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Chapter 83 – The Same Name (2)

Mo Rongzhan momentarily stiffened, halted his steps, then gazed at the young man.

“Stand up.” Mo Rongzhan spoke lightly and looked at Lu Xiangzhi with deep and remote eyes. “Are you the brother of Lu Lingzhi, the son of Lu Shiming?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Lu Xiangzhi was on edge since he talked with his sister and Tang Zhen. In order to think clearly, he went to the stables, in the comfort of his favorite creatures, the horses.

However, after a moment, he still couldn’t believe it and couldn’t see why anyone would intentionally do it. Deciding to go out, he was greeted by the attendants and guards lined up behind the emperor.

Knowing that the emperor has been so kind to send him medicine for his injured hand, he hastily approached Mo Rongzhan and knelt beside him.

Mo Rongzhan’s eyes were slightly sunken as he asked, “How long did your family live in the Border Town?”

“Back to the emperor, this student had lived in the border town since he was three years old.” Lu Xiangzhi answered, his mind br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confusion, why did the emperor asked him of this?

“None of your family had ever come back?” Mo Rongzhan frowned. I f so, his sister could not have appeared in Baihua Garden years ago.

Lu Xiangzhi lowered his head. “None, your highness. This is our first visit in the capital ”

Mo Rongzhan felt slight disappointment in his heart, “You are dismissed.”

It is not her!

Just because the names are similar, it didn’t mean that the girl who saved him was the Third Miss Lu! Mo Rongzhan felt his heart bled.

If Lu Wushuang used his sister’s ident.i.ty, how could she not know the right nickname and secret code?

This moment, he promised himself one thing.

All be d.a.m.ned, but he will find her!


Ye Zhen gradually slowed down her horse upon reaching an ample distance from Chengde Mountain Villa. Her heart was still pounding painfully against her chest.

Fortunately, he didn’t recognize her as the one who kicked him at that unfortunate night. Otherwise, she couldn’t imagine the punishment he would have bestowed!

Tang Zhen caught up from behind. Taking notice of Ye Zhen’s pale face, he asked worriedly, “Yao Yao, are you all right?”

“This is nothing.” Ye Zhen shook her head, secretly vowing to never step to that terrible place again.

“Are you afraid of the emperor?” Tang Zhen’s tone was somewhat pleased.

He dreaded the moment when the emperor would discover her stunning beauty and had presumed that Ye Zhen would act like any other miss — catching the attention of the emperor and preferring the splendor of living inside the palace.

However, she just hid behind him with her head down, and seemed to be very afraid of being under the emperor’s gaze.

His heart was flying in utter bliss!

Ye Zhen took a sharp intake of breath and looked back at him. “Why do you ask?”

“That’s the son of heaven above all else. Isn’t it a matter of course to be afraid of him?”

She had never been afraid of Mo Rongzhan. Before she died, he had always been the gentle elder brother in her heart. Now, he was just the enemy she wanted to kill.

“Your sister is not afraid.” Tang Zhen began to look at a distance. Sister? Ye Zhen figured out that he was talking about Lu Wushuang…

“When we were in Weicheng, other people were afraid of the emperor. Only your sister was not. She is an extraordinary woman. Not all women would go fight with the emperor like that! In those days, even our men could not believe what she did. Turns out, she was the woman the emperor was finding for a long time.”

A mocking smile appeared on the corners of Ye Zhen’s mouth. “Because w.a.n.g Fei Lu once saved the emperor?”

Tang Zhen was stunned. “How do you know? Your eldest brother told you?”

Looking ahead, she refused to let Tang Zhen see her troubled face and thus, spoke softly as to not put her emotion in show.

“Zhuangzi is ahead, please go back to the Chengde Mountain Villa, Marquis Tang. This miss can take it from here.”

Why does no one remember her, the late w.a.n.g Fei? When Mo Rongzhan lived and enjoyed in the company of other women, did anyone think of Ye Zhen who was abandoned in her palace?

w.a.n.g Fei of Qin Dynasty …Ye Zhen…seemed to have become a taboo, a memory that did not exist, and no one dared to mention her or her family again, believing that it would bring them bad luck.

What a pitiful end! Ye Zhens eyes were sour, it was hard to suppress the hatred in her heart.

Tang Zhen noticed Ye Zhen’s sudden change of mien. He looked at her back doubtfully. “Yao Yao, are you all right?”

“I’m alright. Thanks to the marquis for his concern.” Ye Zhen said flatly, grabbing the reins harder and galloping towards the Zhuangzi.

As soon as she arrived at the gate of Zhuangzi. Ye Zhen handed the horse to the doorman but was disappointed to see that Tang Zhen followed her, looks like he didn’t have the heart to leave her in peace!

She faced him, her icy stare digging holes at his handsome bewildered face.

“Marquis Tang, don’t you need to find out who did the trick on my brother’s horse? Why waste your time here in leisure?

“Yao Yao, I didn’t provoke you, did I? Why are you angry with me?” Tang Zhen helplessly looked at her and asked.

Ye Zhen looked at him coldly, took a step forward and asked him in a low voice..

“Have you ever thought about the abandoned w.a.n.g Fei of Qin dynasty when you sing praises to Mo Rongzhan and Lu Wushuang for sharing weal and woe? Have you ever wondered how she died?”


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