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Chapter 299: Feng Wu, You Really Are…

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Lady w.a.n.g thought that Feng Wu had finished tidying up the whole place, but as it turned out… The rooms had remained untouched!

A faint smile emerged on Feng Wu’s face. “Aunt, you look surprised… Are you trying to figure out if there’s another empty courtyard that we can move into?”

Lady w.a.n.g was rendered speechless. She then gave Feng Wu a wry smile. “You’re making fun of your aunt here. We would never have let you settle down here if there was another empty courtyard.”

“So?” Feng Wu asked casually.

“Well, I was just thinking about how many people I should send over to clean the place for you, since it’s so dirty here.”

Feng Wu smiled. “What’s there to think about? You’ve brought over a dozen servants with you, haven’t you? They’ll suffice.”

It wasn’t that Lady w.a.n.g couldn’t bear to see her servants get their hands dirty; it was just that she felt so defeated.

She thought she would be a gloating onlooker, but as it turned out, it was Feng Wu who was having all the fun. Despite her unwillingness, Lady w.a.n.g had to admit her defeat in this first round.

Furthermore, she had made all these grand promises, and she would only humiliate herself further by going back on her word. Lady w.a.n.g had no choice but to instruct her servants to start cleaning.

As for herself, she made up some random excuse and left with Feng Liu shortly afterward.

Before she left, she winked at Granny Gui. As Lady w.a.n.g’s head chambermaid, Granny Gui took the hint right away and smiled knowingly.

Miss Wu had forced them to do hard labor for her; the young lady was biting off more than she could chew!

Granny Gui and the others spared no effort in tidying up the place, for they had to keep up their superficial charm.

As for what they did when no one was looking, that was a completely different story.

Fallen Star Yard was cleaned up in no time and all the daily necessities were sent over. Lady w.a.n.g even ordered the broken plank in the door to be replaced.

After all, it was a great concern for her.

She worried that other people might ask about Fallen Star Yard’s missing door, and when that happened, Feng Wu might take the opportunity to vividly describe what had happened today, which would turn Feng Liu into a laughingstock.

Flying Snow Building.

Feng Liu sat angrily on a chaise longue and glared at Lady w.a.n.g. “Didn’t we say that we were going to make them suffer? Why did you send all those things to them? And why did you let Granny Gui and the others help her? Feng Wu isn’t worth it!”

Lady w.a.n.g looked at Feng Liu in resignation. “After five years, Feng Wu is still useless cultivation-wise, but she’s still the same genius in all other aspects. Xiao Liu, you can’t beat her.”

“What?!” Feng Liu bolted up and glowered at her mother. “Mum, how can you say such things about your daughter? Are you comparing me with that useless girl? You’re humiliating me! Why can’t I beat her?”

Feng Liu was so angry! Her own mother was looking down on her!

Lady w.a.n.g rubbed her forehead and felt that she was getting a headache. “You…”

Just then, Granny Gui came back with the other servants, their clothes all smeared with dirt.

Lady w.a.n.g sent them away to clean up.

After briefly cleaning herself up, Granny Gui came back in.

“All done?” Lady w.a.n.g held a white porcelain cup in her hands, verdant green tea leaves floating in the water. A ruby ring twinkled on her little finger.

“Yes.” Granny Gui gloated. “I buried it in a corner when they weren’t looking. That family won’t see it coming.”

Lady w.a.n.g smiled in satisfaction. “Feng Wu, you really —”


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