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“But… I just like your adventurous spirit!” after a pause, Lin Rui suddenly looked up at Rogers and said earnestly.

Deep down, Lin Rui is also an out-and-out adventurer. Perhaps he was a little lucky before and wanted to live steadily in this familiar and unfamiliar world.

But now, Lin Rui clearly knows that if he does not grasp his destiny, he would likely be destroyed in the next second. So, now that something has happened, it’s better to take the initiative!

“Uh… So Mirage Knight, do you have a more detailed understanding of these Dark Elves? Especially the planet they live on, how does it compare to the earth?” Although Rogers doesn’t know what Mirage Knight is thinking about. But Rogers also knew that Mirage Knight seemed to have agreed with his decision.

Of course, if Rogers knew that Lin Rui was thinking that he was saving the Portal so that he could use the Dark Elf to train his soldiers, and further send the Dark Elves to earth to cause some casualties and stimulate the people of the earth to fight back, he might yell that he isn’t even thinking like that.

Rogers, who was in charge of SHIELD at the time, did understand that the earth was in a relatively comfortable environment and that there was not much of a sense of crisis among the general public, but at most, there is some internal struggle within the earth.

However, Rogers’s character would not allow him to stimulate the people of the earth to “Wake Up” in this way, and his bottom line would be to allow people like him to be pioneers in contact with a powerful alien race like the Dark Elf.

If it takes a few casualties to awaken the world to the threat in the universe, then Captain Rogers is clearly not up for it. He would rather carry so many dangers on his own, but also protect the so-called innocent people.

The reason Rogers asked Mirage Knight about the situation after learning that the Aliens were Dark Elves and the Dark Elves were very powerful was because he wanted to consider whether to keep the Portal.

If Lin Rui understands the situation there then they could use it to attack the Dark Elves even if the Dark Elves are stronger than the people on Earth. And by doing that, they would achieve the purpose of enhancing their forces with advanced technology and strength.

After all, this is the first time the Earth has come into contact with an Alien Civilization at such a close distance. Even if Rogers didn’t want to risk the Earth being invaded, he didn’t want to give up such a good chance.

Because Mirage Knight said long ago that the Earth would be involved in a great danger that would sweep the entire universe. At that time, the Earth would face something more terrifying than just an opponent from such a small Portal.

“I am not very clear about this for the time being. However, wait for a few days and I will have some information for you.” Lin Rui frowned slightly when he heard Rogers’ next question and answered.

Lin Rui only knew about the Dark Elves and he didn’t know about their specific strength and the planet on which they lived. Therefore, Lin Rui intends to have a good chat with Thor after going back to New York this time, and he will know more after that.

Of course, Lin Rui now only has to expect Thor to know something about Dark Elf. If Thor doesn’t know, then Lin Rui will have nothing.

“Okay, I believe you! I will also wait for you for a few days! But for now, this Portal must be completely sealed off! We need to put on 24-hour surveillance with our best weapons and our best teams. Whatever comes out, we can’t let it leave the base!” Hearing Lin Rui’s answer, Rogers nodded and said. Finally, he also gave strict orders regarding the Portal.

“If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll be all right for a few days.” Lin Rui says lightly as his eyes once again turned towards the Dark Elf Warrior in the coffin.

If the Dark Elves were still fighting the Asgard then they wouldn’t care about such a Portal. After all, it was only the loss of three warriors, and the loss of three warriors was nothing to the Dark Elves race who were trying to plunge all Nine Realms into darkness.

Of course, if they’re looking for Aether now then perhaps they’ll pay attention to the three missing warriors, and this Portal is where they’ll focus their attention to.

“That’s all we can hope for…”


Rogers then closed the coffin of the Dark Elf warriors once more. It will soon be filled with extremely low levels of gas, and the alien body will be well preserved and will be studied later by professionals.

However, I don’t think there are any experts studying aliens on Earth right now. As of today, however, SHIELD will at least have such a special department.

A few minutes later, Rogers and others emerge from the chamber where the bodies of the Dark Elf warriors and the cannon fodder lifeforms are kept.

After being exposed to the sun, the coldness around Lin Rui’s body slowly dissipated. He doesn’t know if it was the Dark Elf’s aura that made him feel uncomfortable. Anyway, he felt better after he came out.

“Mirage Knight, I have sent the information about the Dark Elves to the X-Men and Tony Stark. They are also very interested in this Alien Race, and they are all waiting for the Professional you mentioned to explain the Nine Realms. Of course, I am also waiting for your information.” Standing at the door of the secret room and instructing the soldiers to guard the door, Rogers looked at Lin Rui and said.

“Don’t worry, when I say that there are professionals then I will get them to you. And, maybe I will find something unexpected.” Lin Rui replied after hearing Rogers’ words.

The Magic Cube is already in his hand and although the Portal is connected to the Dark Elves Planet, the first wave of danger has pa.s.sed. Now SHIELD has sealed the place and even if a dozen more such powerful fighters come out of the portal, they will be wiped out in an instant.

Lin Rui, who suffered serious internal injuries, also wanted to go back to recuperate as soon as possible. Of course, he would always remain worried about this side.

“Okay, then I won’t delay you in going back to rest.” Seeing the fatigue in Lin Rui’s eyes, Rogers continued.

Then, without saying anything, Peter had already pushed Lin Rui and quickly walked towards the aisle ahead. There is a platform in the aisle today, where several Iron Man Armors are on standby.


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