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Chapter 128: Be My Person?

After Fu Chen said this, Song Fengwan couldn’t stay any longer. She was nervous and felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles. “Cousin, Third Master, I’ll go study.”

Before the two of them could say anything, she hurriedly ran toward the second floor.

Fu Chen chuckled. She ran up the stairs two steps at a time, as if there was an evil spirit chasing after her.

After the news broadcast ended, Fu Chen and Qiao Xiyan finished watching the weather forecast and then went back to their rooms to rest.

Qiao Xiyan had driven over from Suzhou before dawn, so he was very tired. After taking a shower, he went to the art studio room to look for Song Fengwan.

He didn’t expect Fu Chen to specially set aside a room for her to study. It was quiet, and the atmosphere was good.

He personally felt that Fu Chen was not as cold and ruthless as the rumors said.

“The exams are next week. How’s your preparation going?” Qiao Xiyan looked at Song Fengwan’s sketches.

He knew how to draw, but he wasn’t good at sketching.

When they polished and carved jades and stones, they would trace the patterns in advance, and most of them were of G.o.ds, Buddhas, spirit beasts, flowers, birds, fishes, and insects.

“It’s going fine.” Song Fengwan wasn’t good at it, so she didn’t have any confidence in her words.

“Just do your best. Don’t work too hard.” Qiao Xiyan turned around to size up the heater at the side. “After the art exam is over, it’ll be time for the school exams. Which art school’s exam do you intend to take?”

“Central Academy of Fine Arts…”

“The art school near Suzhou is quite good and close to home.” When Qiao Xiyan heard her say that she wanted to go to a school in Beijing, he furrowed his brows slightly. “It’s far from home here, and there’s no one familiar to look after you. I won’t be at ease with you coming here to study.”

“It’s not that we don’t have people we’re familiar with. Isn’t Third Master…” Song Fengwan blurted out.

“Isn’t he what?”

“Aren’t we considered familiar?” She hesitated.

“What’s his relations.h.i.+p with you? Why should he take care of you? You two have only known each other for a short period of time. How familiar can you two be? Wouldn’t you feel embarra.s.sed to keep troubling him?”

When Song Fengwan heard this, she considered his words. What Cousin said isn’t wrong either.

We’re neither relatives nor friends, so how could I not feel bad to trouble him?

“Previously, the Fu family felt that they owed you and wanted to make it up to you. But we can’t push our luck and keep on troubling them.” Qiao Xiyan’s tone was sincere and earnest.

“I know.” Song Fengwan bit her lip and put down the charcoal pencil, no longer in the mood to draw.

Her phone vibrated twice. It was a message from Fu Chen. She hurriedly held her phone in her hand and carefully unlocked it to check the message, afraid that Qiao Xiyan would see the content.

Qiao Xiyan was rubbing the heater at the moment and completely didn’t notice her odd behavior.

[How much longer are you going to draw? What time will you finish?]

[I’m already back in my room.]

[I’m waiting for you to come.]

Song Fengwan felt her palms slightly burning while sending him a reply.

[I still have to draw for a while. Why don’t you rest earlier?]

I just kicked him just now, so he definitely won’t let me off easily.

More than ten seconds later, Fu Chen replied. [I’ll wait for you no matter how late it is.]

There was a hint of ambiguity and enchantment in his words. Song Fengwan read the message carefully a few times, and her heart beat faster and faster.

“Then you study hard. I’ll go back to my room first. Go to bed early and don’t stay up late.” Qiao Xiyan didn’t disturb her any longer and closed the door.


Song Fengwan was distraught by Fu Chen’s matter. She went straight to her room and found the Buddhist prayer bead bracelet from before. She also specially found a box and paper bag and packaged it properly. After checking it carefully, she walked timidly to the door of Fu Chen’s room.

She knocked on the door cautiously and looked around from time to time, afraid that someone would come.

Fu Chen was originally having a video conference. It would be Christmas and New Year’s Day in a few days, and the company would be organizing some public events and internal parties and dinners. All kinds of tedious and c.u.mbersome matters had to be discussed with him.

Song Fengwan was already feeling guilty. Seeing that he didn’t open the door for a long time, she felt anxious.

Qiao Xiyan also stayed on this floor. If he suddenly opened his door and saw her going to Fu Chen’s room in the middle of the night and found out about the prayer beads, she would be dead.

“Third Master?” Song Fengwan squeezed her vocal cords, calling out for him like a cat.

Fu Chen pressed the tip of his tongue against the inner side of his cheek. This little girl is really impatient.

“I have a private matter to attend to, and she doesn’t seem to be able to wait. You guys continue discussing.” Then he went offline straight away.

The executives in the video call were dumbfounded.


A woman’s voice?

What does Third Master mean? Doesn’t seem to be able to wait?


This is too much information!

Fu Chen opened the room and saw Song Fengwan standing at the door, looking awkward and nervous.

“What’s the matter? Why are you so anxious?” Fu Chen’s gaze landed on the bag in her arms, and he laughed softly.

“Let’s talk in the room.” Song Fengwan looked around and bent down to go under his arm.

Fu Chen grinned and closed the door. The humidifier in his room was still at work. It was colorful, and mist wafted out of it along with an aroma. It was very atmospheric.

“You’re acting like a thief, sneaking around. People who don’t know might think we’re having an affair.” When Fu Chen said this, Song Fengwan’s face turned pale in fright.

“Tell me. What are you going to do about kicking me just now?” Fu Chen crossed his arms and looked at her.

His gaze was very subtle yet also as hot as fire. When it landed on her, she was so nervous that her entire body started to get hot. It was as if she had a fever and her brain was lacking oxygen.

“How about you kick me twice?”

“Do you think that’s appropriate?” Kick her twice? She really dared to say that.

“Otherwise, what do you want to do about it?”

“Then stand properly and don’t move.” Fu Chen actually really walked toward her.

Is he really going to kick me? Song Fengwan blinked and stiffened her body, not daring to move.

Fu Chen looked at her nervous face and laughed in his heart. Her mouth is quite stubborn.

Just as she saw Fu Chen approaching, she muttered softly, “Didn’t you tell me that your sister kicked you before? Then I’m not the first person to kick you.”

Fu Chen raised his eyelids. She’s really gotten bold these days. She kicked me, and she still dares to talk back.

“You’re talking back to me? Are you questioning me?” Fu Chen raised his hand, his posture looking as if he wanted to hit her.

Song Fengwan hugged the paper bag in her arms tightly and stared at him. She was clearly afraid, but her eyes were still so stubborn and refused to look away.

Just as Fu Chen’s palm was about to land, Song Fengwan subconsciously closed her eyes. I have to compensate him for kicking him. But the slap she expected didn’t arrive…

He pressed against her forehead and softly pressed on it.

When she opened her eyes, Fu Chen’s index finger was poking her forehead. He was bending down so that his gaze was level with hers, and his hot breath gushed onto her face, making her flush.

“What are you scared of? Did you really think I would hit you?” He laughed softly, his voice slightly trembling and teasing the tip of her heart.

“N-no.” Song Fengwan lowered her eyes and didn’t dare to look at him.

“My sister is my family member. So even if she kicks me, I just have to take it and naturally won’t pursue the matter. Do you also want me to treat you not as an outsider but as one of my own people?”


Be my person.


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