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In the center of New York City, an iconic building stands tall in this prosperous area. This is the Stark Industrial Building, a two-hundred-story building. At this time, as the largest shareholder of Stark Industry, and also the recently thriving Superhero Iron Man, Tony Stark is standing on the platform outside the top floor.

The helicopter parking s.p.a.ce outside the top floor of the Stark Industries building is Tony’s usual Iron Man landing spot, but it will apparently be used to host some other guests today.

“JARVIS, are they here yet?” Tony asked calmly while looking at the night view of New York with the wind blowing at his face.

“Sir, Daredevil and Spiderman have arrived. Dark Knight is still on the road and he will arrive here in about a minute. As for Professor Charles, I don’t know when they will arrive.” Hearing Tony’s inquiry, JARVIS answered directly.

“Ok, I see Daredevil.” After JARVIS answered, Tony could already see a figure on a Hoverboard flying fast in the air in front of him.

“However, where is Peter? Is he climbing the tower from below?” After seeing Daredevil approaching quickly, Tony still hadn’t seen Spiderman, so he asked weirdly.

“Yes, sir, Spiderman has climbed to the 198th floors, and he is only 40 meters away from you.” JARVIS answered truthfully when Tony asked in a weird tone.

“Cough~” Hearing JARVIS’s serious answer, Tony couldn’t help but cough twice.


As Tony learns that Peter is actually climbing the Stark Industry Tower, a red-figure darts up from the edge of Stark Tower, it is Spiderman Peter, who had climbed from below. Because the Stark Industries building is not adjacent to any other building that is nearly as tall, Peter actually had to climb that many floors.


Peter, who climbed to the top of the Stark building, jumped directly in front of Tony. He pulled off his mask and excitedly looked at Tony.

“Mr. Stark, where is Jackson!?” Peter glanced behind Tony and he did not see Lin Rui’s figure and asked nervously.

Tony was about to answer when the figure of Daredevil on his Hoverboard came bounding out of the air and landed on the platform. As Spiderman and Tony stood together, Daredevil jumped off his Hoverboard and walked right up to them.

“Well, it seems that you all received my message. Actually, it was from JARVIS. So I would be confirming it again, Mirage Knight is not dead, he is still alive, and he is on his way back now.” When Daredevil also walked in front of him, Tony looked at the two people in front of him and said directly.


“Really! I knew he would be okay!” Hearing Tony’s words, Peter’s tense spirit relaxed.

“Then how is his situation now? Is he injured? Is it serious?” Compared to Peter’s excitement, Daredevil was obviously calmer and asked what he was concerned about now.

“Well, he suffered some minor injuries but nothing serious. I just finished talking to him and Mirage Knight is in good condition.” Hearing Daredevil’s words, Tony nodded and replied.

“That’s good!”


Just after Tony had spoken with Peter and Daredevil, a wave of spatial fluctuations suddenly spread on the platform in front of them. And JARVIS also reacted instantly. Some high-tech weapons quickly emerged from under the platform, already aimed at the s.p.a.ce Fluctuation Point. Although Red Skull has been confirmed dead by Lin Rui and Magic Cube is missing again, JARVIS will be alarmed against any spatial fluctuation.


Just as Tony and the other two looked in that direction, a s.p.a.ce door opened. Then Iceman Robert wheeled Professor Charles out of the s.p.a.ce gate, followed by Blink.

“h.e.l.lo, Professor Charles, Welcome to the Stark Tower.” Seeing the three people coming out of the s.p.a.ce Door, Tony stepped forward to say h.e.l.lo. While saying h.e.l.lo to the coming X-Men, Tony waved his hand to signal JARVIS to put away those defense systems.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Stark, and thank you for inviting us.” Looking at Tony who was walking in front of him, Professor Charles responded calmly.

Iceman Robert, who was originally pushing Professor Charles, was also ready to greet Tony but he was attracted by a familiar figure standing behind Tony, a young man wearing a Spiderman suit.

“That’s…” After seeing Peter’s young, excessive face, Iceman was a little stunned for a while. He didn’t know if the high school student in the Spiderman suit was really the Spiderman.


Peter, who was standing behind Tony, hadn’t remembered his mask yet, and when Iceman looked at him, he suddenly reacted and quickly put on his mask. However, Professor Charles and Blink, including Iceman, had already seen Peter’s face.

“Haha, who are these two?…” Tony apparently discovered that Peter was seen by Charles and the others, so he laughed and looked at Iceman and Blink before asking his question to Professor Charles.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Stark, I’m Robert, nicknamed Iceman, and this is Blink.” After the initial surprise, Iceman recovered and looked at Tony before answering.

“Iceman, Blink, is that you?” Tony’s eyes flashed after hearing Iceman’s answer, he obviously knew about these two X-Men.

In fact, there is an ident.i.ty file for Mutants all over the world. Except for those Mutants with low-level abilities that are not destructive and unimportant, the Mutants data of Level 3 and above will focus on identification. Therefore, Tony also knows a lot of information about Mutants, of which Iceman and Blink in X-Men are the ones that he has focused on.

Iceman’s ability is Manipulation of Ice. Although it is very powerful, Tony is not very interested in it. What he is interested in is Blink’s ability to open a s.p.a.ce Door at will. If Tony can study the essence of Blink’s capabilities, then it would be a huge improvement for the technology on earth.

However, if Tony gets the Magic Cube, he can better research high-level technologies such as s.p.a.ce Teleportation. The Magic Cube energy that Tony obtained under Hydra base has been hidden, and he had not studied them yet.

“Mr. Stark, where is Mirage Knight? You just sent a message saying he is fine, is it true?” After greeting, Iceman looked at Tony and asked nervously.

“Relax, Mirage Knight is really okay, you will be able to see him later. Now, if you don’t mind, you can wait here for a little bit, others are coming here.” Tony answered the same question again. Then he pointed to the back and said.

JARVIS just said that Dark Knight is still on the way, and he should be almost here now, Tony wants to leave a place for him to land.

“Oh! Okay.” Iceman was relieved when he heard Tony’s answer, and then pushed Professor Charles and Blink towards the place behind Peter and Daredevil.


As Charles and others walked forward, there was another burst of sound outside the top floor of the Stoke Industrial Building, and someone came again. This time it was Dark Knight Harry, who also came on his Hoverboard.

At this point, all the people who rushed over here after hearing the news that Mirage Knight was still alive had been gathered, the only person who was missing was Mirage Knight himself.


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