in the alleyway doing questionable things. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was caught by us accidentally, they would’ve already……already……”

“Right! That young man was wearing a pink robe and is very easy to recognize! I saw him clearly and can swear an oath to the heavens.” Feng Liu also loudly proclaimed.

Beneath the water, Feng Wu heard everything. Her eyebrows pursed slightly.

Feng Xun laughed coldly. “You guys keep saying over and over again that Feng Wu is a waste, however, how can a useless Feng Wu throw the two of you into the moat? Mu Yao, if I haven’t guessed wrongly, your strength is that of a level six spirit master, right?”

Following which, Feng Xun’s gaze moved to Feng Liu. “You’re a level five spirit master, right?”

“Between the two of you, one is a level five spirit master and the other is a level six spirit master, yet you were pushed into the moat by the ‘trash’ Feng Wu who doesn’t possess any spirit qi whatsoever? Are the two of you idiots? Or do the two of you think that I’m stupid? !” Feng Xun pressed on step by step. Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu recoiled little by little.

“Feng, Feng Wu naturally couldn’t, however, however, along with that man who she has improper relations with……it’s with his help that Feng Wu pushed the two of us into the river!” Fairy Mu Yao spoke loudly in a moment of desperation.

Feng Xun was so angry that blue veins popped forth on his forehead!

Jun Lin Yuan took one step forward as that pair of dangerous eyes narrowed, as scary as a hawk. At the moment he’s going to speak——

“They’re lying!”

A little boy who’s not yet five years old freed himself from his mother’s embrace. His short little legs charged out and pointed his finger at Fairy Mu Yao while he said. “She’s lying!”

“Eh?” Feng Xun squatted down, to match the little boy’s eye level. “How is she lying?”

“The two of them are bad eggs! Especially her——” The little boy pointed at Fairy Mu Yao. “Her little knife was pointed at little Fifth Sister’s neck. She said that she wanted to cut her face!”

Fairy Mu Yao’s heart skipped a beat at once!

She clearly remembered that there was no one pa.s.sing through this area at the time. How could this little child know?

Right away, Fairy Mu Yao laughed coldly. “Don’t tell lies, little child, children who tell lies will get taken away by wolves at night.”

This was indeed a bare naked threat!

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