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Bai Zhi made a surprised look: “Wow, you lost so much money, that’s unbelievable. Why didn’t you report it? If you will not report it to the officials, you will not find those 30 silver coins.”

Old Lady Bai replied: “What officials? You stole it, do I still need to report to the officials? Don’t even try to deny it.”

Bai Zhi put down her chopsticks and slowly stood up. Because she was a little shorter than the old lady, Bai Zhi could only look up at her: “You said that I stole your money, do you have evidence, or you’re just saying it? You are not G.o.d from heaven’s above, so I’m afraid that you don’t have the ability to decide that.”

Old Lady Bai waved her hand: “What evidence do you want? Isn’t it obvious enough? When you separated from the family, you left with nothing, everyone in the village knows this. Only one day had pa.s.sed, but you have money to buy land. You were eating all these foods. So tell me, where did all your money come from? If you didn’t steal my money, where did you get so much money?”

Hu Changlin came out from his room, then he sneered: “This is Hu Family, it’s not your Bai Family’s house. What kind of food we eat, how much is the food we eat, has got nothing to do with your Bai Family, right?”

Mrs. Liu also b.u.t.ted in: “Why it has nothing to do with us? You’re Hu Family have never been rich like this before. Don’t tell me, Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi discovered that you’re rich that’s why they decided to live and eat here? Obviously, these are Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi’s money, right? However, aside from stealing our money, where do you think these two monks will get the money from?”

Bai Zhi looked at the sky outside, then said: “Today, the time is not too early. Tomorrow, we will settle this account.”

Mrs. Liu’s heart jumped: “What account? Are you acknowledging that you stole the Bai Family’s money?”

Bai Zhi sneered: “Tomorrow, I will discuss this matter to you again, so let’s just forget about it today. And we are all hungry now, we want to eat. You also better go back to your home now, I am afraid you don’t even have a lamp oil to use while eating rice soup.” That was not an exaggeration, Yang Sigen smashed all the Bai Family’s furniture that day, nothing was spared.

However, how can the old lady be willing just to go away? She hasn’t understood the situation yet.

Old Lady Bai was about to open her mouth when suddenly, Hu Feng smashed his chopsticks on the table. Then, he said with knitted eyebrows: “Still not gonna leave?”

Hu Feng’s voice was not big, but it was extremely cold. He was like a tall mountain so that the old lady couldn’t help but swallowed back her words and took a step back.

Mrs. Liu remembered how Hu Feng broke Bai Dazhu’s arms, so she gets panic and hurriedly grabbed the old lady’s sleeve: “Niang, that dead girl said we will settle this account tomorrow, right? So, let’s just wait until tomorrow.”

When Old Lady Bai saw that they still have some momentum, she immediately opened her mouth: “Well then, I will discuss this matter again to you tomorrow. But, I am warning you two, don’t even try to escape. Otherwise, I will chase after you two and skin you alive.”

Bai Zhi looked at the old lady coldly and spoke with a piercing tone: “I’m also advising you to do the same. Don’t think about fleeing before we settled this account. Otherwise, we will catch you and interrupt your legs.”

Old Lady Bai was so angry, but she didn’t dare to make a move in front of Hu Feng. In the end, she just swallowed back her words and lead her family to leave the Hu Family’s house.

When the people left, Hu Changlin asked: “Zhi’er, what do you mean by that? What settling the account tomorrow?”

Bai Zhi replied: “Isn’t she falsely accusing me that I stole her money? I will fulfill her wish, I will go to the officials tomorrow and complain. I will ask them to investigate this case and find out who is the thief.”

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