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People work in the fields during day time as a last resort. But at night, no one dares to take a risk. They closed their door and sleep early. When the sky became bright again, they will go and work on the field. During day time, their eyes can clearly see their surroundings. When things get dangerous, they have to escape.

Bai Dazhu was also nervous. Just like Bai Dabao, he never comes out at night. At this moment, he lost his way many times. He just walked around the fields. Even after a long time, he still couldn’t find Bai Zhi’s melon field.

He doesn’t know the specific place of Bai Zhi’s fields. But, he knows that Bai Zhi was the only one, who planted melons in the whole village. As long as they see melons on the ground, then it was Bai Zhi’s fields.

Who knows how long the two of them wandered around the fields, but suddenly Bai Dabao pointed his finger from afar: “Father, look, it seems to be a melon field.”

Bai Dazhu looked at the direction where his son was pointing out and saw a piece of land. That piece of land looked very different from the nearby green wheat fields. It has big green leaves and the stems were thick. And it was even taller than the green wheat.

“Yes, that’s it.” Bai Dazhu was overjoyed and hurriedly pulled his son to work.

A few days ago, there was rain, so the soil was soft. When they started digging out the ground, a lot of melons entered their sight. The two bags they brought with them were filled in just a short time.

“Father, this melon is so good. It’s so big. How long do you think it will take us to eat these two bags of melons?”

Bai Dazhu grinned and happily said: “Don’t bother to think how long. After we eat, let’s come again. In the future, this field will be ours.”

Bai Dabao suddenly thought the losses he had eaten before, so he got a little nervous: “Father, if that dead girl, Bai Zhi learn about this, will she let us go?”

Bai Dazhu coldly snorted: “What can she do? As the saying goes, catch a thief by closing his escape route. Let’s go back now and hide these melons so that she can’t find them. If we deny stealing it again and again, what can she do to us?”

When Bai Dabao saw his father so determined, he felt quite at ease. He smiled and said: “Father, let’s go back, I am so hungry, let’s go back and have a quick meal.”

The father and the son picked up the bags with melons and put it over their shoulder. Halfway on the road, Bai Dabao suddenly heard a strange sound. It was a very light sound but kept entering his ears.

“Father, did you hear that?”

Bai Dazhu shook his head: “No? What did you hear?”

Bai Dabao answered: “There is this strange sound coming from behind us.” While speaking, Bai Dabao turned his head. At the same time, he saw a pair of shining green eyes and long curvy body… …

“Father, it’s a snake, it’s a snake!”

Bai Dazhu immediately ran away. Bai Dabao’s legs soften, but he didn’t dare to stay any longer. He desperately ran behind his father. However, he just runs a few steps, when Bai Dazhu, who was in front of him slipped and fell on the ground. Bai Dabao was caught off guard, he lost his balance fell on Bai Dazhu’s body with the bag of melons.

Although Bai Dabao was not as tall as Bai Dazhu, his weight was not lighter than him. Coupled with the bag of melons, when he hit Bai Dazhu, Bai Dazhu lose consciousness right on the spot. Followed by a crisp sound.

Bai Dabao sat up on top of Bai Dazhu and looked back. When he saw the snake didn’t chase after them, he released a sigh of relief. He then quietly shook his father’s body: “Father, get up, the snake is gone. Let’s go home.”

However, Bai Dazhu didn’t respond. And the quietness in the fields seemed to be deafening.

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