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Chapter 2056: Romantic Company (2)

Therefore, Jun Linyuan immediately turned away from the crowd when he saw them.

Of course, Feng Wu followed him because of her task.

The two of them were going to walk away.

But they had forgotten how eye-catching they were.

When they showed up, the others were bound to notice them.

Lord Mu was the first to spot them.

“Your Royal Highness —”

He quickly walked toward “Jun Linyuan.”

His voice immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Even the people who had been dancing stopped and looked in Feng Wu’s direction.

“Look! It’s the crown prince of the Junwu Empire!”

“He’s so handsome!”

“I hear that he’s so powerful and has become a master cultivator at such a young age!”

Dugu Mengxi gave Jun Linyuan a jealous glance.

He had thought that only women of the Junwu Empire would be infatuated with the crown prince. As it turned out, women of the gra.s.sland were the same.

They were much louder, as if they were afraid that the crown prince couldn’t hear them.

Dugu Mengxi looked in the second prince’s direction involuntarily.

As expected, the second prince’s face was darker than a cloudy sky.

Dugu Mengxi sighed inwardly.

Before the crown prince arrived, the second prince had been doing fine. He had engaged in a logical and cohesive debate with the older prince of the gra.s.sland.

Everyone applauded him.

The officials and teenagers of the gra.s.sland all sang his praises.

But —

Dugu Mengxi wondered why His Royal Highness had to come.

As soon as he arrived, everyone else fell to the background, as if they were transparent.

Standing there, he looked like a landmark that towered above everyone else.

No one was even comparable with him. Dugu Mengxi didn’t know where to begin to vent his frustration.

The crown prince was about as popular among men as Feng Wu was among women.

Dugu Mengxi was glad to see the two of them leave, but —

Lord Mu had quickly run to their side. He wanted to pat “Jun Linyuan” on the shoulder, but then he recalled that the crown prince was a neat freak.

Lord Mu’s hand stopped halfway and turned into an inviting gesture.

“Your Royal Highness, everyone’s been waiting for you.”

Lord Mu was an extrovert, which was why Emperor Wu had made him in charge of the logistics.

Jun Linyuan never compromised for anyone, and no one could affect him.

Except for one person.

He wanted to go, but he heard the empress dowager’s voice at that moment.

She arrived with Granny Lan and was asking, “Is Junjun here? Is that you, Junjun?”

The crown prince was such a relentless and intimidating figure that it was so strange to hear someone calling him by his nickname.

But if that someone was the empress dowager…

The second prince’s face had already darkened. Hearing the empress dowager’s affectionate tone, he gritted his teeth.


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