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Bai Zhi said: “He has been studying for more than a year, he’s been studying for 5 years. But because something happened at home these years, his exam taking has been delayed. Now, he will start studying again.”

Lu Pingan was stunned: “I see. Then, I’m sure you can do well on the exam.”

Bai Zhi smiled and asked, “Bai Xiaofeng is also studying at Sihe Academy. Why didn’t he take the exam this time?”

Lu Pingan laughed and said: “He is in the last place in the mock exam. Only the top 10 in our academy can take the test. So naturally, he will not be part of it.”

“Last place?” Bai Zhi was so happy that her face was blooming. Old Lady Bai and Mrs. Liu regarded Bai Xiaofeng, the solution to their wealthy life in the future. If they know he was in the last place… …

Lu Pingan said: “Xu Xiansheng said that he was not in the right mind. He doesn’t put all his mind in studying, but he was so arrogant. Such a person is not suitable to be a scholar at all. He will never be successful, so he advises him just to quit.”

Bai Zhi asked, “Does the Bai family know about this?”

Lu Pingan shook his head: “How could a person like Bai Xiaofeng tell this to his family? However, Xu Xiansheng also said that as long as he corrects those bad habits, he will continue teaching him.”

Thinking of Bai Xiaofeng’s incomparable att.i.tude in the Bai family at the time, he used to treat the ancient Bai Zhi like a maidservant, so she was angry at him. She hopes for him not to pa.s.s the test for the rest of his life.

While talking, the carriage stopped at the gate of the Sihe Academy. Because the school was in an ordinary village, the academy also looked very ordinary. It doesn’t have the elegant look that Bai Zhi was thinking of.

The school will start after 3 days, so the gate of the academy was closed. Lu Pingan came forward and knocked on the gate. After a while, the shabby gate was opened, and an old man in his early fifties came out: “Pingan? Why are you here?”

Xu Xiansheng, the only teacher in the Sihe Academy.

“Xu Xiansheng, someone in our village wants to study, so I lead the way for them.” Lu Pingan respectfully said.

Xu Xiansheng’s eyes fell on Bai Zhi and Zhou Xiaofeng, who was standing behind Lu Pingan.

“Them?” Xu Xiansheng raised an eyebrow. One boy and one girl. Not only the boy wants to study but also the girl? He doesn’t accept a female student in the school.

Bai Zhi busily said, “Xu Xiansheng, this is my cousin, he wants to study.”

Xu Xiansheng released a sigh in relief. And then, his eyes fell on Zhou Xiaofeng.

Zhou Xiaofeng hurriedly gave a ceremony to Xu Xiansheng.

Xu Xiansheng nodded his head with satisfaction, then said: “Come back here by next spring, now, I no longer accept new students.”

Bai Zhi busily said: “Xu Xiansheng, Xiaofeng is not a new student. He has been studying for 5 years, but because they encountered some problems at home, he stopped temporarily. But now that he reunited with his family, he wanted to go to school to continue his studies. I hope Xu Xiansheng can accept him.”

Xu Xiansheng released another sigh, then looked at Zhou Xiaofeng, who has clear eyes. Then said: “It’s not difficult to accept another student. I will give him a test, he must answer it. I will accept him as long as he pa.s.sed the custom level.”

Zhou Xiaofeng immediately said: “Alright!”

The three followed behind Xu Xiansheng into the academy. In a vacant cla.s.sroom, Xu Xiansheng asked the three to find a table and sit down. He wrote a question on a white paper and asked Zhou Xiaofeng to answer.

Xu Xiansheng’s eyes fell on Lu Pingan again, he sighed and said “Pingan, why did you suddenly have diarrhea during the exam? You wasted a good opportunity.”

Lu Pingan laughed twice: “It doesn’t matter. I will study under you for another year, I will feel much more confident by then.”

Xu Xiansheng nodded approvingly: “It would be nice if everyone can think the same as you. I will also give you a question to see if you slacking with your studies during this time.”

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