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“I am going to the town, you have to send me!” Bai Zhi still couldn’t look at Hu Feng, her eyes fell on the corner of the room.

Even in the corner, she can’t find a speck of dust or cobwebs. It shows how much this guy loves to clean, maybe he’s a neat freak.

Hu Feng shook his head: “I am not your coachman, you going to town has nothing to do with me, right?”

Inside Bai Zhi’s heart, a fire suddenly exploded. Why he didn’t say that before? If she knew that he will be like this, why would she put all the eggs in one basket? She will look for a driver, but now, where will she get one?

Bai Zhi rushed in front of Hu Feng, who was wearing a belt: “Hu Feng, what do you want?”

Hu Feng shook his head: “What do I want? What do you think I want?”

“Tell me, what should I do for you to be willing to send me to the town?” Bai Zhi asked directly.

Hu Feng tied his belt, as his gaze fell on Bai Zhi’s little face that was slightly tilting: “Good, I will send you, but you must promise me a condition.”

“What condition?” Bai Zhi frowned, this guy, Hu Feng, will not demand any strange condition, right?

“Don’t go to the government to cook for Meng Nan.”

Bai Zhi was shocked: What kind of condition was that?: “Why I can’t go to cook for him?”

Hu Feng’s face blackened: “You are not their cook, why do you need to cook for him? Besides, I don’t want to go to that ghostly place.”

“But – I -”

Hu Feng interrupted her words: “If you can’t promise, then just forget what I said.”

Bai Zhi thought of what she must to do. She’s afraid that she wouldn’t have another chance to cook for Meng Nan anyway. She should promise to him first. Then, she would just find another coachman the next day and see if Hu Feng can still throw a tantrum.

“Alright, I promise you, can we go now?”

Hu Feng smiled and said: “Of course.” He took the lead and walked out of the room. He picked up the potatoes weighing 20 pounds with his hand as if it was only as light as a feather… …

How can the gap between men and women be so big?

The carriage drove outside the village and ran all the way to Qingyuan Town. They even pa.s.sed the ox cart that left the village an hour ago.


In the Government Office.

Jin Shiwei excitedly ran into Meng Nan’s room and shouted: “Gongzi, gongzi, Zhi’er came.”

Meng Nan immediately dropped the thing he was holding with a happy face, then he walked towards the door. But suddenly, he remembered that he just left without a word yesterday. How shameless must he be?

Meng Nan turned around again and picked up the thing that he just put down. He continued packing things while lost in thoughts.

Light footsteps were getting near and near. Under Jin Shiwei’s guidance, Bai Zhi entered the room directly.

“Gongzi, Zhi’er came.”

Meng Nan resisted his desire to turn around, and pretended to be cold: “Mmm!”

Bai Zhi secretly shook her head, she just dealt with Hu Feng and now, Meng Nan was also sulking.

“Meng Dage doesn’t want to see me?” Bai Zhi asked.

Meng Nan didn’t say a word, he continued packing.

Bai Zhi turned her head and looked at Jin Shiwei.

Jin Shiwei immediately understood and quickly yelled out loud: “Ahh, Zhi’er, don’t go!”

Upon hearing Jin Shiwei’s voice, Meng Nan immediately throws away the thing in his hand and turned around to rush to the door. However, he hasn’t taken two steps forward, when he saw Bai Zhi standing at the door, looking at him with a smile. And Jin Shiwei was standing next to her with a grin.

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