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Chapter 278: I Don’t Want It Anymore!

The two people’s line of sight merged in the air, flying over just like an electric current. Sparks flew everywhere, swords drawn and bows bent!

The surrounding people all watched somewhat apprehensively……between these two people, how did there come to be such big fires of war?

Jun Lin Yuan’s sword shaped eyebrows knit slightly. Is she not going to beseech him?

In his entire lifetime, he, Jun Lin Yuan had never been slapped in the face by anyone. Who knew how much that injured his pride?

Feng Wu’s complexion was also very unsightly!

Jun Lin Yuan’s words appeared clearly in her mind.

Feng Wu, please take note of your status!

Liking me is your right, but please don’t cause complications for me!

Feng Wu inhaled a deep breath. Her face felt scorching hot as the kind of feeling of being humiliated attacked her heart once again!

Truly was very infuriating!

It’s too stifling!

Too humiliating!

Jun Lin Yuan was still waiting arrogantly for Feng Wu to make a request of him. He had already given her a way out. As long as she opened her mouth, he would let bygones be bygones, however——

Feng Wu nevertheless laughed coldly. “Since Miss Yan Yan likes this tent, then just give it to them.”

Once Feng Wu’s words were spoken, every single person at the scene were astonished!

Wasn’t this just too unexpected, too illogical?

Under normal circ.u.mstances, could it be that she ought not to run to Jun Lin Yuan and beseech him?

Feng Xun’s mind was stunned as he immediately said. “No! Feng Wu, what kind of joke are you making! There’s only this one tent for sleeping. If you gave it up to other people, what is your whole family going to do?”

Other people? In cousin’s eyes, she was ‘other people’ and Feng Wu was the one who’s one of his people? !

Yan Yan rigidly fixed her eyes on Feng Xun. She wished that she could charge over and bite him!

Feng Xun actually didn’t care whether Yan Yan was injured. He stared at Feng Wu and said loudly. “No! Absolutely not!”

Jun Lin Yuan was also startled in place by Feng Wu’s abnormal pattern of behavior. Bitingly cold chill streaked across his pair of deep, star like pupils!

Feng Wu laughed coldly. “Why is it not fine? I said I don’t want it already, and I don’t want it.”

“Then what are you guys going to do tonight? Are you going to be able to take care of them, how about your mother? Her body is so weak!” Feng Xun reasoned anxiously.

As Beautiful Mother tugged at Feng Wu, she glared at Feng Xun by the side. Even though she didn’t say anything, her att.i.tude was expressed.

Wherever Feng Wu went, she would go there.

Feng Wu supported her mother’s slender, lily white hands and smiled calmly. “We are now going to continue on our journey, traveling through the night.”

After she spoke, Feng Wu turned her head around and took a glance at Uncle Qiu.

Although Feng Wu’s entire family was not much when it came to fighting strength, their cohesiveness was astonis.h.i.+ng. With Feng Wu’s one glance, Uncle Qiu nodded quickly. “Fifth Young Lady, everything has been prepared. We can set out at any time.”

Feng Wu nodded her head. “Let’s go now.”

Feng Wu supported her mother into the carriage, only leaving behind a prideful and cold view of her back.

Jun Lin Yuan expressionlessly stared blankly at the scene. That pair of ice-cold eyes stared at Feng Wu with a bitingly cold light, as cold as the edge of a blade!

How could she be so arrogant? So arrogant that she’d rather set out in spite of the danger? Could it be that she didn’t know how dangerous it was to hurry on their journey during the night?

Feng Xun was so worried that he wrung his hands. “How is this ok? That entire family, if not crippled, then weak, if not weak, then injured, if not injured then ill. They are entering deeply into the forest, journeying on through the night, is Feng Wu crazy? !”

Watching Feng Wu leaving pridefully, Yan Yan was both excited and delighted inside!

Sure enough!

Crown Prince Jun did not like Feng Wu!

She pretended as if she muttered by accident. “……In any case, she’s leaving on her own. It’s not like we drove her out. Even if something bad happened, it still has nothing to do with us……”

Feng Xun shot a vicious glare at Yan Yan!

That pair of eyes was ice-cold and as sharp as a cold blade!

Yan Yan’s startled heart felted as if it was squeezed by a huge hand, agitating her endlessly.

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