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Chapter 1881: Hmph! I’m Mad!

But just then, Little Phoenix told her the unfortunate truth.

“You’ll soon reach Universe Hall, where the formation ends. He’ll catch you in no time!”

Feng Wu realized that as well, and she frowned.

This Master Jue —

He wasn’t any weaker than Zuo Qingxian, if not stronger!

She was able to kill Zuo Qingxian not because she was more capable. It was sheer luck, plus the fact that Zuo Qingxian had underestimated her.

Master Jue here would want nothing more than to kill her. If he caught her, no matter how clever she was, his sword would cut her to pieces.

Therefore —

She couldn’t give Master Jue that chance!

“We need to find the seed of the spirit source as soon as possible.” Little Phoenix sounded frustrated as well. It stomped its foot and said, “It’s my fault. I’m too weak now. Otherwise, I could crush this man, along with his master. Hmph!”

Feng Wu glanced at Little Phoenix in resignation, convinced that it was only bluffing.

That look displeased Little Phoenix. It wanted to explain, but when it recalled its capability now, it didn’t know what to say.

It made a decision.

It would cultivate harder! This shouldn’t happen again!

“Where is that fairy now? Right when we need her the most, she’s not here!” Little Phoenix s.h.i.+fted the blame to the white fairy.

Feng Wu said grumpily, “She’s done all she needed to do. Plus, she hasn’t slipped off. She’s looking for Chaoge’s master now.”

Little Phoenix said, “Chaoge is the worst burden of them all!”

The look on Feng Wu’s face immediately turned very serious. “What did you say?!”

The look made Little Phoenix lower its head without saying another word.

Picking Little Phoenix up, Feng Wu said seriously, “I know that as a magical beast, you have a selfish side, and I know that you care only about me. I appreciate that, but I also hope you can understand —

“I’m not all alone. I have my family and friends, and I want to protect and take care of them.

“I want to become stronger. I want to rise higher, because only the stronger ones get to choose! Only then can I protect the people I care about.

“It’s not the other way around, where I become stronger by sacrificing the people I care about!

“We’re human beings because of our human nature!

“I’m not a saint; I don’t love everyone, and I’m not trying to save the world!

“I only care about those I do care for, and I’ll guard what I want to guard!

“So, do you understand me now?” Feng Wu was now holding Little Phoenix up with both hands.

If their ideologies contradicted, she and Little Phoenix would disagree on more and more things. Feng Wu didn’t want that to happen, so she had to make herself very clear now.

If anyone knew that the famous Master Phoenix was being held up like this, it would be so humiliated.

Furthermore, “Master Phoenix” behaved as tame as a kitty now.

“Hmph!” Little Phoenix snorted proudly.

Yes, it had the nature of a magical beast, and yes, it was selfish. So what if it only cared about little Feng Wu? It was wired that way.

If it wasn’t like that, that great being would immediately wipe it from the face of the earth!


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