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The rain did not have any intention of letting up.

The cowboys who sat and talked happily in the manor could not wait any longer and went out to face the storm. They herded the cattle in the rain and brought them to shelter.

In such weather, herding the cattle became a dangerous task. The helicopter which was used to release the cattle to eat the gra.s.s could not fly because of the heavy rain, so the cowboys had to ride on horses and herd the cattle. The farm had many low-lying areas. When the farm started to acc.u.mulate water, the water in the low-lying area could make a cow drown. Naturally, the more likely scenario would be humans drowning.

“We’ll be losing a lot of cows this year.” The butler looked out through the window, and he was worried.

“If the cattle can survive, they will take good care of their calves.” Tian Guozheng looked serious. He straightened his body on the wheelchair and looked slightly nonchalant. 

The butler nodded lightly, “We’ll run into all sorts of things in the world, regardless of whether it is good or not. I hope the best for the cowboys. Mister Guozheng, let’s go to the town.”

Tian Guozheng nodded without saying anything, but Lu Junjie, who had been by his side, could not hold it in and said, “We’re going now? The rain is so heavy that even the cars are bogged down.”

“Mister Lu, if we don’t go now, later, when the manor is fully flooded, we will not be able to leave.” The butler looked calm, as if he was looking at a silly boy who was throwing a tantrum. 

Lu Junjie did not look at the butler, but he stared at Tian Guozheng and said, “Uncle Tian, your manor has been constructed with the possibility of such weather in mind, right? Being flooded will be too much of an exaggeration, isn’t it?”

Tian Guozheng smiled faintly. “Of course I had thought about it before. A true man won’t stand beside a collapsing wall.”

“Then, we’re now…” 

“We can’t stand beside the collapsing wall too,” Tian Guozheng calmly said, “It’s pouring all over the state now. Judging by the looks now, it won’t stop raining heavily for two to three days. Even if we stay in the manor, we would be confined to the first floor or above. If that’s the case, why don’t we go to the town earlier and leave?”

Lu Junjie was instantly rendered speechless. If a floor was going to be flooded in the manor, then it would be considered a deluge by the standards of China. If he still insisted on not leaving, he would look very silly. At that time, not only would they not have water and electricity, but the internet might also be disconnected. Was it not stupid if he stayed in a place without internet?

“I will get the car ready.” The butler stopped nagging, quickly stood up, and went down the stairs to give instructions.

Tian Guozheng also smiled faintly and said, “Everyone should go and pack your things. Since we’ve decided, we will depart in thirty minutes.”

At this time, Tian Guozheng acted extraordinarily seriously and swiftly. 

Lu Junjie was still slightly hesitant. He said in a low voice, “Since we have already decided it, why shouldn’t we just leave? Why are we still going to the town?”

“The route to leave by land requires us to pa.s.s through the town.” Tian Guozheng continued to smile faintly. “Don’t look down on the people. Even though Cuba Town is small, it has still experienced a history of more than one hundred years. Over the years, when other places were flooded, the people in Cuba Town only experienced slight inconvenience in their daily lives, but they were never in grave danger…”

Tian Guozheng intended to educate Lu Junjie. This young man was too naggy, and this affected his mood. 

Lu Junje did not figure out Tian Guozheng’s hidden intention of educating him. Instead, but he kept asking him, “By ‘grave’ danger, do you mean that there is still danger?”

“Isn’t people dying from a deluge something pretty normal?” Tian Guozheng’s expression became serious. “Every person who died are young men who are full of themselves.”

Lu Junjie finally understood what he meant this time, and his expression inevitably changed. 

Tian Guozheng nodded in satisfaction before he said to Ling Ran and Tian Qi in a cordial manner, “Both of you, quickly go and pack your things. If it’s too difficult to carry, just label it and let the people who stay behind move them to the top floor.”

“Are there still people staying here? Will it be too dangerous?” Tian Qi was slightly worried.

“The house still has a lot of valuable things, so I still have to get some people to look for them, otherwise, I’m afraid that some people will try to sneak in.” Tian Guozheng said in a profound manner before he continued, “After the cowboys chase the cattle to higher ground, some whose houses are nearby will come back. At that time, if the rain hasn’t stopped yet, they will take the charge boat to the town.”

“Your knees might not be suitable for riding in cars for an extended period of time.” Ling Ran reminded him at this time.

Tian Guozheng smiled. “I have a few Unimogs, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Half an hour later, they saw Tian Guozheng’s Unimog… motorcade.

From the appearance, the Unimog which were labelled with the Mercedes-Benz logo looked more like one of those domineering but middle-sized trucks. When they were lined up in a row, it was impressive. 

Lu Junjie cried out when he saw this, “Uncle Tian, you bought so many Unimogs? One may cost three to four million, right? You’ve made us a mini target.”

“The manor needs them,” Tian Guozheng pointed at the car in front as he said, “Go into the car first. The cars will leave in groups of three so that we can take care of each other without affecting each other.”

The rain outside became heavier. Lu Junjie was also suddenly worried. He turned around and looked at Tian Qi before he said, “Miss Tian should go with me. Ladies first.”

“You go first.” Tian Guozheng waved his hand and said, “There are still many cars at the back.”

Lu Junjie then got into the front seat of a Unimog. The back of this truck seemed to contain food and water. Lu Junjie felt it would be safer if he took this car.

“Hi, Mister Lu. Please fasten your seat belt. We are leaving now.” The driver waited for Lu Junjie to shut the door before he smiled and said these words. Then, he locked the car door.

Lu Junjie found the voice to be slightly familiar, so he turned around and took a look. He saw that the driver under the cowboy hat was the buff servant who had wiped his body just now.

Lu Junjie could not help but look at his rough and big hands, “Why is it you?”

“It’s that much of a coincidence.” The driver smiled and showed his gold tooth. “The butler also said I’m so lucky that even if I get into a prison car that sends prisoners on death row, I will still fall out from the car because of an accident. Alright, please be seated, I will send you to the destination safely.”

The driver stepped on the accelerator as he spoke, and the car was driven into the muddy land. 

“Huh? Why aren’t you taking the road? Are we not going to town?” Lu Junjie almost jumped because of the b.u.mpy road.

“Fasten your seat belt.” The driver reminded him before he continued, “The motorcade needs to leave separately. The rain is very heavy, and we don’t know about the situation on our way to town. We’re taking the alternate road. This road was developed by the manor, and it is nearer to the town. We used to herd the cows and sheep here, so it’s quite convenient too.”

The dirt road was soaked by muddy water, and it had become a mud road, and there was a big puddle that was a few inches deep not far away. Lu Junjie instantly felt horrible because of how b.u.mpy the road was. When he turned around, he saw a Unimog recreational vehicle slowly starting out, and it was driven to the front along the asphalt road under the guidance of a few others Unimog.

Lu Junjie turned around in despair. “Ling Ran and the others are leaving with the recreational vehicle? There are two roads?”

“There are three roads in total. The other is the old road. It has not been maintained for years, but most of it is asphalt. The truck that fetches Zebo Two and Zebo Four uses that road.”

“I’m not even comparable to a cow?” 

The driver cast a curious glance at Lu Junjie. “They’re cows with names!”


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