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Li Cheng crushed the cigarette in his hand and threw it on the ground. Then, he walked toward inside,and he parked his car there.

On the other hand, when Zi Yan and Zhou Fei saw how Zhang Han acted and how Li Cheng was beaten up, Zhou Fei pursed her lips into a smile. Although Zi Yan did not have much expression, the slight raise of her red lips showed that she was laughing in her heart.

However, when Zi Yan and Yue Shan saw the cute panda car, they were slightly stunned.

“Get in.” Zhang Han said as he walked to the driver’s seat.

“I’m dizzy. Why did you make a car like this?” Zhou Fei said with a grin.

“Ho ho.”

At this time, Li Cheng, who was not far away, let out a sneer. He unlocked the car key in his hand and lit up the car lights of the BMW i8 beside the Geely Panda.

The price of the car was two million, it was casually driven one by Li Cheng, he saw that the person Zi Yan went to meet with drove a car that was worth tens of thousands of RMB, he felt disdain in his heart, and even his tone had a hint of disdain:

“Zi Yan, how about you take my car and leave, I can send you to the place first, with your ident.i.ty, if people find out that you are riding in a car like that, it would lower your price anyhow.”

“I won’t trouble Young Master Li then.”

Zi Yan shook her head slightly. There was her precious daughter waiting for her inside, how could she possibly sit in someone else’s car?

After saying that, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei opened the car door and got in, through the window, one could faintly see that at the back seat, there was a woman carrying Mengmeng, so Zi Yan got in the back seat while Zhou Fei sat in the front seat.

Before Zhang Han got on the carriage, he glanced at Li Cheng indifferently.

In his eyes, there was indifference. Adding the disregard from before, this gaze made Li Cheng feel that Zhang Han was looking down on him!

Li Cheng’s heart suddenly became irritable.

He got into his sportscar with an ugly expression and slammed the steering wheel.

Why are you doing this?

Ignore me, look down on me, on what basis are you? Based on the panda car that no one would want if you threw it on the street?

Li Cheng gasped for breath. He was not angry only because of Zhang Han’s disregard, but also because of Zi Yan’s att.i.tude towards him as well as her choices.

‘You’d rather ride in a broken panda than ride in my car, wouldn’t you? ‘

Li Cheng’s gaze gradually turned cold.

“What a b.i.t.c.h!” Li Cheng coldly snorted, “I will let you clearly see what reality is! When I take you down, I want to see just how you can continue acting cool with me!”

With that said, Li Cheng started up the car and rushed out from the side of the Geely Panda, leaving behind the sound of engine.

At the same time, in Zhang Han’s car.

“Mama, ma, I missed you so much …” Mengmeng happily stretched out her arm. When Zi Yan carried her in his embrace, Mengmeng also did not care about the matter regarding the foundation powder that the PaPa had told her about, and directly gave a kiss on Zi Yan’s face.

“I’ve missed you too, Mengmeng, the past few days I’ve been away, is there anything good about you?” Zi Yan smiled, extremely happy.

Her beautiful face was truly so beautiful that it could bring down a country with a smile.

“Hmm hah, Mengmeng, Mengmeng is so obedient. SHe’s with the PaPa everyday, hmm… We draw even drew the PaPa, Mama and Mengmeng, they look really good. ” Mengmeng said seriously as she blinked her large clear eyes.

As everyone knew, the eyes of a child were extremely beautiful, as if they were naturally born with beautiful pupils. The pupils were large, and were extremely bright, let alone a delicate girl like Mengmeng.

“Is that so? Is Mengmeng that powerful?” Zi Yan smiled and pinched Mengmeng’s cheeks.

“Ah, wait, wait until we return to my casual restaurant. Hm, I’ll take it out for Mama to look at Mengmeng’s painting.” Mengmeng said with her sweet voice.

When he said that, Zhang Han who was driving couldn’t help but laugh. He was afraid that when Zi Yan saw the painting, her expression would be very interesting.

“Alright, then let’s wait and see. Other than painting, what else did Mengmeng do?” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“Mm … Also, there’s that piano, the PaPa had taught Mengmeng how to play, and Mengmeng was able to play simple song … ”

Mengmeng pouted her small mouth and said seriously.

It had been a few days since she had last time seen Mama, and now was the time for Mama to ‘claim credit’.

“Is that so?” Zi Yan’s face was filled with suspicion, she looked at Zhang Han and asked: “Does your PaPa know how to play the piano?”

“He knows how to, and he’s amazing. PaPa is so nice, hmm … They all said that PaPa was a Master, they all really admired Mengmeng, and they all envied me for having such a good PaPa. ” Mengmeng said with a slightly proud expression.

Looking at her bright eyes, she was sure that she, PaPa, was feeling great.

After seeing Zhang Li, Zi Yan was a little dazed. After playing with Mengmeng for a while, when they reached the New Moon Bay, Mengmeng snuggled against hers chest and started humming a song.

“You must be Zi Yan? h.e.l.lo, I am Zhang Han’s little sister, my name is Zhang Li. ”

Zhang Li extended her hand in a very courteous manner.

When she first saw that Mengmeng’s mother was Zi Yan, Zhang Li was truly a little surprised in her heart.

Back then, Zi Yan was a pure jade girl, but there were very few rumors. How did she end up with her brother in this situation? And how did he give birth to a child without a sound?

It turned out that Zi Yan had retired from the Entertainment Circle five years ago because she was giving birth to a child.

‘d.a.m.n, my brother will use it when he doesn’t make a move. One move can shake the world! ‘

Zhang Li was shocked in her heart, but she recovered herself a few minutes later. Back then, when she and Zhang Han was at the Zhang Family’s most glorious time, they had walked unhindered in the Shang Jing, and Zhang Li was also a genuine great witch.

But after leaving the Zhang Family, Zhang Li’s untamed nature had been tempered, but she naturally had her own personality and pride, so when she saw that Mengmeng’s mother was Zi Yan, she was only slightly shocked.

“h.e.l.lo.” Zi Yan and Zhang Li shook hands, and looked at each other.

To be honest, when she first got on the car, Zi Yan had a moment of wild imagination.

‘A woman? ‘

‘Who is she? ‘

‘What’s the relations.h.i.+p with Zhang Han? ‘

‘Could it be Zhang Han’s girlfriend? ‘

“Why is Mengmeng so close to her? ‘Could it be that she has already accepted her ident.i.ty? ‘

‘How can it be? This won’t do!”

In that moment, Zi Yan’s heart was in a mess, but following that, Mengmeng the sweet little heart came over and pulled Zi Yan’s thoughts back.

Now that she heard Zhang Li’s introduction, Zi Yan’s heart inexplicably relaxed.

“Zi Yan, you just became like a few years ago, oh no, you have become even more beautiful.” Zhang Li looked at Zi Yan’s exquisite cheek, and sincerely praised.

“Thank you. You’re beautiful too.” Zi Yan smiled slightly.

“It’s not that I have become beautiful, it’s because Elder Sister Yan was too immature in the past. Now that I have …” Zhou Fei said casually.

Before she even finished speaking, Zi Yan glared and said:

“Fei Fei?”

“Eh …” Zhou Fei grinned, holding back the words she wanted to say.

Originally, she wanted to say: “After being nourished by your brother, having given birth to Mengmeng and becoming a spicy mother, her charm is even more beautiful now. It’s full of flavour.”

However, Zi Yan, who knew Zhou Fei very well, interrupted her immediately.

However, what Zhou Fei said was also the truth. The word, charm, was not something that a young girl could possess.

“Mmm…” Zhang Li muttered to herself, wanting to call Zi Yan her sister-in-law, but Zhang Han had told her to pay attention to this point, and she felt that it wouldn’t be the same if she called him Elder Sister Yan.

“Yes.” Zi Yan nodded.

“I really admire you. You can even retire from the t.i.tle of ‘Movie Queen’ soon.” Zhang Li praised.

After Zi Yan heard this, her eyes flashed. With a somewhat determined tone, she said, “Movie Queen, you can bring it back now.”

“Hmm? Are you coming back? ” Zhang Li asked in shock.

“Yes, I’ve just prepared an alb.u.m for release on the 15th. The news will probably be released the day after tomorrow.” Zi Yan said as she nodded her head.

“Wow, if you were to return, the fans back then would probably be very surprised.” Zhang Li laughed.

“Hopefully.” Zi Yan smiled slightly.

There was also some antic.i.p.ation in her eyes. After the star had turned cold, it would be extremely difficult for her to return, and Zi Yan was one of those people who had completely retired, as if she had been banned.

The development of Entertainment Circle was very fast. In five years, new king came out one after another, and the changes of the era made this road even harder to walk on. However, Zi Yan still had a lot of confidence in herself.

While they were talking, everyone arrived at Zhang Han’s restaurant.

“Aiyo, not bad. That guy has quite the taste.”

Entering the hall, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei took a few glances at the surroundings. This kind of dining hall with a family layout made them feel very good.

Then, her gaze landed on the Steinway Piano at the side. She walked over in bewilderment. After opening the lid and taking a few glances, she was thoroughly shocked.

“Oh my G.o.d, Zhang Han, do you really know how to play the piano? I even got myself a Steinway. That’s not a decoration, is it? ”

However, Zhang Han ignored her as usual.

They were a little surprised to see the layout of the dining room and the Steinway piano, but it would have been even more so if they had seen the notice board in front of the door during the day.

But Zi Yan did not care about all this, and sat on the big sofa in front of the TV with Mengmeng in her arms, her beautiful hands reaching into her big bag.

“Mengmeng, close your eyes first.” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Eh?” Mengmeng was startled, then she quickly closed her eyes.

“Be good and don’t open your eyes secretly.” As Zi Yan said this, she took out a rectangular gift box that was about 20 cm in length and width from her bag. A flower shape was tied to the gift box with a ribbon.

Zi Yan placed the box on the tea table in front of him. Seeing that Mengmeng had obediently closed his eyes, Zi Yan laughed and said: “Alright, you can open your eyes now.”

Mengmeng was very obedient, when she opened her big eyes, the first thing she saw was the box in front of her.

“Wow, a gift, a gift, a gift, a gift, a gift, a gift, a gift.”


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