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Chapter 173 The Eastern Training Field (1)

I still thought he talked nonsense. I would have ended things lightly if he had just gone against me, but he had overlooked Gark and Hark. The two were strong and knew honor. They did not stay under me because they could not make their own tribe. Gark and Hark would be able to wipe out Apachi’s entire clan, and I was going to teach him what happened when one was too rash.

The lesson was going to be painful, and I saw Apachi look at the dagger in his hand.

“What is this?”

He seemed not to know of my ability, and while he stuttered, I had no intention of stopping. I threw his weapon behind me and took out my spear. I would use the shaft and let him know his place today. As Green Skins fought every day, they did not scream much. However, I wanted to hear him scream, and using the spear shaft as a whip was not difficult for me. It was also degrading. I used it on his arm, and while he did not scream as he rushed, I avoided his simple attack.

“It tickles, Blood Dagger! This dagger is enough!”

While he still shouted, I knew that he would scream in pain soon. While he rushed at me, I did not move much. I only used a few steps to avoid his attacks, and my shaft began to move quicker. The screams became louder, and I hit wherever the shaft met flesh. Apachi’s attacks turned weaker as his body began to memorize pain and hesitated in his attacks.

The next step was to hit his bonds, and I aimed between his fingers or his limbs. My movements became mechanical, and I smiled at his painful grimace. I whipped him as he tried to take a step back, and I now found a rhythm.

I whipped him just enough so I would not break any bones and did not even think of magic. While Apachi protected his body with magic, I was not aiming for his weak spots.

Apachi began to scream, and I was disappointed that his bark was louder than his bite. However, I had no intention of stopping. While Apachi did not say that he had lost, his legs were shaking already.

The newcomers were looking at Apachi with place faces, and the orc that had looked wise was watching the scene with disdain.

I now could look elsewhere while I swung my spear, and other tribe leaders seemed to find satisfaction in my lesson. They seemed to have not liked Apachi, and I now let go of all worries that I had been too severe. It was when I aimed for his hips that Apachi closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

“Return my weapon! This is cheating!”

Nonsense. While he would have been depressed, it was stupid of him. However, I changed back his dagger with his original weapon since that was his wish. While Apachi smiled, I swung my spear to slice his weapon in half. His grunt made me smile, as Apachi now looked at me with no hope left.

“Did you finish speaking?”


I did not wait for an answer and started whipping him again. He tried to protect his body with his arm but then used his back to endure the whipping. He then writhed to spread the pain around, and the arrogant orc was no more.

His begging screams filled the air, and only my whipping and his screaming fille the quiet field. The Green Skin that managed the Great Tribe Leader’s flag looked like he was thinking of stopping the duel, but the orc was not down yet, and there was no chance of him dying.

His voice was loud, and I heard a voice from the crowd.

“It is the Giant Scream!”

His nickname was being made now, and the sound was loud enough to warrant it.

“He is Giant Scream!”

“I have never heard a sound louder!”

I laughed at the new name, Giant Scream Apachi. The nicknames tended to symbolize who they were, like Black Spear or Storm Shadow. I smiled at the irony but did not stop my whipping.

“I give!”

“Giant Scream is screaming out loud!”

“Giant Scream, don’t give up!”

His new name was now Giant Scream for certain, and it took me over an hour before he admitted his loss.

“I admit my loss, Blood Dagger.”

While I still did not want the lesson to end, my heart felt lighter. The Green Skin, who managed the Great Tribe Leader flag, now let others know that I had won.

“Blood Dagger has won the duel!”

It would have been the weirdest duel he had seen.

“Blood Dagger has won! For Blood Dagger!”

Gark and Hark looked at me with respect, and Apachi spoke to me after standing up.

“You’re a strong warrior, and this was a good duel.”

It was a dishonorable fight for him, but I had taught him a lesson. However, he still looked dissatisfied, and I opened my mouth.

“All right. You have a strong will. I will welcome you for three years, Giant Scream. I will fight against you like today so you will become stronger and will schedule training. You and your clan members will become strong warriors.”

“It’s not necessary, Blood Dagger. You’re too…”

“You do not need to refuse.”

I tapped his shoulder with a smile, and his pale face grew even paler. This was a warning, and I thought he would choose my clan. I now knew that I could teach someone to obey the rules of Green Skins, and him looking at me in fear meant that he had some potential. He flinched at my spear, which meant he was afraid of me.

I nodded, and it seemed that Apachi had been trusted by many as his clan members did not leave him. However, all of them looked away at my cold gaze. I would make Gark and Hark train them.

“Amazing, Blood Dagger.”

The tribe leaders were looking at me with respect as they asked me how I taught Apachi his lesson as they would also need to manage Green Skins.

“I have a troublesome Green Skin in my tribe…”

“Me too, Blood Dagger. What would be a good way?”

It seemed that various lessons would be underway.


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