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777 d.a.m.n!!!

Feng Wu had picked that blue dot after careful consideration.

It was slightly bigger than the one which represented the Ice Fire Beast.

And it was 100km from her, which was a reasonable distance.

That dot it was, then!

Once her destination was determined, Feng Wu picked up speed and headed for it!

Night had set in and the wind blew even harder. Feng Wu felt as if there was a fire burning inside her.

But Feng Wu knew perfectly well that although the Ice Fire Beast wasn’t chasing her now, she was in no way out of danger.

The sense of crisis hung over her head like the sword of Damocles. She didn’t know when it would fall, but she was sure that she didn’t have much time left before it did!

Run, run, run!


Feng Wu ran too fast and she lost her footing. She then began to roll down a slope!

Luckily, the slope wasn’t very tall and she reached the bottom in a moment.

Slumping over a snowdrift, Feng Wu gasped for air.

She felt too weak to even move a muscle.

A fire seemed to be burning inside her and the heat was spreading to all her limbs.

It felt so hot…

Feng Wu checked her own pulse.

She almost cried.

Because of the blood loss, evil energy had gotten into her system and cold air was rampaging inside her.

In modern terms: she had a fever and her temperature had spiked over 40 degrees!

Feng Wu felt so weak that she wanted to bury herself in the snow and sleep for as long as she wanted.

But reality wouldn’t allow her to do that.

She was all by herself now and a lot of people outside were counting on her!

She couldn’t back down!

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu struggled to her feet.

She was having a hard time thinking straight and could barely keep her balance. She would trip over her feet every few steps.

After falling down into the snow again, Feng Wu flinched at the chill on her cheek. Patting her head to wake herself up, she scrambled to her feet again.

She had quite a bit of medicine with her, but no antipyretic.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know how to make it, but that she just never expected to need it one day…

Moreover, in order to break free from the Ice Fire Beast, Feng Wu had poured a peculiar potion down her throat.

That potion was concocted by mixing a lot of ingredients with weird tastes together. Not only did it stink, it was also detrimental to one’s health. Feng Wu had created it to set other people up, but as it turned out…

However, it had helped her get out of the Ice Fire Beast’s jaws; so what if it tasted a little weird?

But Feng Wu was well aware that her impaired state was directly caused by that potion.




Feng Wu stumbled and staggered, but she was getting closer and closer to her destination.

She took another look at the map.

Please don’t let that blue dot go anywhere!

After all the hards.h.i.+ps she endured, she finally hauled her semi-functional body into the valley. Her savior, the other magical beast, couldn’t leave now!

Staring at the map, Feng Wu saw that the magical beast was slowly moving away.


Feng Wu’s eyes popped!

After everything she had done?!

Right at that moment!


Heavy footsteps came from behind her.

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder.


The Ice Fire Beast was coming!

After the breakthrough, the Ice Fire Beast had ample spiritual essence. It looked invigorated and its speed had doubled!

It spotted Feng Wu from hundreds of meters away.

On the plain snowfield, Feng Wu was such an eye-catching target that she couldn’t be missed.

That stupid human girl! She was so dead! The Ice Fire Beast stared at Feng Wu with bloodthirsty eyes.


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