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Chapter 2219: Unt.i.tled

There was a thump, and a transparent s.h.i.+eld fell from above.

The speed and the weight…

If Feng Wu hadn’t dodged in time, she would have been severed in half.

“Don’t bother.” The Spiritual King sighed. “The walls are all around you, and they’ll keep closing in.”

He was right —

As soon as he said that, the walls began to move in toward her.

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes.

The walls forced her to fall back.

When they stopped moving, she was also confined in a small area that was only one square meter in size.

She could see her reflection on the walls around her.

The Spiritual King shook his head and said, “I have to admit that you’re more talented than Qingluan.”

Because of that, Feng Wu had to die.

“Die.” The look in his eyes was very serious.

He reached for Feng Wu’s thin neck.

“Jun Linyuan, if you don’t get here now, I’m really going to die!”

Feng Wu shouted into the sky.

Jun Linyuan?

The Spiritual King smirked. “He’s busy fighting the remaining spies of the Dongsang Kingdom. He’ll never be —”

However, he heard a noise before he could finish his sentence.

Rumble —

The air stirred.


There was an explosion.

One of the transparent walls that had cornered Feng Wu was ripped open by an invisible hand.


Feng Wu looked over her shoulder.

The extremely handsome teenager walked toward her with a sword on his back.

There was something utterly terrifying about him.

The power he gave off made one want to tremble and kneel on the ground.

Every step he took seemed to shake the ground.

It was as if tidal waves were surging behind him.


He was too powerful to be described with mere words.

“Jun Linyuan!”

Feng Wu didn’t realize how happy she was when she saw him. She was finally relieved.

Master Zuo, the Spiritual King, had been very condescending when spoke to Feng Wu, but he paled when Jun Linyuan showed up.

“If you tell him who I am, I’ll kill your mother!”

He quickly whispered those words in Feng Wu’s ear.


He disappeared from sight.

He could have killed Feng Wu at the last minute, but he didn’t dare take the risk.

Jun Linyuan would surely kill him if he killed Feng Wu.

Therefore, he ran away as fast as he could.

Feng Wu frowned when she saw the Spiritual King disappear.

“Aren’t you going after him?” she asked Jun Linyuan.

Just then, Jun Linyuan swayed and fell into her arms.

“Jun Linyuan? Jun Linyuan!” Feng Wu anxiously called his name in a low voice.

Little Phoenix landed on her shoulder at that moment and said, “His Royal Highness is badly wounded. He was stabbed and shot with many arrows. If you don’t treat him now, he’ll die!”


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