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Chapter 151: Maybe It’s Because I Was Struck By Lightning Yesterday?

“Eek!” Old Man Ba’s eyes s.h.i.+ned and immediately cried out in alarm. “Level 3 Spirit Master? This la.s.s, when did you actually become a level 3 Spirit Master? Even though a level 3 Spirit Master can be regarded as the very lowest in rank, but at least this proves that you can cultivate now!”

Feng Wu smilingly nodded her head. “Yes, at least I can cultivate now.”

“That’s wonderful!” Old Man Ba was incredibly excited.

“This la.s.s, you’ve indeed kept silent too well, shocking us overnight! How many people from the capital are mocking you. They don’t know at all that you can cultivate, right?”

Feng Wu took the Concealment Spirit Jade and put it on again as she said smilingly. “For the time being, I still don’t want them to know.”

“These apprehensions are correct, after all, you’re so small and weak right now. There’s also no one strong to follow you. You need to be more careful than careful on this journey. If the wrong people find out that you can cultivate, do you think they’ll let you go?” Old Man Ba said anxiously. “Fortunately, I wrote a letter to Old Yan already. After you arrive at the capital, immediately go find Old Yan and look for his protection. He won’t ignore you. As far as that Feng clan of yours, they’re not reliable in the least. Don’t mention protecting you, it’s already a blessing if they don’t harm you.”

Feng Wu took all of this to heart as she looked at Old Man Ba……

How aloof and how big of a character was the Imperial Academy’s Headmaster in the entire Martial Lord Empire? Even during the time when she was a young genius, she still merely saw the superior headmaster once.

“Grandpa Ba……” Feng Wu’s lips trembled. Grandpa Ba, what you did was to find a very powerful backer for me.

Old Man Ba was very unused to this kind of stirring emotion. He waved his hands and arrogantly said. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I saw how Jun Lin Yuan was out to capture you, I, this old man, wouldn’t be helping you with this. You really must hide well. By all means, don’t let Jun Lin Yuan know that you’re the one who stole the Immortal Spirit Fruit. Otherwise, you’ll die for sure, got it?”

“Mn mn mn, I got it, I got it.” Feng Wu quickly nodded her head.

Originally, she thought that with luck, even if she was truly discovered by Jun Lin Yuan to have stolen the Immortal Spirit Fruit, she still ought not to be in too big of a trouble, probably? Until she knew that Jun Lin Yuan travelled so many thousands of remote miles from the capital for the sake of curing an illness for the young lady in his heart……therefore, if Jun Lin Yuan knew that she was the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s thief, it would no longer be so simple as drawing a few drops of blood. Would he immediately dig out her heart? Thinking of this, Feng Wu suddenly s.h.i.+vered.

Old Man Ba abruptly regained his wits as he turned towards Feng Wu suspiciously. “That’s right, little la.s.s, how is it that you suddenly can cultivate?”

Feng Wu reacted very quickly and calmly said. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I was struck by lightning yesterday? I just naturally could afterwards.”

Old Man Ba almost rolled his eyes. “Really, this child, just keep on lying. It’s clearly the Immortal Spirit Fruit……”

“You already knew yet still asked.” Feng Wu glared at Old Man Ba.

Old Man Ba already had an answer in his heart. The reason why he asked that was simply to remind Feng Wu that she needed to properly close all possible gaps, so as to avoid having Jun Lin Yuan discover any oversights.

That youngster, Jun Lin Yuan, Old Man Ba had already lived half of a lifetime, yet watching Jun Lin Yuan still made him somewhat apprehensive.

“Alright, now, I’m leaving first. Everybody’s waiting for me to get going.” While Feng Wu was talking, she also raised her right hand and waved very confidently.

Old Man Ba wasn’t happy in shaking his head, this child.

However, watching Feng Wu’s retreating figure, Old Man Ba suddenly laughed out loud with both hands behind his back. It would seem that with this girl there, the capital won’t be peaceful for long.

Feng Wu took a little time and arrived at the Feng residence. Feng Liu was about to give people at the old residence a scolding. Seeing that Feng Wu had returned, she harrumphed coldly. “Hurry. Everybody has already finished their preparations, only you’re left! If we fail to keep up with Jun Lin Yuan’s group, I’m going to make a show out of you!”

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