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Chapter 135 Count me in

She slowly let him fall on the bed and then, she carefully lifted his heavy long legs onto the bed. It took all her strength just to lift those muscular legs on the bed.

Once the man was finally lying on the bed comfortably, Abi stared down at his peaceful sleeping face. This was first time she ever saw this man sleep. For all this time that she was with him, even those nights when they slept in the same bed, she never saw him fall asleep before her or wake up later than her.

So this was such an unexpected surprise. Alex, suddenly falling asleep like this was really rare. She briefly wondered what he did today for him to be so exhausted and then her mind reminded her of what happened not too long ago and she blushed again. Did that exhaust him? Thank goodness he was asleep otherwise he would definitely know what she was thinking right then. But now that she thought about it, he called that as her punishment? She was confused. She didn’t understand where was the punishment there because all she felt when he was doing those to her was…

Abi shook her head again, trying to free her mind of these naughty images and reverted her attention back to him.

Watching his dreamy face, Abi then moved and laid down next to him. He was lying close to the edge of the bed so she tried pulling him towards the middle but it was no use. It was impossible for her little strength to move him even an inch. Gladly, the sleeping Alex turned to his side, facing her.

Abi smiled that he seemed to be a little obedient in his sleep. She stared at his face again. He was so peaceful. Like a harmless jellyfish floating in the deep ocean. He looked really beautiful and harmless but just like the jellyfish, he was meant to only be admired from far away because of the poison it carried.

But Abi didn’t mind. She wasn’t going to be scared of his poison anymore, no matter how deadly it was.

With a smile on her face, she stroked his hair softly and watched his sleeping face. Then, she kissed his forehead gently. She then placed herself down on the bed, lifted his arm and wiggled her way into his embrace with her back on his chest, before placing his arm over her waist, as she too drifted into a dreamless sleep.

When Abi woke up, Alex was no longer beside her on the bed. She was afraid that the man had gone again so she quickly got changed and headed downstairs.

She saw that no one was in the living room so she hastily walked towards the dining hall.

Gladly, everyone was there. A smile immediately carved on her face as she approached the table, greeting them all a cheery good morning.

Alex looked at her as she sat down.

“Your cold?” he asked and instead of responding, Abi took his hand and placed it on her forehead.

“It’s gone, Alex. The medicine you gave me is very effective,” she happily told him.

Xavier wasn’t around so their meal was unusually silent.

“Uhm… there’s going to be a performance today of a play that Kelly and I produced. It will be played by the children from the orphanage where I am working. It starts at three this afternoon. I’d like to invite you guys to come and watch.” Abi’s face was s.h.i.+ning with excitement as she invited them.

But the three men just sat there silently. Of course, Abi already expected their reaction. Even she couldn’t see these men arriving at that hall to watch a play that was going to be performed by children. And these men were no ordinary people, so how could they possibly agree? But despite knowing all this, she still tried, hoping that Alex would willingly agree without her using a request.

However, it seemed like she really had to tell him later that this was one of her requests. That was the only way she could make him come with her.

As the silence went on, Abi was about to tell them that it was fine since she knew they were busy when suddenly, a voice piped up.

“Venue?” Zeke asked.

Abi, Kai and even Alex all had the same reaction. The three of them looked at him like they just heard a certain mannequin speak.

“Y-you will come?” Abi asked in disbelief and the man glanced at his watch before he looked at her.

“Yes. I have spare time,” he nonchalantly replied and Abi’s lips parted. Not only her, Alex and Kai were actually much more surprised than her.

Kai couldn’t even move as he gaped at Ezekiel. What happened? Zeke, watching a play?!

He shook his head in disbelief while Alex simply glared at him, looking absolutely displeased.

“That’s really amazing, Mr. Qin. We will be very happy to have you there!” Abi said excitedly. Since Abi moved into Alex’s house, the amount of time she spent in advertising for the play had decreased. She was also away for quite a few days when she went with Kelly to Country V so she had been a little worried that they might not be able to fill all the seats in the hall this time. Therefore, she was glad that she at least recruited one more person.

Abi then happily told him the venue and she even began to tell him some tips about the best spots to take a seat to get the best view.

She didn’t notice that a certain someone’s face was getting darker by the minute until he suddenly b.u.t.ted in.

“I’m pretty free as well. So count me in,” Alex said and Abi’s head snapped towards him. Abi didn’t see how sharp his gaze was towards Zeke and she also didn’t see how Zeke’s lips slightly curved up the moment Alex said he would come.

“Okay, well, I guess that means I will come too.” Kai said before a certain voice from the door rang in their ears.

“Me four!! Count me in, Abigail!” Xavier, the pretty noisy guy, had arrived.

Abi was surprised. She really never thought that these men would actually come! And Alex even voluntarily agreed! This was such a blessing!


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