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She was still young and couldn’t grab the things of the older children. The hand-made dolls couldn’t reach her, so the aunt will steal some old clothes secretly and waited for the older children to play. When they started playing, the aunt will hide on the corner, draw on the two pieces of fabric, st.i.tch them together, and stuff some cotton. After sealing the hole, she will draw eyes, nose, and mouth with a pen on its face, and then the doll was ready.

Although those dolls were not as exquisite and beautiful as the dolls in the mall, the children in the orphanage treat them like treasures and hug them every day. As if they were their loved ones. Until now, she still keeps that doll. She uses it to remind herself to do her best and to help more children like her so that they will suffer less and experience more happiness.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Awu was startled when he saw Bai Zhi with red eyes in a daze.

When Bai Zhi recovered her senses, she quickly climbed into the carriage: “I’m fine. Let’s go back.”

After returning home, she called Zhao Sue to her room. Zhao Sue was good at embroidery, so she asked her to help her embroider eyes, nose, and mouth on the doll. She also made a braid of hair made of silk thread and let Zhao Sue sew it on the hand-made doll’s head. A small skirt was put on the chubby body of the doll, and some lovely fruit graphics were embroidered on the skirt.

Holding the finished doll, Bai Zhi praised: “Such craftsmanship, I’m afraid that even the most expensive doll in the Toy Mall cannot be compared to this.”Zhao Sue, who was praised couldn’t help but ask: “What is a toy mall?”

Zhao Sue’s question suddenly gave Bai Zhi a good idea: “Sister-in-law, do you think this doll looks good?”

Zhao Sue said with a smile: “Of course, it looks good. It’s you who came up with this idea. I’ve never seen such a delicate doll before.”

“Why don’t we open a shop in the town and sell hand-made doll like this? We could ask the people in our village to help us with embroidery work. Such a doll will likely be sold like crazy.”

She will be responsible for the designs. Right now, her mind was only filled with dolls.

Hearing this, Zhao Sue replied: “This is a good idea, but won’t you need a lot of money to buy a shop in the town?”

Bai Zhi waved her hand: “Let’s rent a shop and try it first. Let’s see how well it will go and decide what to do next after.” Bai Zhi was thinking to rent two shops, preferably next to each other. She will sell dolls to the first shop and sell medicines to the other one. In that case, making money is just around the corner!

“It’s time for dinner. What are you two doing hiding in the room?” Zhou Awu stood outside and called them.

“Go on, go on, you go first.” Bai Zhi sent Zhou Awu away and told Zhao Sue about opening stores. The two were very excited, they both came downstairs after finalizing the matter.

Ru’er was sitting beside Zhou Awu, looking a little listless. Bai Zhi smiled and asked, “Ru’er, why you look sad?”

Ru’er pouted her small mouth: “You adults are liars. You said you will give me a present. I waited for the whole day, but there was nothing.” The more she spoke, the more her eyes reddened in injustice.

Bai Zhi walked in front of Ru’er and asked her to close her eyes. When Ru’er opened her eyes again, there was a beautiful and lovely hand-made doll in front of her. Ru’er was very pleased and ran around in the hall with the doll, refusing to stop.

Zhou Awu said with a smile: “Zhi’er, don’t spoil her used too much.”

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