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Chapter 309 Rowing Compet.i.tionWith eyes wide open, Zhang Han gazed at the scene inside.

It was not anything like a hot girl changing her clothes and showing her nice body. At this moment, Zi Yan had already put on the swimsuit.

It was a pink bikini.

It was very suitable for her. The curves of her body were perfectly shown through the bikini. Such a nice figure made Zhang Han very excited.

And Zi Yan wore a thin layer around her waist. It seemed that she was very shy, so she hid her lower body. But with her body partly hidden and partly visible, the temptation was much stronger.

In addition, there was Zi Yan’s snow-white skin, as well as her pretty little feet.

Everything was attracting Zhang Han. His heart even beat a little faster. Of course, Zhang Han wasn’t a man that could be easily tempted. It had something to do with last night when he controlled himself a lot.

“Gorgeous,” Zhang Han praised her softly.

“Aren’t you bored of my body?” Zi Yan’s face was flushed as she said gently.

“Of course not.” Zhang Han smiled. He walked over and looked Zi Yan up and down. And then he said, “I’ll also go get changed.”

And then, he went to the closet and took out black swimming trunks.

He changed his clothes directly in front of Zi Yan.

He took off his jacket, T-s.h.i.+rt, pants, underwear…


Zi Yan immediately turned her head. She was too shy to look at that.

But then, she felt curious. She blinked her beautiful big eyes and slightly turned her head to his side. She took a peep at him.

Zhang Han was standing sideways to her. Faintly, Zi Yan seemed to have seen something, and then she quickly turned back. Her face became much rosier.

Soon after, Zhang Han put on his swimming trunks directly.

He sat beside Zi Yan, putting his hand gently on her shoulder.


Zi Yan’s whole body trembled. She felt that the part where Zhang Han’s hand was touching became so hot.

But Zhang Han only felt that her skin was so smooth.

In this way, Zhang Han’s hand went down along Zi Yan’s shoulders. He gently touched her slender arm, and going further down, Zhang Han’s palm pressed against the slim waist of Zi Yan.

“Mhmm.” Zi Yan could not help making a quiet sound and her body softened.

Zhang Han used a little force and held Zi Yan in his arms.

Holding Zi Yan, Zhang Han looked at the beautiful woman gently.

In the beginning, Zi Yan had her head lowered with a flushed face. But after several seconds, she raised her head and looked at Zhang Han, saying coyly, “Just hold me like this… Mm… Mm…”

It was such a beautiful experience that couldn’t be described by words.

After some time, Zhang Han felt that the bracelet on his wrist had shaken a few times, and then he let go of Zi Yan, whose face was totally red.

“So annoying!” Zi Yan gently bit her lower lip and muttered.

“Haha, they are coming up.” Zhang Han smiled, longing for more.


Zi Yan snorted and walked to the closet. She took out their, put on one pair, and pa.s.sed the other one to Zhang Han.

“I will tie up my hair first,” Zi Yan said. Then she took out the toiletries from the bag and put her long hair into a small bun.

This hairstyle revealed the slender neck of Zi Yan, making it look longer and prettier. Changing a hairstyle would bring another kind of beauty. Obviously, Zi Yan could have any hairstyle, of course, except for having a bald head. However pretty she was, a bald head would still make her look awkward.

After Zi Yan combed her hair, the coach took two staff members up and put some iced drinks on the table.

“Sir, we are setting sail now. We will pa.s.s through Xiaolu Island ahead, where people are preparing to hold a rowing compet.i.tion. Sir, I wonder if you have any interest in that,” the coach said.

“Okay,” Zhang Han replied.

They came out just to play today. They would like to play whatever project they had. It was relaxing and casual. With Zi Yan by his side, he felt that this was what a happy life should be like.


After the coach heard his words, he nodded and left with two staff members.

“Let’s go and lie down for a while.” Zhang Han took two bottles of cola from the drinks.


Zi Yan nodded. They walked out of the door to the upper side of the deck and lay down on two adjacent lounge chairs.

They were not under the sun visor. They were just lying there, bathing in the sun and feeling the sea breeze, occasionally taking a sip of cola.

“No one would believe that you have given birth to a child. You’re in good shape,” Zhang Han turned his head slightly, looked at the graceful figure of Zi Yan, and then praised her.

“I am a little bit fatter than before. I was only 49 kilograms before,” Zi Yan replied happily.

“You were too thin before. You’re still a little thin now. But I have to admit you do have a good figure. I used to think that a slim woman with big b.r.e.a.s.t.s must have had breast implants. But after seeing you today, I realize that I was wrong,” Zhang Han said, with his eyes fixed on the white and plump part of her body that was exposed outside.

“I didn’t get breast implants, and I don’t need that, hmph.” Zi Yan snorted and said, “They were not so big before. They became like this after I gave birth to Mengmeng.”

If it were in the past, Zi Yan would definitely have not said such things. Let alone talk about the size, some other sensitive topics would have just embarra.s.sed her.

But now, she just said that naturally.

He already touched her and kissed her. It seemed that it was natural to talk about that.

Zhang Han was lying on his side, staring at Zi Yan. He felt that this kind of life was so beautiful, having a carefree life with Mengmeng and Zi Yan. When the Yuan Qing Fruit developed to the Foundation Stage and he found his parents, the whole family would be reunited and it would be perfect.

When thinking about it, Zhang Han said lightly, “How about you stop working? Just stay at home with me and Mengmeng.”

“Huh?” Zi Yan was stunned. She licked her red lips again and said, “I can’t.”

“Why not?” Zhang Han asked casually.

“Because, because I have to prove myself. Being an excellent singer or actress is my dream. I haven’t realized it, so I want to try hard,” Zi Yan said quietly. Then she glanced at Zhang Han, snorted, and said, “It’s all your fault. If it weren’t for you, I might have succeeded by now.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed very happily and then said, “I will support you. In short, don’t have any pressure. I’m here. You can treat this Entertainment Circle as a game, or treat the world as an amus.e.m.e.nt park.”

“Poof… I just realized that you can also brag.” Zi Yan couldn’t help laughing, and then said with some emotion, “But I don’t blame you. Actually you saved me. If it weren’t for you, my life now… It would be terrible.”

“It’s just destiny. It means that you belong to me. No one can take you from me.”

“No, I haven’t married you yet.”

“But, ahem, we already have a child.”

“Pfft, don’t you feel ashamed? When we get married, our child will come to our wedding. This situation seems to be very rare. Hey? No, it’s not right. No, no, no. Who said I’d marry you? Hmph!”

“Hahaha…” Zhang Han laughed.

This made Zi Yan’s face flush. She reached out her hand and pinched Zhang Han’s waist, saying coyly, “You’re so annoying.”

“I can be more annoying.” Zhang Han smirked. He grabbed Zi Yan’s hand and gently pulled her, and then her whole body fell into Zhang Han’s arms.

These two people were just about to have a good time.


By her side, Zi Yan’s cell phone rang at a bad time.

“All right, I have to answer the phone.” Zi Yan squirmed and squeezed out of Zhang Han’s arms.

She took the phone and saw the call was from Meiqi.

So she picked up the phone. And when she was about to speak…

That reserved Zi Yan came back again. She said in a cold voice, “Elder sister Mei.”

Then Zhang Han stopped messing around. His head was resting on his hands and he looked at Zi Yan quietly.

“Why didn’t you come to the company today?”

“It’s the same whether I go there or not. I have to rest for a few days,” Zi Yan replied.

“It’s not like that. It is the crucial period now. You must have a good working att.i.tude, so that I can try to plead for you!” Meiqi said in a dissatisfied tone.

“Oh.” Zi Yan gave her a bland response.

“Then come over later.”

“I won’t.”

“Hmm? Zi Yan, you can’t be so willful now.”

“I’m on my period. Not feeling well. I’m asking for a leave.”

“Well…” Meiqi became a little hesitant. She hesitated for five seconds and then sighed and said, “Then I will give you a day off. I will tell Mr. Li about your matter. Though he invited you several times before and you didn’t agree, he is not a narrow-minded man. I guess he’ll help you.”


“Okay, have a good rest. I’ll hang up.”

After that, Meiqi hung up the phone directly. In her office, Li Cheng was sitting on the sofa. The two of them looked at each other and began to chat.

It was true that Li Cheng was a prudent and steady man. He wasn’t brainless. For a young man like him, who had been in all kinds of businesses for so many years, what he thought was much more complicated than ordinary people. The original arrangement of the process of dealing with Zi Yan would be highly successful if it was used for other people.

Unfortunately, his goal was Zi Yan. From the moment he decided to do this, his ending had been doomed because he never expected that the guardian of Zi Yan was such a horrible man.

On the other side, on the yacht—

After she hung up the phone, Zhang Han asked, “Is it because last time I asked Zhao Feng to bring you back that they started to have your company’s top executives make it hard for you?”

“Sort of.”

“I guess your company is not so powerful. Even a man like Lin Jie made them scared.”

“I don’t know. By rights, the company’s board of directors is still very powerful and they shouldn’t be afraid of Lin Jie,” Zi Yan replied.

“Then some senior leaders must know Lin Jie. How about you resign…”

Zhang Han thought about it and was about to say: “I will open an entertainment company for you.”

But before he could say those words, Zi Yan rolled her eyes and interrupted him. “I will not resign. There will be a way. After the broadcast of my program, I received good response. I’ll make use of this time to go to a few programs or make a better alb.u.m, then I’ll be prepared for the comeback. Let’s stop talking about this. Here we are. Look, so many rowing boats.”


Zhang Han nodded and looked away. He smiled and said nothing.

A good alb.u.m had been sent to her mailbox, but in the name of Hanyang. When she accidentally found out that he was actually Hanyang, she would be very surprised.


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