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Chapter 283 – Which Mister Chen?

Pei Shi said, “Mother, I will send Yaoyao back to her room.”

“Go!” Old Madam Lu nodded gently.

Before Pei Shi and Ye Zhen could depart, they saw Second Madam Lu bring Lu Jing over in a hurry. She eagerly called out: “Oh, I heard that Yaoyao was almost abducted, who rescued her? Is Yaoyao all right?”

Pei Shi looked at w.a.n.g Shi’s face that seemed to be basking in schadenfreude over Yaoyao’s plight. The ever polite Third Madam Lu said with a cold face, “Yaoyao has not been abducted. She is fine.”

“How come … I heard—” w.a.n.g Shi stared straight at Ye Zhen, trying to glean a little clue from her face.

Old Madam Lu lightly asked, “What did you hear? That Yaoyao is not here and well now? Fortunately, she’s so good at archery that she came back unscathed.”

“The heavens must have blessed and protected her.” Second Madam Lu was somewhat disappointed. “I thought Yaoyao … Anyway, it’s good she came back safe. Did anyone come to rescue Yaoyao?”

“Mister Chen,” Old Madam Lu said lightly.

w.a.n.g Shi was visibly stunned. “Which Mister Chen?”

“Huangfu Chen, I a.s.sume Second Sister-in-law has heard of Mister Chen’s name.” Pei Shi replied with a blank face.

“Mister Chen … Is he in the capital?” w.a.n.g Shi asked in shock, wondering what fate Lu Yaoyao could have that she even met Mister Chen.

Ye Zhen gently tugged at Pei Shi’s sleeve. “Mother, I want to go back to my room.”

Pei Shi said softly, “All right, all right, let’s go back.”

Looking at the retreating figures of the mother and daughter, Second Madam Lu reluctantly smiled. “Mother, what do we do about Yaoyao in the future? Though she’s returned now, there will indubitably be unpleasant rumors spread outside.”

“What unpleasant rumours when she’s been nothing but well all this while?” Old Madam Lu couldn’t bear anyone slandering Lu Yaoyao. Thus, when she heard w.a.n.g Shi’s words, her face immediately grew a shade darker.

When Second Madam Lu saw the old madam’s unhappy appearance, she smiled and said, “Mother, can I not be worried about Yaoyao?”

“She doesn’t need your worry, Yaoyao is fine.” Old Madam Lu retorted. “Mister Chen has himself accompanied her home (like a true gentleman would), how can there be any lieu for outsiders to aimlessly point fingers and spew nonsense?”

When Lu Jing heard that Lu Yaoyao almost had an accident, it was difficult for her to hide her joy. She wanted to immediately come over and see the girl in dire straits, but everything seemed to be different from her imagination. “Is that Mister Chen really that great?”

“Huangfu Chen is the only living descendant of the imperial family of the erstwhile dynasty. He can foresee with divine precision and even bring the dead to life. What’s more, even the former emperor bestowed him a deferential treatment. He and Yaoyao met each other in Xu Lao’s place. Fortunately, they met again today, and then sent her back safely,” said Old Madam Lu.

Lu Jing was surging with envy. Why is Lu Yaoyao always so lucky! She curled her lips. “Third Sister is really lucky.” She sneered.

Old Maam Lu glanced at the pair before her. “It’s good that you’re concerned about Yaoyao but don’t mention it again.”

“Yes, Grandmother.” Lu Jing conceded although she did not feel so inside her.

On the other side, Lu Shiming was entertaining Huangfu Chen. He felt really grateful to the latter. When he saw Quan Fu covered with blood, he was terrified thinking something untoward had befallen his daughter. It was only upon a detailed inquiry that he was able to ascertain it was a false alarm and rest a.s.sured.

“I can a.s.sure you that there is nothing wrong with this humble one. Miss Lu was the one who scared those people away,” Huangfu Chen said with a smile.

Lu Shiming coughed gently. “Although our family is good at archery, however, she still should have not killed someone—”

How could anyone ever believe that a little dainty girl like Lu Yaoyao had killed the bandits? Wouldn’t that make her a monster? Anyway, it’s not like anyone had seen her in action. It’s best to have everyone a.s.sume that it was Huangfu Chen who was responsible for slaying them. This would retain Yaoyao’s innocence as well as keep the true extent of her ability hidden from evil eyes.

Lu Shiming thought silently in his heart that he wanted to raise a delicate and lovely girl, not a tough daughter who could ride a horse, shoot arrows, and kill bandits. This was very different from the future he had imagined for his daughter, that she would be caring and approachable.

Although they were just words of lament on the surface, Huangfu Chen caught on to their true meaning. He understood that Lu Shiming loved his daughter dearly and he feared that if little rumors were to spread, they would not bode the girl well. He smiled and acquiesced. “Nevertheless, it is good that Miss Lu has come back safely.”

Lu Xiangzhi clenched his fists and stood aside. All along, he had been quietly listening to the other two, but no more. He had reached the limit of his endurance and raged. “Father, I will definitely look for those three bandits by all means to avenge my sister!”


“Remember – Find, not kill them.” One was already slain, if the other two were also silenced how were they to deal with the princess?”

Huangfu Chen said, “It is not difficult to find them. I know the direction of their escape. They were both injured and can’t run far.”

Lu Xiangzhi immediately said, “Then, I shall have to trouble Mister Chen for some advice.”

“Mister Chen, your great kindness will be remembered by our Lu Family,” Lu Shiming also said gratefully.

“Third Lord Lu’s words carry too much weight.” Huangfu Chen acquiesced, shaking his head politely.


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