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After Star-Lord and the others disappeared, Lin Rui felt that the atmosphere around him seemed to have changed subtly. A deliberate aura slowly emanated from Ancient One, and Lin Rui felt that it should be directed at himself.

“Uh …… that, I’m going to check over there, I think I saw someone go over there just now.” As if feeling something was wrong with the surrounding atmosphere, Deadpool suddenly pointed to a corner of the street and shouted.


Then, Deadpool ran away, leaving only Lin Rui and Ancient One in the empty street.

“Um, Ancient One, is there something wrong?” Faced with this suddenly uncertain air and att.i.tude of Ancient One, Lin Rui asked with a stiff upper lip.

After Lin Rui opened his mouth, Ancient One, who had not been looking at him, just happened to turn and stare at him. However, Lin Rui did not see any meaning in Ancient One’s eyes. In the next second, Ancient One, who was calm, suddenly smiled.

“Sure enough, you are a person full of uncertainty. I am now even more curious about what you can change in this world.” The corner of his mouth was slightly c.o.c.ked, and Ancient One suddenly said while looking at Lin Rui who was a little nervous.

“Uh…Ancient One, what do you mean by that?” Hearing Ancient One’s words, Lin Rui was even more confused.

“Forget it, you can continue to do what you want anyway. However, you must remember that the responsibility of the Earth’s Sorcerers is to guard the Earth and we are not your allies.” Without answering Lin Rui’s question, Ancient One went on to say.

Seemingly knowing what Lin Rui is planning to do in the future, Ancient One here first made a statement for the Earth Sorcerers, they will not partic.i.p.ate in Lin Rui’s plan to lead the Earth civilization out of the Earth.

“I know, but, what I have been doing is also to guard the Earth. However, the way I have chosen may have to be a bit more aggressive, don’t you think the same?” Lin Rui understood Ancient One’s statement and spoke without showing any fear or arrogance.

Ancient One’s meaning in Lin Rui’s view is that the Earth Sorcerers’ duty is to guard the Earth and they will not partic.i.p.ate in Lin Rui’s plan to integrate the Earth into a single ent.i.ty instead of divided countries and upgrade the civilization level towards the Interstellar age.

Lin Rui’s previous approach has involved the Earth Sorcerers too deeply. Lin Rui’s previous two operations have involved the help of Earth Sorcerer, which is not something that they should have done.

However, Lin Rui feels that Ancient One or the Earth Sorcerer have been too fixed on these rules that seem to be somewhat unsuitable for the current Earth.

In the past, the Earth has not developed to its current level and the Sorcerers were able to remain hidden and deal with the invaders in the dark very well without alerting the normal people, giving the Earth a time to develop peacefully.

But now, the Earth has entered a rapid period of development in its various technologies and there has been an emergence of many characters no less powerful than the Sorcerers. So, since the Sorcerers are so powerful then why can’t they come out and help Earth rush into the Universe?

“Oh? Is that what you think?” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Ancient One asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Of course, but this is also my personal opinion.” First, he affirmed, and then Lin Rui politely stated.

“Humph! Of course, this is your personal opinion, others do not know of our existence. However, do you really think that we keep to our rules just because we want to hide from the World?” Seeing Lin Rui’s expression, Ancient One said nonchalantly.

“Is there any special reason?” Lin Rui became more curious when he heard this.



Without answering Lin Rui’s words, Ancient One just raised his hand and waved it in front of his body. After a golden light flashed, Lin Rui saw a very magical scene: On Ancient One’s body, there were three kinds of lines with different colors winding him up in a circle.

One of the line colors is similar to the Sorcerer’s Golden magic, one is Blue, and the last one is Red. The lines of these three colors kept rotating around Ancient One as if they were alive, and Lin Rui couldn’t see any beginning or end to them.

“These are?!…” Lin Rui asked with a surprised expression on his face when seeing these magical lines suddenly appearing on Ancient One’s body.

“The line that represents time is also called the line of fate or destiny. Red is the past, Gold is the present, and the Blue one is the future. Every time we make a choice, the golden lines will change, and so will the future. As Sorcerers, we are different from ordinary people from the beginning, we know that some things cannot be changed, and even if they are changed now, the future may go in an even more unpredictable and dangerous direction.” Pointing to the three lines of different colors surrounding his body, Ancient One explained with a calm look on his face.

Hearing Ancient One’s words and looking at the three lines that kept rotating, Lin Rui felt for the first time that fate and destiny were so powerful and visible. Even a Supreme Sorcerer as powerful as Ancient One would be shackled by time and fate, then what about himself?

“Are you thinking about your own destiny?” Seeing Lin Rui’s expression, Ancient One knew what he was thinking and asked.

“En!” Hearing Ancient One’s words, Lin Rui nodded vigorously without any hesitation.


Noy surprised by Lin Rui’s answer, and Ancient One waved his hand at Lin Rui again in the next moment. Then, under Lin Rui’s nervous gaze, he saw some lines gradually appear around his body. However, when those lines appeared, Lin Rui’s eyebrows frowned slightly.

“This is…Why?” Lin Rui said in a puzzled manner looking at the lines around his body.

Around Lin Rui’s body, lines of three colors also appeared at this time. However, unlike Ancient One’s, Lin Rui has a very small Red Blue Line, almost only one-tenth of the Golden Line. Moreover, the Blue Line is not only short but its shape is also not so clear, it seems that it can change or disappear at any time.

“This is your Destiny Future Line. Although I don’t know what the reason is, but your Destiny Line in your future is very uncertain. That’s why I want to see how far you can go, because your future is filled with infinite possibilities.” Seeing Lin Rui’s uncomprehending expression, Ancient One explained to him with some emotion on his face.

“Infinite possibilities? Isn’t that exactly what I want!?” Hearing Ancient One’s explanation, Lin Rui’s eyes instantly lit up.

If his future has been determined, then Lin Rui probably wouldn’t have been able to do much in the future. After all, what is already determined will arrive naturally.

“So, every decision you make will make your future change. So, are you still going to keep going?” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, and then seeing his expression, Ancient One asked with a suddenly serious tone.


“Of course!”


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