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Chapter 1835: Unt.i.tled

Feng Xun jumped around happily. “Gosh, why won’t you listen to me? I’ve told you over and over that you have to ask for Xiao Wu’s help, but you’re all just so stubborn. Fine, you won’t say the words, and that’s what you got.”

The crowd was speechless.

“Look, His Royal Highness only casually said a prayer in pa.s.sing, and he found an Enhancing Pill. Although it’s nothing worth screaming over, it’s better than a water bomb or poisonous arrows, isn’t it?”

The crowd was speechless.

They had found Feng Xun’s theory utter nonsense and wouldn’t believe him. However, after everything that had happened, they began to waver.

After Zuo Qingxian, it was Feng Liu’s turn.

She actually wanted to ask for Feng Wu’s help.

But the problem was —

After how she insulted and slandered Feng Wu and how she stressed that she felt irreconcilable hatred for Feng Wu, she couldn’t bring herself to openly ask for Feng Wu’s help.

Therefore, after Feng Liu rolled the dice —

She opened the door to the lattice to find nothing inside.

Feng Xun sneered at Feng Liu, who was furious but couldn’t utter a word.

She even began to doubt herself.

Did she have no choice but to beg Feng Wu?

Feng Yiran and Feng Sang rolled the dice after Feng Liu. Neither were on friendly terms with Feng Wu, so they couldn’t bring themselves to openly beg Feng Wu either.

Hence, neither found any nice rewards.

Dugu Yamo and Dugu Mengxi were next.

Dugu Yamo held so many grudges against Feng Wu that she would rather walk out of here empty-handed than ask for Feng Wu’s help.

Dugu Mengxi held nothing against Feng Wu, but since he was intimately involved with Feng Liu, he could never pray to Feng Wu…

Hence, neither of the siblings found anything good either.

Their repeated failures made the mood in the hall tense once again.

“Hahaha, it’s finally my turn!”

Feng Xun was relieved to see that none of the people before him had found the Purple Sun Swordplay.

He hadn’t had much hope at first, but after he found the Purple Sun Sword, he wanted the swordplay as well.

The two would be a perfect match.

“Xiao Wu, you have to help me. Please let me find the Purple Sun Swordplay, please.” Pressing his hands together, Feng Xun prayed loudly.

The others didn’t know what to say.

Feng Liu rolled her eyes at Feng Xun and said, “Young Lord Feng, please don’t make me laugh. Do you really think that Feng Wu owns this place and can decide which reward will go to whom?”

Feng Xun nodded sincerely. “Don’t you think so?”

Feng Liu said, “You’ve lost your mind!”

The others nodded their heads as well.

Feng Xun said, “You’re all hopelessly stubborn.”

Feng Liu smirked. “If you can find the Purple Sun Swordplay, I… I’ll marry you!”

Feng Xun almost jumped to his feet. “Gos.h.!.+ Please don’t! I’d rather lose the swordplay!”

His reaction infuriated Feng Liu.

Stomping her foot, she said, “You’re the last person I want to marry, anyway! If you find it, you can have my head! Take it whenever you like!”


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