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@@Ye Sigong fixed his gaze on Ling Ran’s hands as he held the aspirator. He was so focused that he looked like a fox who was waiting to pounce on a rabbit.

He used to know how to carry out Achilles tendon repair surgery.

Like many other county hospitals and small-town hospitals, the hospital where Ye Sigong worked mostly carried out minor surgeries that larger hospitals were not interested in. The doctors at the General Surgery Department operated on every part of the patients from head to toe, and there was not really any distinction when it came to their job scope.

Even though it was the same surgical method, from Ye Sigong’s perspective, he felt like he was learning a brand new surgical method.

The scans that they referred to before the surgery were well-done, and the incision was made very precisely, and even the angle at which the scalpel was used mattered. They had to pay so much attention to the steps of the surgery that it was as if they were making pastries.



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