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After a relaxing day at school, Lin Rui rushed out of the cla.s.sroom with Peter the moment the bell rang. Before others could react, he got into his Jeep, and then he started the Jeep and drove towards Thor’s working place.

The other cla.s.smates didn’t think of anything when they saw Lin Rui and Peter’s behavior, because it was not the first time that they did such a thing.

“Peter, what do you think Thor will tell me? After all, I’ve been lying to him all this time. And now that he knows my hidden ident.i.ty, would he be angry with me?” Driving the Jeep as fast as possible, Lin Rui asked Peter who was sitting in the pa.s.senger seat.

“Uh… this, I don’t think that would happen. Thor is an alien, maybe he won’t be angry about such a thing. Moreover, you just didn’t say that you were Mirage Knight, and it wasn’t cheating and you just hid it from him for his own protection” Hearing Lin Rui asking himself this question, Peter replied uncertainly after shaking his head.

However, Peter thinks that Thor should not be angry with Lin Rui because of this.

Hearing Peter’s answer, Lin Rui only felt a few black lines hanging on his head. Although Thor is an alien, in addition to being stronger, he is different from other people on Earth. Moreover, Thor has been deprived of his Divine Power, and he is not as strong as Lin Rui.

“Forget it, if Thor is angry then I would just deal with him. That’s won’t be a big deal as I can just apologize. What’s more, even if I did conceal the fact that I am Mirage Knight, do I have to tell everyone about this matter?” Lin Rui wondered what kind of att.i.tude Thor would show him.

In the end, Lin Rui decided not to think about it anymore, and Thor, who had lost his supernatural power, couldn’t do anything serious to him.

“Well, that should be it! Thor won’t be able to beat you anyway so there is no problem.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Peter said seriously from the pa.s.senger seat.

Lin Rui: “…” Thor really can’t beat me now, but once he regains his Divine Powers then Lin Rui’s strength would not be enough for Mjölnir and he would definitely get beaten by then!

Although it has been a long time, Lin Rui still has lingering fears about what happened after he held Mjölnir a few months ago. If it weren’t for the System, Lin Rui would have died that day. Therefore, even if Lin Rui’s current strength is much stronger than before, he still has no confidence in resisting Mjölnir’s power.

While chatting with Peter in the car, Lin Rui and Peter were about to arrive at the home of stray dogs where Thor works.

In fact, when Peter saw Thor working at the Home of Stray Dogs, he also wanted to adopt a dog. However, because Spiderman has been too busy this time, he has not taken any action. If Peter meets a dog that he likes this time then he will adopt one and go home.


Just when Lin Rui and Peter were about to arrive at the Home of the Stray Dogs where Thor worked, the phone in his pocket vibrated again. Lin Rui parked the car on the side of the road and took out his phone and glanced at it before picking it up.

“Hey! Mr. Stark, can you let me rest for two more days, isn’t there SHIELD to deal with the remaining Hydra people?” Lin Rui said directly in front of Peter after answering the call, apparently Tony had called him.

Hearing the way Lin Rui greeted Tony after answering the phone, Peter, who was sitting in the pa.s.senger seat, was a little surprised. As the Spiderman, Peter has always admired Tony Stark. Therefore, Peter was a little surprised to see Lin Rui talk to Tony Stark in such a casual manner.

However, the surprise only lasted for a moment and Peter became more curious about what Tony was calling Lin Rui for.

“You, are you planning to become a ‘Hands Off shopkeeper’(Chinese Proverb) now?” Tony on the other end of the phone said angrily when he heard Lin Rui’s words.

After the meeting last night, all three people except for Lin Rui had already gone back to seriously prepare for the future, but Lin Rui had returned to being a normal high school life, which made Tony feel quite jealous as he was working for once and someone else is enjoying his life.

However, Tony was just joking as he knew how much Lin Rui had paid for the current situation to happen.

“‘Hands Off shopkeeper’? Mr. Stark, are you learning Chinese recently?” Lin Rui smiled and asked Tony when he heard the literal Mandarin Chinese coming out of Tony’s mouth.

“What’s the matter? Did I say it the wrong way? Okay, no-nonsense now. You have already finished school today. Come to my house, I got something to show you.” After a brief explanation, Tony continued. Venom changes and follow-up research and testing would require Lin Rui’s help. With such cheap labor, it should be wasted.

“Now? I happen to have something that I need to do, can I go there later?” Lin Rui frowned slightly when he heard Tony’s words, and then asked helplessly.

Lin Rui has long become accustomed to being used by Tony as a cheap labor force, and he can also learn a lot in experiments anyway. However, today he has promised Thor to go to him first so he will like to keep his promise.

“You have something to do? What is that? Fine, Come here as soon as you’re done with your thing. Also, when you come over, bring Peter with you.” Seeing Lin Rui said that he had something to do, Tony said irritably and finally asked Lin Rui to bring Peter with him.

“Okay, I see, I will go there as soon as possible.” After agreeing, Lin Rui hung up the phone. Of course, Tony over there hung up first.

“Jackson, did something happened on Mr. Stark’s side, maybe we should go there first. Your meeting with Thor could be postponed for some time.” Seeing Lin Rui hung up the phone and drove to Thor’s place of work again, Peter hesitatingly spoke from the Pa.s.senger seat.

Now that Tony has called, Peter naturally thinks Tony’s affairs are much more important.

“No, since Mr. Stark didn’t tell us to come straight to him right away then it means that the matter is not serious. It should just be the same as before, he must have wanted us to help him with some experiments, but this time he asked me to bring you, I just don’t know what the experiment is.” Hearing Peter’s words, Lin Rui said with a smile.

“Well, I am also looking forward to going to Mr. Tony’s seaside villa. I heard that it is a very high-tech house.”

“Hehe, that’s not just a high level of technology! I promise you that you will be shocked when you get there!”


Then Lin Rui speeded up a little bit. He didn’t want Tony to wait too much, otherwise, he might p.i.s.s him off.

Ten minutes later, Lin Rui’s Jeep stopped on the side of the road outside Thor’s workplace. Lin Rui and Peter had gone in to meet Thor.


After a few more minutes, a m.u.f.fled noise suddenly came from the backyard of the Home of Stray Dogs, it was as if something had hit the wall.

“d.a.m.n it! When did Thor become so strong!” When the voice came out, Lin Rui was sticking to the fence behind the stray dog ​​house with an ugly expression on his face.

Just now, Lin Rui was. .h.i.t by Thor and he flew out and finally hit the fence behind him before stopping. His dignity as Mirage Knight had just been washed away!

Judging by Thor’s strength after being deprived of his Divine Power, it should have been impossible for him to knock Lin Rui away with a punch, even if Lin Rui was letting Thor attack him just now. Therefore, the only explanation is that Thor has recovered some of his Divine Power!

“Okay, I forgive you.” Thor, standing in the center of the yard said lightly, he looked at Lin Rui, who was squatting in the corner and rubbing his chest. This is how the people in Asgard forgive their friends after being deceived by them, Thor didn’t need to say anything.

“Cough!” Lin Rui coughed twice and he was still squatting in the corner looking surprised by Thor’s power.


“Thor, have you recovered your powers?” Lin Rui asked with excitement as he walked towards Thor with his hand on his chest. Since Thor had said that he had forgiven him then Lin Rui wouldn’t say anything more.

“No, I just regained some of it,” Thor replied when he heard Lin Rui’s words.

With the progress of Thor’s transformation on the earth, his divine power is slowly recovering, and he has become more and more trusting towards Lin Rui’s practice of exercising his sense of responsibility and compa.s.sion.

However, if Thor knew that Lin Rui was also guessing and let Thor do these things because he couldn’t think of anything else, no one knows what Thor would do then. Of course, at least the current progress is pretty good.

“Well, at least this is good news. I believe that you will soon be able to fully recover your power. At that time, you will finally become the real Thor!” Lin Rui smiled and encouraged when he looked at the tall Thor in front of him. Compared to his strength when he was just exiled to Earth, Thor in his current state is like a Super Soldier with five-time their strength.

“Hey! Thor, attack me, I’m stronger than Jackson!” Peter couldn’t help but interject while Lin Rui was talking with Thor. Peter’s eyes had lit up when he saw Thor hitting Lin Rui with a punch and Peter, who was very confident in his own strength, couldn’t help but get itchy and make a joke.

“Haha, of course!” Thor agreed with a laugh when he heard Peter’s words.


In the next second, Thor’s huge fist blasted towards Peter.

“d.a.m.n! You really attacked!”


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