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As Magneto stretched out his hand, the Military Jets thousands of meters above the air seem to be seized by a huge hand. No matter how they increase the power of the engine, they can’t escape the control of that invisible hand.

In this way, a dozen Military Jets swayed towards the ground from high in the sky. At this rate, they’re going to crash just like the previous one, which had only three transformed Hulk fighters on board. However, the people in these Jets are not all reformed fighters.

“Professor Charles, if this continues, the Military will lose too much. Can’t you stop Magneto?” A faint layer of ice has formed on his body due to absolute ice domain, but Rogers is concerned about Magneto’s attack on the Military.

In Rogers’s view, the strength of a full-powered Magneto has reached an unstoppable level. With Magneto’s powerful strength now revealed, even the entire SHIELD would not be able to defeat him.

After all, SHIELD’s biggest reliance is still on more high-tech weaponry. However, in front of Magneto, all metals have lost their meaning. So, even if SHIELD’s Helicarrier was brought over, Magneto could have brought it down straight from the sky.

Hearing Rogers’s words, Professor Charles, who also had a faint layer of ice on his body, frowned and did not speak. Charles certainly knows how strong Magneto is, but the hidden strength of the US Military is far more than just what they have revealed.

Professor Charles wants to wait and see what the Military can do. But if the army is unwilling to reveal any more this time then Professor Charles may have to step in. After all, he didn’t want Magneto to hurt so many people.

“Storm, Blink, you guys get ready.” So, Professor Charles instructed Storm and Blink beside him to get ready.

Da Da~

Hearing Professor Charles’ words, both Storm and Blink took two steps forward from the side. Then, Storm’s eyes were slowly covered by a layer of white mist, and there was a wave of spatial fluctuations on Blink’s body.

“Get down here!” Magneto, who was at full strength, once again let out a low cry, and his right hand that had been extended to make a grabbing motion in the sky swung downward in a violent fashion.


Following Magneto’s action, the Military Jets, which had already dropped a few hundred meters, dropped even closer to the ground. And some cracks are rapidly appearing on their bodies. It looks like they won’t be able to hold on for much longer.

Bang bang!


However, just as the closest Jet was spinning towards the ground, a crashing sound suddenly came from inside. Then, the cabin doors, which had been twisted by the force, were suddenly ripped open violently from the inside.



Pū Pū Pū!

In the next moment, there were more than ten green-skinned giants roaring out from the crashed fighters. With their huge feet stomping hard on the broken hatch, these green-skinned giants lunged towards Magneto on the ground with red eyes.

Sure enough, the number of Hulk-like guys transformed by the Military far exceeded the previous three. However, no one knows how much effect they would have at this time against Magneto.

“Huh! Do you think you can kill me with numbers?!” Magneto whispered with disdain in his eyes as he saw a dozen of the abnormal Green Giant with strong strength and defense pouncing on him.


The next moment, Magneto was not seen doing anything but dozens of metal torrents appeared out of thin air and they happened to hedge over the dozen Hulk giants.

Then, in the roar of those green-skinned giants, the metal torrent has drowned them. With the continuous impact of the metal torrent, the roar of the green-skinned giants became smaller and smaller and finally disappeared.

Two seconds later, the torrent of metal was gone, but there were more than a dozen b.a.l.l.s of metal. Under the action of gravity, the dozen metal b.a.l.l.s crashed directly into the ground debris.

Dong Dong Dong Dong ~

The obvious weight of the metal b.a.l.l.s had left dozens of holes in the ground, and the Green Giants have disappeared.

But judging by the size of the dozen or so metal b.a.l.l.s, the Green Giants must be trapped inside. As long as Magneto can keep them trapped for three minutes, then he wouldn’t even need to do anything.

In this way, these Hulks released by the Military were resolved without any effect at all in the hands of Magneto, who had exploded at full power. Although they bought some time for other Jets, it was only the result of falling sooner or later.

“It seems that the Military is really not going to reveal any more things this time. Storm, Blink, go ahead, we can’t have any more people killed.” Seeing Magneto wave his hand at the green giants, Professor Charles said.


Hearing Professor Charles’ words, the arc of electricity on Storm, who had been ready for a long time, instantly exploded. Then, in her efforts to control, a ball of extremely compressed lightning is slowly taking shape in front of her. When this ball of lightning slowly grew to the size of half a meter in diameter, Storm’s hands had begun to tremble violently.

“Blink!” It seemed that she could no longer control the lightning ball in front of her, and Storm suddenly shouted loudly.

At the same time, Storm pushes forward with both hands, and the lightning ball, which is constantly arcing, rushed out with a sharp blue light.


As the Thunderball, which Storm had created with all her might, flew out of her hand, a purple s.p.a.ce Portal opened on its way out, just in time to teleport it.

As soon as the lightning ball entered the portal, Blink, who was behind it, quickly waved her hands and immediately closed the portal.

The faces of Roger and the others relaxed a little when the ball of lightning, which was constantly arcing with lightning, finally disappeared. They were a little scared just now as they thought that the lightning ball would directly burst open.


As soon as the Thunderball, which Storm had done her best to create, was teleported away, Charles looked outside. With Professor Charles’s eyes, a s.p.a.ce portal suddenly appeared not far in front of Magneto, and then the Thunderball rushed out.

“This is?! ……”


Bang! Th.o.r.n.y th.o.r.n.y~

Before he knew what the glowing ball was, Magneto’s body was already filled with a sudden burst of dazzling white light.


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