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Chapter 1462: Why Is His Royal Highness Late? (1)

Feng said grumpily, “Feng Wu really isn’t here!”

Everyone immediately started talking and arguing.

“So, His Royal Highness really wants to go back because Feng Wu isn’t here?”

“So, His Royal Highness really cares about Feng Wu, doesn’t he?”

“So, His Royal Highness…”

Granny Gong was dumbfounded.

“Miss Wu isn’t in the entourage? How can that be? Miss Wu should be here…” Granny Gong searched everywhere, but when she couldn’t find Feng Wu, she panicked.

She had come up with the name list for the crown prince’s residence, so she knew better than anyone else where Feng Wu should be.

“Her Majesty the empress dowager specifically gave the order that Feng Wu’s name shouldn’t be on the list,” someone said in a low voice.

The empress dowager’s order?

Immediately, all eyes were on Bixi.

Bixi was from the palace, and she had been out last night.

“I…” Knowing that she couldn’t pretend that she was innocent, Bixi stepped out and spoke in a low voice. “Her Majesty did summon me last night… and she asked me about Feng Wu… But I’m not to be blamed. Her Majesty doesn’t like Feng Wu to begin with.”

Granny Gong’s face darkened.

So, it was indeed because of Bixi!

“Are you an idiot?!” Infuriated, Granny Gong smacked Bixi on the forehead!

Bixi was dumbfounded.

Even those around her stared at Granny Gong in disbelief.

Bixi had been sent here by the empress dowager, who had explicitly told everyone that Bixi was going to be the crown prince’s concubine.

But now, Granny Gong had just hit her in front of so many people!

Bixi was dumbfounded and stared at Granny Gong in disbelief. “You hit me? You’re just an old maid! How dare you hit me?!”

Granny Gong took a deep breath. It was really tiresome to deal with such a stupid woman.

Bixi had no idea what Granny Gong was thinking and went on yelling at her. “You hit me because of Feng Wu?! She’s a n.o.body! How dare you hit me because of her!

“That’s right! Feng Wu wanted to come this morning, but I stopped her! I laughed at her and told her she wasn’t qualified! So what? What can you possibly do to me?!” Bixi raised her chin and looked very smug.

She believed that she was going to be an imperial concubine one day!

However, before she could go on, a fair, slender and strong hand wrapped itself around her thin, porcelain neck.

Oh, no…

Bixi felt suffocated and couldn’t breathe. She was then lifted up until her feet left the ground.

“Your Royal Highness —”

Feng had looked away for a moment, and the next thing he knew, Jun Linyuan had picked Bixi up by the neck.

“Your Royal Highness, don’t —”

Granny Gong said hastily.

Bixi had such a special status that she couldn’t be handled roughly. Otherwise, Granny Gong wouldn’t have put up with her for so long.

However —

Crack —

They heard the crisp sound of bones breaking.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

They watched as Jun Linyuan snapped Bixi’s thin, white neck.

Just like that, the pretty girl was dead.


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