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821 Your Royal Highness, Please Don“t Be Mad 4

How could she let this man manipulate her emotions like this?

The realization made Feng Wu clench her fists in rage.

Once Feng Wu left without hesitation, Jun Linyuan couldn’t control his temper anymore. He exploded!

That stupid girl! Who the h.e.l.l did she think she was?! She was prouder than a peac.o.c.k!

Jun Linyuan was no less proud than Feng Wu. After what Feng Wu said, he decided that he wouldn’t follow her anymore. Moreover, he promptly turned to leave.

Back at the campsite.

Dozens of candidates had gathered there.

Jun Linyuan and his friends were there.

As well as Xuanyuan Yi’s team, Mu Yaoyao among them.

Gongsun Qing’s team was there as well.

It was a boisterous scene at the campsite. People were setting up stoves, boiling water, and preparing their meals. Everyone was talking at the same time and there was a hubbub of noise.

Next to Mu Yaoyao —

“Princess, I think there’s more to Feng Wu than we saw.”

Yao Ying’s face was ruined, but she had met up with Mu Yaoyao, along with Huo Yin, Wen Ling, and the other minions.

Mu Yaoyao was roasting some skewered meat over a fire while chewing on the fact that the crown prince had taken Feng Wu away.

She cast a stern look at Yao Ying at those words!

Yao Ying cringed, but after a brief moment of hesitation, she went on stirring up trouble. “Princess, do you remember what it was like when His Royal Highness took Feng Wu away? They looked quite familiar with each other.”

Mu Yaoyao bellowed, “That’s because that shameless Feng Wu won’t leave His Royal Highness alone!”

Yao Ying flinched, but she wouldn’t give up. “But… Feng Wu couldn’t have forced His Royal Highness to pick her up… Don’t you find it strange?”

By “strange,” she meant “intimate.”

Yao Ying had thus sown a seed of suspicion in Mu Yaoyao’s mind.

Seeing that Mu Yaoyao was swayed, Yao Ying snorted inwardly.

Feng Wu, that’s for ruining my face!

I may not be able to get to you myself, but I can take my revenge through other people!

Sitting opposite them, Gongsun Qing heard every word of their conversation.

“Is Feng Wu on familiar terms with His Royal Highness?” Gongsun Qing looked displeased.

“That’s right,” said Huo Yin. “Feng Wu is infatuated with His Royal Highness. She followed him all the way from Northern Border City to the imperial capital. Everyone knows that.”

Gongsun Qing said, “Then what about His Royal Highness…”

Huo Yin recalled what Yao Ying had just said, and something clicked in her head.

Gongsun Qing wouldn’t hold a grudge against Feng Wu if she was told that His Royal Highness didn’t have any feelings for the girl. If that was the case, Huo Yin wouldn’t be able to use Gongsun Qing to get her revenge.

As for how Huo Yin knew about Gongsun Qing’s feelings for His Royal Highness…

It was written all over Gongsun Qing’s face.

Moreover, it was an open secret that nine out of ten teenage girls in the imperial capital were fond of His Royal Highness.

His Royal Highness was every girl’s Prince Charming.

“His Royal Highness didn’t have any feelings for Feng Wu before, or he wouldn’t have called off the marriage. But with Feng Wu following him around all this time, I think things have changed…”

At those words, Gongsun Qing narrowed her eyes and her face darkened.

That sordid Feng Wu!

Just then, Jun Linyuan came back, looking furious!

Surrounded by a dark aura, he gave off an air colder than ice. He was too intimidating for anyone to get close to!

Everywhere he went, the temperature plummeted, extinguis.h.i.+ng the burning campfires right away.

He was that kind of person: the moment he showed up, all eyes were on him.


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