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Chapter 307: Wanwan Is Made to Drink

Song Fengwan just wanted to rush over and hug Fu Chen, but she didn’t expect to jump so high.

At this moment, she was like a koala hanging on him.

When she regained her senses, she saw that there was someone standing behind him and hurriedly buried her head in his neck, embarra.s.sed to see others.

“Put the things down and go downstairs,” Fu Chen said in a low voice.

The secretary didn’t even dare to enter the office. He placed the things at the door and ran downstairs as if he was fleeing. He couldn’t wait for the elevator, so he left by going down the stairs.

In fact, he was dumbfounded by fright just now. He didn’t even see Song Fengwan’s face clearly before he heard someone call ‘Third Brother’ in a sugary voice. Then a young lady jumped onto Third Master.

So, Third Master likes this kind of girl?

Young and pa.s.sionate.

Just hearing her call him Third Brother, even he, someone in his thirties, couldn’t stand it, let alone Third Master. No wonder he couldn’t help doing it in the office…

The calm and collected Third Master actually behaves like this at times?

It’s simply terrifying.

But he didn’t dare to gossip about Fu Chen. After returning, he kept his mouth shut tightly and didn’t dare to say anything unnecessary.

Meanwhile, in the office…

As soon as the secretary left, Song Fengwan blushed and slowly moved down from his body. “I… I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Mhm.” Fu Chen glanced at the pants on her legs.

“I felt a little cold, so I found one of your pants to wear.”

Fu Chen nodded, picked up the few convenience bags by the door, and entered the room. “I bought you some clothes.”

“Do you know my size?” Song Fengwan took the bags, took out the dress, and shook it open for a look. Not only was it long, but it was even a long-sleeved dress with a standing collar! Is he trying to boil me to death on such a day?

“I should be able to wear it.” Although he had never touched some places before, when estimated…

It was about the same.

Song Fengwan changed her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror before walking out. “How is it? Does it look good?”

Fu Chen took a look. The bright yellow complemented her fair and translucent skin. At her age, even without putting on makeup, she still exuded a youthful and dazzling vibe. “Yes, you look good. What do you want to eat for lunch?”

“Let’s go to the farm restaurant we ate at before. The food there is pretty delicious.”


“By the way, isn’t Huai Sheng staying at your place? Do you want to go back and check on him?” Only then did Song Fengwan remember that the little monk was staying with Fu Chen.

“The school bus picks him up in the morning and drops him off in the evening. He’ll eat at school at noon, and Uncle Nian will take care of him at night. You don’t have to worry.” Huai Sheng was very good at managing himself, so they didn’t have to worry at all.


Because Duan Linbai was the one who opened the farm restaurant, the news of Song Fengwan coming over soon spread to his ears. At this moment, one of his eyes had almost recovered, while the other was highly myopic, so it was always blurry.

Some people who suffered from snow blindness would recover their vision in two to three days, while others took longer.

The reason the doctor gave was, “It varies from person to person.”

Fu Chen said bluntly, “It might be an issue of his character.”

People needed to maintain a happy frame of mind for recovery from snow blindness. Even though he was hopping mad, he still had to keep telling himself, “You have to be calm, stay optimistic, and be happy. F*ck it, I have to laugh…”

Afterward, the Duan family watched their young master run around the house with a fake smile all day long.

It was creepy.

Fu Chen originally wanted to go on a quiet date with Song Fengwan and watch a movie with her. But Duan Linbai had to call and say that he wanted to entertain her. A certain someone was too enthusiastic that it was hard to refuse, so they arranged to meet at Ninth Mansion.

When the two of them arrived, Duan Linbai was singing into a microphone, and Fu Sinian was also here.

“He didn’t come?” Fu Chen glanced at the private room.

Duan Linbai turned his head and looked at him. “He said he drank too much with you last night and has a headache today. The two of you are really something. You didn’t even call me along when you were drinking.”

He? Song Fengwan frowned. Who is this now?

The private room was very big. Other than singing and drinking, there was even a mahjong table and beds for resting.

Fu Chen ordered some fruit juice for Song Fengwan, and Duan Linbai pa.s.sed the microphone to her forcefully. “Little Sister, what do you want to sing? I’ll add the songs for you.”

Fu Sinian lowered his head to take a sip of champagne and tilted his head slightly to look at Duan Linbai.

I call Song Fengwan Third Aunt, but Duan Linbai calls her Little Sister?

Isn’t he outright taking advantage of me?

“I’m not very good at singing.” Song Fengwan wasn’t tone-deaf, but she was the kind of person who couldn’t sing at a high or low pitch.

“It’s fine. It’s just us. You can sing whatever you want. No one will make fun of you.” Then Duan Linbai chose a children’s song for her.

Song Fengwan was dumbfounded. This song…

I stopped singing it in elementary school.

Fu Chen went out to answer a call. When he returned, he whispered into Song Fengwan’s ear, “I’m going home for a while. I’ll be back in an hour.”


“Linbai, Sinian, look after her,” Fu Chen reminded.

“Don’t worry. With me around, I’ll definitely take good care of her.” Duan Linbai patted his chest and promised. They were only playing around in the private room and not going out. Nothing would happen at all.

Actually, when Old Madam Fu found out that Yan w.a.n.gchuan and Qiao Aiyun had obtained their marriage certificate, she had specially gone out to buy some gifts for them. She couldn’t wait to get Fu Chen to send them over, so she delivered the gifts to Yunjin Prime Manor right away.

If she didn’t see Fu Chen, she definitely wouldn’t leave. He had to make a trip home.

The round trip would only take around 50 minutes.

Fu Chen returned to Ninth Mansion and pushed open the door of the private room. The smell of alcohol rushed into his nose, so strong that it made him frown.

Duan Linbai was reclining on the sofa and hugging the microphone while shouting ‘To Love Even In Death’. His voice cracked as he sang at a high pitch, and his demonic voice filled his ears. There were some wine bottles scattered on the ground, and the table was also a mess.

Fu Sinian was sitting at the side calmly.

“Big Nephew, come! Sing with me!” Duan Linbai was about to lean over, and Fu Sinian wished he could kick him away.

“What happened? Where’s Wanwan?” Fu Chen frowned. I was only gone for less than an hour, and Linbai is going crazy.

“In the room.”

Fu Chen pushed open the inner door of the private room. It was pitch black inside, but a strong smell of alcohol a.s.saulted his senses.

“Did she drink alcohol?”

“Linbai kept making her drink,” Fu Sinian said in dead earnestness.

Fu Chen took a deep breath, entered the room, and closed the door.

Fu Sinian turned his head to look at Duan Linbai. The latter had kept encouraging Song Fengwan to drink with him, but he didn’t persuade her against it. Anyway, even if this little aunt drinks too much, Third Uncle won’t blame me for it.

Fu Chen wasn’t familiar with this place, so his vision couldn’t adapt to the dark environment for a moment. He felt around for the light switch on the wall, but he touched Song Fengwan’s hand. She was obviously drunk to the point of being a little out of it.

Fu Chen took a deep breath. “Let’s go home.”

He planned to leave with Song Fengwan in his arms. She had drunk alcohol, so she naturally wouldn’t listen to him. She twisted her body and struggled free. “No, I’m not leaving. I still want to drink…”

“You’re not allowed to drink anymore.”

“You…” Song Fengwan was furious. He was actually being so fierce.

“If I’m not by your side in the future, don’t drink so much. Let’s go. I’ll bring you back…

“Wanwan, don’t make trouble. Let’s go home.” Fu Chen stroked her back.


The two of them kept going around in circles. To a drunkard, whatever you said was useless. Fu Chen had a dreadful headache.

He wished he could go out at this moment and kill the person who had made her drink.


When the two of them came out, Song Fengwan was leaning on his shoulder, humming a nursery rhyme with her eyes squinting.

From the corner of his eye, Fu Sinian saw Fu Chen’s red and swollen lips. His lower lip was even bleeding from being bitten. He couldn’t help laughing. In this world, Song Fengwan is probably the only one who dares to bite Third Uncle.

“I’m going back first.”

“You’re not sending Linbai?” Fu Sinian got up. “His place isn’t along the way for me.”

Fu Chen glanced at the person lying on the sofa. “Throw him onto the streets. There should be many people who want to bring him home.”

He piggybacked Song Fengwan downstairs and left through the back door without attracting anyone’s attention.

“Third Brother…” Song Fengwan hugged his neck, her words slurred.


“Do you think I’m not demure enough? Girls shouldn’t be like this…”

“What do you mean?”

“Big Brother Duan said that women can’t spoil men nor take the initiative to send themselves to them. You have to… *Hic—*leave them hanging and just give them some sweetness occasionally. I… I came to find you. Isn’t it too unbecoming?”

“Duan Linbai said that?” Fu Chen sneered. This brat can’t even see now, yet he’s still causing trouble?

“Shh—” Song Fengwan giggled foolishly. “This is a secret. You can’t say it. Shh—”

Fu Chen’s lips twitched.

Just now, he should have taken that brat out and tied him behind his car to parade him through the streets and let those fangirls who kept shouting online that they wanted to marry him see how stupid Duan Linbai looked when he was drunk.


Yuncheng, Qiao residence…

Qiao Aiyun had just called Old Madam Yan. The two of them had gotten their marriage certificate, but they hadn’t discussed the so-called betrothal gifts and dowry. Because of this matter, Old Madam Yan had given Yan w.a.n.gchuan a tongue-las.h.i.+ng.

She transferred a villa worth tens of millions that the Yan family owned in Nanjiang to Qiao Aiyun’s name. She even saved a sum of money in Song Fengwan’s name and said that she would leave it for her to use when she got married.

Naturally, she couldn’t accept it. Old Madam Yan said directly, “Whether you want it or not is one thing. Whether our Yan family gives it to you is another matter. When your older brother comes over, we’ll discuss the betrothal gifts and what-not properly.”

After she hung up, it was as if there was a warm current pa.s.sing through her heart, and she felt warm from head to toe.

“What did my mom say?” Yan w.a.n.gchuan came out of the shower.

“She wants to give me a house. I really don’t need it.” After divorcing Song Jingren, she had gotten all the real estate.

“Just take what she gave you. My mom is quite rich.”

Qiao Aiyun was speechless. How can he exploit his own mother like this?

“I wonder what Wanwan is doing outside. She didn’t even answer my calls. It’s too much of an intrusion to stay at someone else’s house for two days. I feel so embarra.s.sed.”

Yan w.a.n.gchuan wiped his hair with a towel. “Wanwan said she went to a friend’s house?”


“Do you think she really went to a friend’s house?”

“Of course. I know my daughter. She wouldn’t lie to me.” Qiao Aiyun was still very confident about this.

Yan w.a.n.gchuan suddenly felt a headache coming on.


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