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Chapter 481: The Proud Crown Prince (24)

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Lou Yue didn’t stop her, but only darted a glance at a waitress.

The waitress then noted something down on a piece of paper.

“What are you doing?!” Jun Wuxia bellowed. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Lou Yue said innocently, “Since Your Royal Highness won’t accept His Royal Highness’s verdict and just ruined public property, we’ll have to see what punishment your brother has in mind for this.”

Jun Wuxia yelled, “How dare you! How dare you! You piece of s.h.i.+t! Do you have a death wish?”

Lou Yue shrugged. “Well, I’m His Royal Highness’s piece of s.h.i.+t and that’s my honor. However, I’m afraid I don’t take orders from a royal princess.”

Jun Wuxia was speechless. This was ridiculous!

In the royal palace.

The news was delivered.

Empress Dugu smacked the table furiously. “That’s just preposterous! How can anyone be so overbearing and arrogant? And he calls himself the crown prince of the empire?!”

The empress was grinding her teeth when Emperor Wu sauntered in with his hands behind his back.

“Your Majesty —”

Empress Dugu began to sob as soon as she saw Emperor Wu. Tears welled up in her eyes and she looked pleasingly pitiful.

Emperor Wu was surprised. What happened?

Before he could ask, Empress Dugu’s accusations began to fly.

“Your Majesty, this is ridiculous. Wuxia has somehow offended the crown prince and he won’t let her come back unless a parent goes there to pick her up. Your Majesty, how can he do that? I know he doesn’t like me, but does he have to do all that behind my back to my daughter? Poor Wuxia…”

Empress Dugu wailed, looking as pretty as a blossoming pear tree in the rain.

The emperor adored his wife and he tried to indulge her as much as he could. However, when Jun Linyuan was involved…

“I still have a lot of memorials to go through and I think I’ll have to stay up late tonight. Gosh, I’m exhausted —” Emperor Wu stretched, then said to the empress, “My lady, do as you see fit with Wuxia.”

After that, Emperor Wu left without another word…

He left just like that?

Empress Dugu almost had a heart attack!

She knew it!

Every time she had a conflict with Jun Linyuan, Emperor Wu would stay out of it. He had to be the only emperor in history that was intimidated by his own son!

Do as she saw fit? She wanted to kill Jun Linyuan! Was that possible?!

Granny Cheng volunteered. “How about I go there and bring the princess back?”

Empress Dugu smirked. “That won’t be necessary! I’d like to see if that Jun Linyuan is bold enough to imprison my daughter! I don’t believe it!”

Granny Cheng darted a look at the empress, then stepped back…

If the crown prince was bold enough? The empress still hadn’t learned after so many years.

World Tower.

Beyond World, the top floor.

Lou Yue went up to the door and tapped tentatively.

Jun Linyuan was talking to Feng Wu and he frowned at the interruption, but he still said, “Come in.”

The first thing Lou Yue noticed when she entered was the fact that Feng Wu was reclining on a chaise longue, while Jun Linyuan was making some tea.

Lou Yue’s eyes sparkled!

His Royal Highness was indeed the one doing the labor!

Mr Feng was right!

“Your Royal Highness —” Lou Yue said with great respect. “We’ve sent Young Lord Feng back to Northern Feng Mansion. Young Master Jin Yuntao and his friends have left as well…”

Lou Yue was going over the details when Jun Linyuan cut her off with a wave of his hand. “Give me the short version!”


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