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Chapter 1298: A Taunting Smile

“You know, we’re not asking the master to forge just any weapon, but a very powerful one.

“Master Rong Yang has his own rules, and he’ll only make one such weapon a year. Since he’s going to make one for my family this year, I’m afraid you’ll have to come back next year.

“Please leave now.” Zuo Qingyu looked at Feng Wu in an arrogant manner and went back inside.

She had spoken so fast, and left before Feng Wu and Chaoge could react.

“She got here first and is taunting us!” Only then did Chaoge realize what had happened, and she looked at Feng Wu in disbelief.

Someone had gotten here first, and that idea frustrated Feng Wu as well. However, she soon smiled again.

“Xiao Wu?” Chaoge was so anxious and was at a loss over what to do, when she saw the smile on Feng Wu’s face, which baffled her.

Feng Wu patted Chaoge on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. Just follow me.”

She then walked to the front gate.

“Stop!” The giant glared at Feng Wu and wouldn’t let her pa.s.s.

Feng Wu smiled. “Why did you let her in, but not us? Is it because I forgot to pay you?”

After that, a roasted chicken appeared in Feng Wu’s hand.

Gulp —

Feng Wu could hear the man swallow.

Tossing the chicken as far as she could, Feng Wu grabbed Chaoge and ran into the courtyard.

Chaoge stared at Feng Wu in bewilderment. “How did you know that would work?”

Feng Wu smiled. “I saw pieces of chicken bone stuck between that man’s teeth when he spoke. That was why I knew he could be bought.”

Chaoge was amazed. She had been standing in front of him with Feng Wu, but she had completely missed that detail, nor had she been able to come up with any solutions.

How could there be so much difference in IQ?!


A cold voice rang out, and Feng Wu looked up to find an old steward standing in front of them with a stern look on his face.

“Who are you people?!”

Chaoge said involuntarily, “We want to ask Master Rong Yang to forge a sword…”

“A sword?”


Just when Chaoge thought that the old steward was going to chase them away, he said, “If you’re going to ask the master, you have to do it properly!”

Feng Wu sensed a malicious gaze from a window, and she turned around abruptly.

As expected, she looked right into Zuo Qingyu’s eyes.

It was indeed her!

Caught by Feng Wu, Zuo Qingyu didn’t look away. Instead, she gave Feng Wu a taunting smile.

Meanwhile, the old steward told Chaoge, “If you want to see my master, come with me.”

Feng Wu saw the smile on Zuo Qingyu’s face widen.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Zuo Qingyu was behind this, and this man had to be working for her.

The old steward led Feng Wu and Chaoge to a pile of black sand and said coldly, “Move this pile over there to the stove.”

“How much do you need?” asked Feng Wu.

“All of it, by the end of tonight! Finish the job, or get the h.e.l.l out!” The old steward was unbelievably mean.

It was so obvious that Zuo Qingyu had planned this.

Turning around, Feng Wu indeed saw the gloating smile on Zuo Qingyu’s face.


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