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Chapter 1370: 10th?!

Feng Wu was covered with wounds and had lost a lot of blood. She had so little time to recover after the fight that her capability now was only at 20%.

How was she supposed to pa.s.s the 12th floor in her current state? Feng Wu didn’t know the answer herself.

No one outside had any faith in her either.

“Feng Wu pa.s.sed the 11th floor! That’s the second trial for the h.e.l.l level!”

Each level consisted of three trials, and Feng Wu still had one trial left at this level.

“She’s about to enter the hardest trial for the h.e.l.l level!”

“Can she do it?”

“The 12th trial is the hardest trial at this level. If she really can pa.s.s… I think my jaw will fall off.”

“I’m sure she’ll be able to do it someday, but she’s bound to fail today,” said Chang Xuekun, who was 9th on the billboard.

“Why?” the others asked in unison.

“Are you blind?” Chang Xuekun rolled his eyes at the others and pointed at Feng Wu. “Look, she’s covered in her and her enemies’ blood.”

Hua Pianran, who was 10th, nodded as well. “Feng Wu really is a genius, but she’s badly injured and has lost a lot of blood. She’s drained of both physical strength and spiritual essence. She can exert 20% of her full power at most.”

Chang Xuekun nodded. “I don’t doubt her capability, but today, there’s no way she’s going to pa.s.s the 12th floor.”

“Nonsense! I’m sure Xiao Wu can make it!”

Chaoge had to be the most blind of Feng Wu’s supporters. Right now, she glared at Chang Xuekun and looked like she wanted to hit him.

She alone didn’t intimidate Chang Xuekun, but Young Lord Feng was behind her.

Chang Xuekun could only rub his chin with a wry smile and say, “I’m only speculating based on my understanding. Young Lord Feng, what do you think?”

As a matter of fact —

Feng Xun didn’t have much hope in Feng Wu either.

He had been a Year 2 student once, and he knew that Feng Wu had to be as capable as a top 10 student in order to pa.s.s the h.e.l.l level. However, she was only a Level 9 Spiritual Elder at the moment, which wasn’t enough.

“I think she’ll make it.” Feng Xun raised an eyebrow and glanced at Chang Xuekun.

“Suit yourself…” The other Year 2 students smiled wryly.

He could dote on her and have blind faith in her all he wanted. Soon enough, reality would teach him a lesson. The other students actually looked forward to seeing the young lord getting his face slapped.

“I didn’t know you trusted Xiao Wu so much as well! Good for you!” Chaoge nudged Feng Xun’s arm with her elbow.

Feng Xun only smiled in resignation and touched his face involuntarily.

“Xiao Wu, you better succeed. Otherwise, your brother is going to get his face slapped!”

At the same moment, Feng Wu —

She knew better than anyone else about her own condition. She had sustained both external and internal injuries.

She thought about her beautiful master. “What if I fail… No, I won’t let that happen!”

Involuntarily, she gripped the small stone in her hand.

All of a sudden, a cooling sensation ran from the stone to her palm and quickly flowed throughout her entire body.


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