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Chapter 2138: Unt.i.tled.

The Cherry Flower was the national flower of the Dongsang Kingdom. So, Mo Haolin…

Feng Wu frowned. “Is it possible that someone smeared it on him on purpose?”

The fairy shook her head. “It’s been there for a very long time. That’s the only way that it’ll smell like that…”

Feng Wu frowned.

Her eyes met Mo Haolin’s.

The next second, Mo Haolin bolted.

He was unbelievably fast!

Before Feng Wu said anything, Feng Xun dashed off like a cheetah.


He threw a punch at Mo Haolin and knocked him to the ground.

Mo Haolin didn’t dare linger. He climbed back up and continued running.

Feng Xun shouted, “I told you not to run! Stop!”

The second prince’s face darkened.

Even an idiot could tell that there was something wrong with Mo Haolin.

He was impressed. “Jun Linyuan” only glanced at those men, and “he” spotted the spy right away. The second prince himself had no clue at all.

He knew that he would be at a disadvantage if Mo Haolin was caught.

At that moment, Mo Haolin charged at him.

Feng Xun shouted, “Stop him!”

However, the second prince and Master Dugu exchanged a look, and both men stepped aside. Master Dugu shouted, “Guard the prince!”


All the guards of the second prince gathered around him, separating Feng Xun from Mo Haolin.

Feng Xun couldn’t believe it!

He had made a mistake already when he let Lord Wu die. If Mo Haolin got away, he wouldn’t know what to do!

Feng Xun threw a dirty look at the second prince and jumped over their heads.

However, when he looked again, Mo Haolin was nowhere to be found.

He looked around, but no one knew where Mo Haolin had gone.

Feng Xun turned around and glared at the second prince. “You did that on purpose!”

Master Dugu frowned. “Young Lord Feng, what do you mean? Are you saying that a common officer’s life is more important than the second prince’s?”

The second prince gloated. Yes, he had done it on purpose, but there was nothing Feng Xun could do.

Feng Xun shouted, “I’ll make you answer for it after I find Mo Haolin!”

The second prince smirked. “Young Lord Feng, are you trying to run away?”

His guards then surrounded Feng Xun.

Feng Xun glared at him.

“You’re still a suspect in Lord Wu’s death. Murder is punishable by death.” The second prince sounded very pleased.

Feng Xun was furious.

Just then, they heard a thump, and something dropped on the ground.

Everyone looked in that direction, and the second prince was dumbfounded. Feng Xun, on the other hand, laughed loudly.

It was Jun Linyun, the prince who had a crush on Feng Wu. He was also the son of Empress Dugu.

As for the thump… He had just tossed Mo Haolin onto the ground.

Jun Linyun then turned to Feng Xun. “You were shouting about stopping someone. Who? Let me help you.”

Feng Xun was rendered speechless.

The second prince was speechless.

Jun Linyun was perplexed. “Why are you looking at me like that?”


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