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“Jiang Li, Jiang Li!”

Several people shouted and rushed in from the reception room. A male nurse took the initiative and held them back.

“We are Jiang Li’s family, Jiang Li! He’s the policeman-we’re the policeman’s family members-the injured policeman.”

The people who were stopped outside the door burst out in a clamor of voices. There were men and women, the elderly and the young; their voices were nervous and worried.

Huo Congjun, who was inside checking the preparations, heard it and called for Ling Ran. He said, “Come with me, we’ll check the situation outside.”

His greatest worry about Ling Ran was that the young man did not know how to deal with doctor-patient relations.h.i.+ps, especially with his lack of knowledge when it came to dealing with the patient’s family. Therefore, Huo Congjun had intentionally taken Ling Ran to see various patients’ families last time to give him some experience on how to communicate with the patient’s family. This time, the situation was obviously more complicated.

Ling Ran had nothing to do. He let out a little hum as his answer, and followed him.

His task was originally only to stop bleeding. Now, since the patient had not arrived, he naturally had no blood vessels to block.

Once he was through the door, Huo Congjun first informed the people threatening to flood the treatment room, “Jiang Li is not inside.”

The family had grown calmer when they saw Huo Congjun, but those words quickly agitated them again.

“Why is he not inside?”

“It was said he would be sent to Yun Hua Hospital.”

“Doctor, don’t lie to us!”

Huo Congjun’s voice was not loud, and he did not care whether they could hear him or not. He said, “Jiang Li is still on the way. I am Huo Congjun, director of the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital. We are making preparations before performing the resuscitation. The time is tight. Do you have any questions?”

In order to hear Huo Congjun, the family members could not help but reduce their voice.

“Can we go in and wait together?” an older woman among the family asked.

“Under normal circ.u.mstances, it is not allowed, as you will interfere with emergency treatment.” Huo Congjun only considered for two seconds before he said, “You… can choose two people among yourselves.”

If it was an ordinary emergency treatment, he would not have easily agreed to it, especially since family members were not allowed into the resuscitation room. However, today’s event was bound to be disclosed. When the time came, reporters might even come in, so it would be unreasonable to stop the family members and keep them outside.

The family members calmed down a little and made a decision in a hurry—the patient’s mother and fiancée would enter.

“Your family name?” Huo Congjun led the two inside.

“My family name is Chen. I’m Chen Fang,” The policeman’s mother replied.

“Madam Chen,” Huo Congjun said before he looked at the patient’s fiancée.

The fiancée was a little chubby. She was a round-faced girl. At this time, she said naturally and in a poised manner, “My name is w.a.n.g Yi, I work in Beijing No.4 High School.”

“Teacher w.a.n.g.” Huo CongJun nodded and brought both of them in, but he did not let them go any further in. He only said, “We are still making preparations. Once Jiang Li is sent here, we will start the treatment as quickly and as precisely as possible. Please do not be too anxious. In addition, both of you will have to be as quiet as possible to prevent us from utilizing any extra energy on you.

“We understand.” Chen Fang’s hair was graying, and she used her handkerchief to wipe her tears.

“The first hour of treatment is known as the golden moment. The decisions made by the doctors during this hour is crucial. We allowed you to come in, but that does not mean that you can interfere with treatment. If you do, we will ask you to go out immediately. Do you understand?” Huo Congjun looked at the two and had a serious look on his face.

“Understood.” Chen Fang was still the first to answer.

Her confirmed daughter-in-law, w.a.n.g Yi, also nodded lightly.

Huo Congjun turned around and continued to a.s.sign tasks.

Ling Ran followed him and thought a little.

“Have you learned anything from the conversation just now?” Huo Congjun asked.

“You sounded tough,” Ling Ran said.

Huo Congjun nodded. “We need to tell the truth. When it is needed, being tough is not a bad thing. Jiang Li is the person whom the superiors want us to try our best to rescue at all costs. This means that the treatment drugs are not restricted. This also means that the list of treatment drugs that we can use is not restricted by the medical insurance list or the importing countries. In this case, our treatment will be relatively easy. But if we are not tough on the family, we would have a hard time if they start having strange requests. We must save the life first, the treatment can come later!”

“We must save the life first, the treatment can come later” was Huo Congjun’s most common quote. It may even be his epitaph.

However, it was not that simple when one really thought about what the sentence entailed.

The golden moment Huo Congjun mentioned was the first hour of the treatment. The decisions made by the medical staff would affect the patient’s future. To be precise, that meant the life expectancy of the patient would be affected. It also meant that the decision during the golden moment would affect the patient’s entire life. For example, they had to make decisions on whether they should perform an amputation, an invasive procedure, an organ transplant, a craniotomy, or other decisions. Questions like that would always plague doctors and patients.

The greater the impact of the doctor’s decision, the more likely it was to cause a dispute.

For example, an amputated patient may take several years or even several decades to think. ‘Would things be better if I did not have an amputation?’

Every family wished for the best results, and Jiang Li’s family was no exception.

They were about to perform a treatment where they would come under the attention of the public. If Jiang Li’s family wanted them to use drugs that had as few side effects as possible and not undergo any invasive procedure, what should they do?

Huo Congjun had encountered many situations as such.

Many people first considered the side effects of drugs and surgery before managing to cure the illness. Because of the patients or their families’ requests, the doctors would have their options limited, and they would inevitably overlook a few things.

They were currently at the preparation stage. To Huo Congjun, this was a part of the preparation work.

Chen Fang and w.a.n.g Yi sat in the corners at either side of the room, and they whispered and communicated with their families over the phone. Soon, several reporters entered the treatment room under the guidance of the Medical Affairs Department staff. They also set up their equipment and remained silent.

The location of the accident was 124 miles away from Yun Hua Hospital. It took an hour for the helicopter to go back and forth. Hence, the city’s local bodies could come over faster once they received the news.

Minutes and seconds pa.s.sed. Just when many of them became impatient with waiting, Huo Congjun stood up and took a group of people to receive the incoming patient.

Ling Ran followed Huo Congjun and walked out swiftly. He prepared himself in silence.

He had not completely mastered the administration of emergency treatment. In emergency treatments where the doctors fought against time, his task was to first find the bleeding point and stop the bleeding.

In fact, Ling Ran’s current function in the Emergency Department was very simple. In addition to performing surgery, his specialty was barehanded bleeding control. Usually, he only used this one skill and worked with the others in resuscitation. Other than that, he only did debridement and suturing.

If a doctor like Ling Ran was sent to the Emergency Department of a secondary grade B hospital or lower, he would still need to rack his brains a little to be famous. However, in a large hospital like Yun Hua Hospital, Ling Ran’s accuracy in locating the bleeding point had garnered the approval of his superiors and juniors in the department.

Yun Hua Hospital’s Emergency Department did not need a jack-of-all-trades. They needed doctors who can solve a problem. They did not even need a doctor who can solve many problems. As long as they could solve one problem, it was good enough.

The stretcher was quickly pulled out of the helicopter, and blood dripped all the way as it moved.

When they saw this scene, everyone’s face instantly turned unpleasant.

How much blood was lost?

The chief physician of the Yongqing County Hospital’s Emergency Department also came with the helicopter. His expression was dejected as he said, “We transfused nearly twenty bags of blood, and we gave him all the crystalline hemoglobin solution we have, the effect of applying direct pressure for bleeding control is not huge…”

“Ling Ran!” Huo Congjun roared loudly. His voice was accompanied by the sound of the propellers of the helicopter.

“It would be impossible to stop the bleeding entirely.” Ling Ran took a few glances before he jumped on the cart. He unwrapped the bandage on one arm swiftly, cut the cloth strip wrapped around the abdomen, extended his hands, and pressed down against the one side of the abdomen. The amount of bleeding was instantly reduced.

But that was all.

The crisis had not been averted in the slightest.

“Perform an exploratory laparotomy.” Huo Congjun waited until the cart was pushed into the resuscitation room and made a decision without hesitation.

Ling Ran did not object. It was unknown how many times the patient had been stabbed with a knife. It was already a miracle for him to have lived this long. Ling Ran could only stem the flow of so many wounds. Moreover, barehanded bleeding control was just a temporary measure. It was fortunate that the patient’s arteries were not punctured. However, it was very dangerous that the bleeding continued until now.

“Set up two more venous access devices.” Huo Congjun instructed after inspecting the three venous access devices set up in the ambulance.

If a normal person had a cold, the IV drip he or she was administered could be regarded as one venous access. For ordinary emergency patients, it was enough for them with just two or three venous accesses, but for patients with major bleeding, five venous accesses may not even be enough.

The small gurney was surrounded by medical staff, so the patient’s family members could not see his face. They could only see the corner of Jiang Li’s torn police uniform from the gaps, as well as a long trail of blood and a large number of blood stains…


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