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“Completed.” When Ling Ran ended the surgery, even the interns were caught off guard. 

Xiang Xueming subconsciously looked at his watch, and he noticed that only twenty-five minutes had pa.s.sed since the beginning of the surgery. It was not even half the preparation time.

Lu Wenbin was so tense that he felt slightly exhausted. He subconsciously wanted to wipe off his sweat.

“Stop!” Yu Yuan shouted loudly again.

Lu Wenbin shuddered before he immediately lowered his head.

He was indeed a little too tense. He may have had a few more years of surgical experience compared with the interns, but that was all.

Ling Ran also lowered his head and released a secret sigh a relief. He then said, “All surgery members should recall the sequence for putting on the protective clothing. After you take off the surgical gown and barrier gown, wash your hands with disinfectant and change your slippers into a new pair…” 

All doctors, nurses, and interns, including Lu Wenbin, listened to him seriously.

When they were putting on the protective clothing, they were all very nervous. Now that they needed to take off the protective clothing, they still felt very insecure. 

Everyone moved very mechanically and slowly, and it took them quite some time before they could leave the operating theater.

Once that was over, there was still a large number of surgical instruments that required cleaning, especially the endoscopic equipment. Besides, the walls and floors also needed to be disinfected and wiped with chlorinated disinfectant. The contaminated items produced during the surgery such as spilled blood and used saline water also needed to be handled independently.

After cleaning himself and returning to the waiting room, Ling Ran could not help but feel exhausted. 

“I spent a lot of time today.” Ling Ran looked at the schedule in the waiting room, and he sighed with a well of emotions in him. If he performed surgeries based on that kind of schedule every day, he would not need to worry about insufficient hospital beds because he would never be able to use all of them. 

However, Lu Wenbin had a lingering fear. “Your speed in performing surgery is fast enough, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to catch up if you increase your speed even more.”

“Once I get used to it, I should be able to increase my speed a little more.” Ling Ran shook his head when he said this. Then, he spoke in an introspective tone, “I didn’t control my rhythm well today.”

“It’s all right, it’s really all right…” Lu Wenbin repeated himself, and it was obvious that he was still nervous.


Huo Congjun pushed the door open to enter the room, then he faced all of them with a smile.

“How are you feeling now?” Huo Congjun looked less strict right then. At that moment, he seemed like a forgiving parent. 

Lu Wenbin raised his head and gazed at Huo Congjun, but he dared not say a word.

Yu Yuan quietly sat in her seat. If she did not make a sound, people might not be able to find her.

Ling Ran turned to Huo Congjun and said, “The efficiency of using our operating theater on someone with an infectious disease is too low.”

“You’re right indeed. Even if we arrange for this kind of surgery to be performed last every single time, the turnover rate will still have to decrease,” Huo Congjun said, and he smiled. “Besides, you always start performing surgeries early in the morning.”

“That’s a problem…” Ling Ran whispered to himself. 

“Please don’t think about getting a new operating theater for people with infectious diseases alone.”

“I’m not really interested.” Ling Ran pursed his lips. “Even if there’s one, the turnover rate is very low.”

“True, but the fact that you dared to operate on someone with an infectious disease was out of my expectation,” Huo Congjun said, and he could not help but stretch his arm over to pat Ling Ran on the head.

The waiting room was suddenly filled with silence.

Yu Yuan could not help but pat her own head.

Meanwhile, Xiang Xueming looked very excited. Being patted by the center’s director was something much more exciting than eating dumplings.

“Go back and have a good rest today. Don’t perform surgeries tomorrow.” Ling Ran escaped Huo Congjun’s claws once he sensed him patting his head. Then, he asked, “Is the patient being sent over to a one-bed room?”

“Yes, we’ve arranged a separate room for him.” Yu Yuan wanted to say something else, but she hesitated. She thought for a while before she asked, “Can’t we inform the other patients?”

“No. Besides, what do you want to do after you inform them?” Huo Congjun rejected Yu Yuan decisively. He frowned and said, “Yu Yuan, your thoughts are very dangerous. Don’t ever mention that again.”

“Oh,” Yu Yuan answered. She did not show any rebellious spirit.

All doctors would grow tired after a few years on the job, and they would become docile. A stubborn doctor would never make it to becoming an attending physician.

“Work as usual during the night. Go home and rest now.” Ling Ran took two sips of water and stood up.

The three interns followed him and stood as well. Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan continued to sit in their chairs. 

“I’m on s.h.i.+ft duty tonight,” Lu Wenbin said habitually since he was already accustomed to it. 

Ling Ran then looked at Yu Yuan before he instantly came to a realization. “You’re a chief resident now.”

“Yes, a chief resident.” Yu Yuan looked like she had given up.

“Then, see you tomorrow.” Ling Ran got up without any hesitation, and he went downstairs to leave for home. 

That was the life of a doctor. While they may be very busy during their s.h.i.+fts, the consequence of skipping their s.h.i.+fts was very serious. 

Ling Ran could not find anyone to switch s.h.i.+fts with Yu Yuan and Lu Wenbin at that time either. 

Most importantly, there was no reason for them to change s.h.i.+fts. 

They were really exhausted, but they worked like that every day.

They treated a patient and improved not only a person’s life but also their family’s that day. But they did the same thing every day.

They still had to live their lives the same way they should every day. 

Ling Ran swung his hands, and just as he was about to reach the parking lot, he heard rustling sounds. 

“Doctor Ling.” Huang Maos.h.i.+ jumped out from behind a big pole.

“Why are you here?” Ling Ran looked around before he turned his gaze to Huang Maos.h.i.+, frowning.

“Doctor Ling, I heard that you’ve just performed surgery for an AIDS patient, is that true?” Huang Maos.h.i.+ bowed a little and pa.s.sed a thermos flask to Ling Ran. Then, he smiled and said, “It’s a new bottle. I’ve sterilized it many times…”

Ling Ran still did not receive it. He nodded and said, “We can’t disclose the patient’s condition.”

“It is AIDS!” Huang Maos.h.i.+ was very surprised.

He was no longer an innocent and naive person now. In the country, hospitals were only not allowed to personally disclose patients’ conditions for a few minor diseases like AIDS. Other than that, general illnesses were not protected, and they had no doctor-patient regulation laws for such matters like the hospitals in other countries. 

Ling Ran refused to answer. He then looked at Huang Maos.h.i.+ and asked, “What do you want?”

“I’d like to recommend our cleaning product. Doctor Ling, disinfectants are necessary consumables in an operating theater, and our company now also acts as the agent for some brands…” Huang Maos.h.i.+ went along with Ling Ran’s topic and said everything in one breath. 

For a corporation like Changxi Medical Company, the disinfectants used by a treatment group would only provide them a small profit, but the advantage in it was the stability of orders for the disinfectants.

However, for Huang Maos.h.i.+, obtaining Ling Ran’s order was the biggest victory, especially when he would not need to submit a tender. It would just make things easier. 

However, Ling Ran did not feel like listening to him. He interrupted Huang Maos.h.i.+’s introduction of the products by saying, “The protective clothing you provided was very bad in quality.”

“Huh? They weren’t good?” Huang Maos.h.i.+ felt diffident and said, “I’ll immediately provide feedback to the factory and ask them to give you an explanation.”

“I don’t want their explanation,” Ling Ran said.

Huang Maos.h.i.+ felt puzzled and asked, “You don’t need any explanation?”

“I won’t want your cleaning products as well.”

Huang Maos.h.i.+ immediately felt anxious. “Please don’t say that. These are two different things, cleaning products and protective clothing are two different systems—” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

“I don’t want any explanations,” Ling Ran said as he went into his Volkswagen Jetta and slowly drove out of the parking lot.


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