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Lin Rui didn’t answer anything immediately after hearing Thor’s words. This time Lin Rui came here to first determine if Jane had fallen into the place where Asgard hides the Aether.

If he can confirm this then it can be inferred that the Elites of the Dark Elves are looking for Aether someplace in Asgard at this time. In this case, Rogers and others waiting for Lin Rui’s information in Siberia can safely send a team into the Portal.

Lin Rui, however, has been able to confirm that Jane Foster is trapped in another s.p.a.ce after observing the magical patio in front of him. Therefore, Lin Rui has quietly asked JARVIS to send a message to Tony just now.

Lin Rui also gave his own suggestions for the formation of the team that will pa.s.s through the Portal. The combined strength of Iron Man, SHIELD, X-Men, and the League of Defenders will be the best team.

Lin Rui feels very confident that the combined might of these forces would be able to stand firm there. He is also a bold gambler.

“Jackson, what do you say?” Thor asked after not getting an answer.

“What is that?” Just when Thor was staring at Lin Rui waiting for his suggestion, Evans suddenly reached out and pointed to the location of the patio in front and shouted.


Just as Lin Rui and the others turned their eyes towards the direction pointed by Evans, they saw a beverage can fall straight down from the top of the patio. This beverage can landed vertically for more than ten meters and then disappear again, it went back into that mysterious subs.p.a.ce.

“That’s the one we threw in before! It’s back again! Could it be that this dimensional s.p.a.ce is a cycle?” Evans said in surprise as he watched the beverage can appear and disappear.

“That’s right! That’s it! This dimension, which connects the Earth to the rest of s.p.a.ce, acts as a tunnel in which things pa.s.s between the two s.p.a.ces every once in a while. That explains why we are still receiving a spotty satellite phone signal from Jane!” After Evans’ surprise, Darcy also explains from the background.

For the situation in front of him, Lin Rui is very calm, because up to now, everything is going according to the plot that he knows. Thor beside him was not looking so good, after all, he was planning to jump right in.

But if the Subs.p.a.ce of the patio in front of him is a spatial tunnel, then it would be a waste of effort for him to jump in and be transported back.

“Thor, can you reach Heimdall now?” Just when Thor was feeling worried and torn, Lin Rui suddenly looked at him and spoke.

As the Guardian of Asgard’s Bifrost, Heimdall does not seem to play any major role in Lin Rui’s memory, nor does he seem to be strong enough. But, from where he is, he can’t be a minor player either. After all, the Bifrost can directly destroy a planet.

And Heimdall has insight into the entire Nine Realms and he can see and hear what is happening anywhere in the Nine Realms if he wants to. Therefore, if Thor can contact Heimdall then it would be best if Heimdall could help him find Jane.

“Contact Heimdall? No? Even if Heimdall could hear and see me, I’m still on this Earth because of Father’s punishment. He won’t answer me.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Thor’s eyes lit up at first and then dimmed.

“He won’t respond, but he can hear and see you? Then… Maybe we can try.” Hearing Thor’s answer, Lin Rui’s eyes flashed as he murmured.

Seeing Lin Rui’s expression and his low whisper, Thor didn’t know what Lin Rui was thinking, so he could only stand on the edge of the patio anxiously and believe him.

“If Heimdall has been watching Thor, then he may already know about Jane’s disappearance. But because Jane is just an insignificant earthling, Heimdall will definitely not spend energy looking for it. But if Thor also disappeared from Earth, then Heimdall is definitely going to be concerned. Odin sent Thor into exile on Earth to reflect on his choices, not to bounce around different worlds.” Lin Rui quickly thought in his heart as he looked at Thor, who stood at the edge of the patio and kept trying to calm his nerves down.

So, if Thor went through this Subs.p.a.ce to find Jane then it also means that Heimdall will look for Thor and then discover Jane’s location. In that case, even if Jane and Thor met Dark Elves who was looking for Aether over there, Asgard’s army would instantly arrive as long as they were seen by Heimdall.” Soon, Lin Rui came up with a more than likely development of the situation in his mind.

“Then, Thor…… you’d better go over there!” With this thought in mind, Lin Rui had soundlessly walked behind Thor.


In the next moment, in front of the shocked eyes of Darcy and Evans, Lin Rui raised his foot and directly kicked Thor’s a.s.s.


Thor, who was standing on the edge of the patio observing this Dimensional s.p.a.ce, was kicked out by Lin Rui and he wasn’t able to respond. Although Thor did regain some of his strength, Lin Rui himself was not an ordinary person, and he also used a lot of strength to kick Thor which resulted in Thor being kicked for several meters. In this way, Thor quickly fell onto the patio with a confused expression on his face.


After falling for two seconds, Thor instantly disappeared into the bottom of the patio, just like the beverage can before.

At this time, Lin Rui slowly brought her outstretched leg back and silently raised her head, and looked over the patio, “Heimdall, if you see it then go find your Prince!”


Just after Lin Rui kicked Thor down, Darcy and Evans, who had recovered from their shock, finally rushed over.

“Jackson! What are you doing!?” Looking at the location where Thor disappeared from the patio with a worried expression on his face, Darcy then stared at Lin Rui and asked loudly.

Even if Thor is unreliable as an alien, he shouldn’t do such a dangerous thing. What if this dimension is harmful to people? Darcy didn’t want to explain to Jane how her ex-boyfriend got killed.

Especially since the act of Lin Rui kicking Thor just now seemed very unexpected, so unexpected that no one reacted. If the few people present didn’t know the patio was a subs.p.a.ce, then Lin Rui’s act would have been seen as a clear murder!


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