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Chapter 2072: Romantic Company (18)

She was very confident that once the crown prince slept with her and had a taste of her great body, he wouldn’t want any other woman.

So what if she started off as a maid? Eventually, she would become Jun Linyuan’s only wife.

Therefore, Ranmil said solemnly, “Yes, that’s what I said.”

Feng Wu nodded. “I’m a suspicious person by nature. So, if you want to serve me —”

She glanced at Feng.

Given how smart Feng was, he immediately took the hint.

He stepped forward and brought out pen, ink, and paper for Ranmil.

The others were all confused.

What did “His Royal Highness” want to do?

When Ranmil saw what was written on the paper, she stared at “Jun Linyuan” in disbelief.

The chieftain realized that something was wrong, so he walked over to them and picked up the piece of paper.

His face went scarlet red.

His hands were shaking, and when he looked at “Jun Linyuan,” his eyes seemed to spit fire.

“This is outrageous!” He glared at Jun Linyuan. “Your Royal Highness, this is a humiliation!”

Feng Wu remained indifferent. It had been Jun Linyuan’s idea, not hers. So, when the chieftain was angry, he was angry at Jun Linyuan, not her.

Seeing that the “crown prince” showed no sign of changing “his” mind, the chieftain was furious.

He quickly walked up to Emperor Wu and showed him the piece of paper. “Your Majesty, please have a look!”

Many people craned their necks, trying to see what was written on it.

Emperor Wu took one look, and his eyes widened.

“Jun Linyuan!”

He glared at his “son.” “How dare you!”

Feng Wu felt the formidable energy of the emperor.

Luckily, she was using Jun Linyuan’s body now. Her own would have been crushed immediately.

Feng Wu looked at Emperor Wu in confusion.

Emperor Wu said, “How dare you ask Princess Ranmil to sign this slave contract!”


A slave contract?!

For Princess Ranmil?

That was indeed such a humiliation!

Ranmil remained kneeling on the ground and looking docile. She had had everything planned out, but the last thing she expected was this contract!

The “maid or slave” thing was only an excuse!

She hadn’t meant a word!


All eyes were on Feng Wu.

Everyone discussed it among themselves.

“Before, Princess Ranmil may have agreed to be His Royal Highness’s maid, but she has an Enchanting Body now!”

“That’s a unique thing on this continent. Making her a maid is so…”

“What will Princess Ranmil do? Will she sign it?”

Everyone hesitated.

She had to choose between a position next to the crown prince and losing her dignity…

“Father, please give it to me.” Ranmil gestured to the chieftain.

Her father stared at her in disbelief.


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