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Chapter 224 Blessing

There was silence for a few seconds as Abi’s family finally recovered from their shock. Even Abigail was very stunned at his words. She knew he was going to tell her family but to get married tomorrow?! That was completely unexpected!

Abi’s grandmother began to feel emotional and tears pooled in her eyes. She was so happy for her very well behaved granddaughter to have found her special person and she could see that Alex really treasured their Abigail. She could see it in the intensity of his eyes and she knew that Alex was doing all of this because he loved Abigail. Even the men, who aren’t normally so emotional, were also quite moved by Alex’s declaration of love. Although Alex didn’t explicitly say it, the way he held Abigail’s hand and the way he looked at Abigail showed them all how deep his feelings were for her.

However, getting married tomorrow seemed too hasty.

“Alex, can I speak with you outside for a moment?” Andrew finally broke the silence.

Alex agreed and the two men excused themselves from the room. Abi watched as the two men walked out of the room and when the door closed behind them, she turned her attention back to her grandparents.

“My dear granddaughter, I can see how happy you are. I am glad he chose to stay by your side. That is a trait of a good man.”

Abi was moved by her grandmother’s kind words and she moved closer to her grandmother and hugged her tightly. “I am happy, grandma. I am so lucky!”

The two women hugged for a little while and then her grandmother cleared her throat.

“So, you’re going to need some help planning this wedding, aren’t you? Do you know what you want to do?” her grandmother asked.

The conversation turned to the wedding plans inside the hospital room and the air was filled with excitement. Abi’s grandfather just smiled dotingly at the two happy women next to him as his eyes wandered towards the door, wondering what the two men were talking about.

Meanwhile, outside the room, the two men were having a serious conversation. Alex spoke first.

“Mr. Chen, I apologise for not asking for your permission first before asking Abigail to marry me.” He slightly bowed in apology to his soon to be father-in-law. “So please allow me, sir, to ask you now. Mr. Chen, can I… please have your blessing to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage?” Alex continued as he straightened up.

Andrew was quite shocked at this. This Alexander really had changed a lot since the first time he met him. He didn’t know why but this young man, bowing and apologizing to him was making him feel like he wanted to stop him from doing that because he had this feeling that was almost akin to having the president or the king bow to an ordinary man like him.

Clearing his throat, Andrew composed himself. He realized he barely knew anything about this young man. Although he believed that this young man was honest when he answered his questions back at their house, Andrew always felt that he wasn’t someone ordinary, most especially now, seeing that his daughter was in a hospital room meant for the richest and most important people in the country. He honestly wanted to know just who this young man was before he gave his blessing. But, he didn’t want to ask and he knew this wasn’t the right time to do that. Andrew believed that who he was really didn’t matter anymore because he could see just how much this young man loved his daughter. He loved his daughter far more than he thought and that was more than enough for him, as Abi’s father.

“Alexander,” Andrew started. “All I want is for my daughter to be happy and I saw through her eyes and her smiles that her life had become brighter since she met you. I am truly glad that you found her and that you continue to love her even more despite her situation. That’s why, as her father, all I can do is give you all the blessing you deserve.”

Alex’s eyes lit up and he bowed again, thanking him. Doing all this, bowing to someone else, was something Alex had never imagined. He had only ever experienced other people bowing to him as far as he could remember and he never thought he would bow to anyone in his life. However, in that moment, none of those things mattered anymore. He was amazed at how easy it actually was to do, bowing his head to someone.

“Thank you, Mr. Chen,” he said, lifting his face again to look at him. He wanted to correct him though. He wanted to say that he wasn’t the one who found her, she was the one who found him. She found him and loved him and turned his world upside down. She embraced his darkness, his deadly thorns, his chilling coldness and planted flowers in his stone cold heart which forcefully wound its way through the chained window of his soul, letting the suns.h.i.+ne in.

Andrew patted his shoulder as he smiled at Alex before his face became serious.

“But Alex, I am not sure about you two getting married so soon. Planning a wedding is a big deal and to do it so quickly might be too stressful for Abigail,” Andrew started.

Alex frowned in deep thought as he contemplated Andrew’s words. He knew that Abigail’s father was only worried about the toll this would take on Abigail and he wasn’t offended at all. In fact, he had a point. If Alex were to marry Abigail tomorrow, they wouldn’t have enough time to plan everything to perfection and that was what Alex wanted to give Abigail – the perfect wedding. Maybe rus.h.i.+ng this may not be the best thing after all. As much as he wanted to call Abigail his wife as soon as possible, he also wanted her to be able to enjoy the process. He heard planning a wedding was something every girl out there wanted to do and that it was part of the attraction to them.

Andrew studied Alex’s face and saw him waver from his decision for a moment. Seeing that Alex was taking his words in, he continued. “Since Abi has decided to go through the surgery, I think that we should postpone the wedding until after her surgery. I just think that if she has this to look forward to after her surgery, she will have an even bigger reason to fight and live, and a higher chance to survive the surgery.”




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