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Chapter 144 Joint-Military Exercise

Gu Ruoruo is speaking, when Xia Ning’s phone rings. Xia Ning takes out the phone and looks at it. It is Yin Jingsi calling.

It is just one o’clock. Does anything happen in Yin Jingsi’s side?

Xia Ning presses the answer b.u.t.ton confusedly: “Miss Yin…”

“Xia Ning, I have something to tell you. I am very sorry.”

Xia Ning slightly frowns: “Sorry? Why?”

“I have some emergency here. It is very urgent. I have to postpone the exclusive interview I planned with you. I will be back the day after tomorrow. Can we have the interview at that time?”

Xia Ning glances at Gu Ruoruo. It seems that G.o.d also helps her this time.

“Well.” Xia Ning thinks for a while, “OK. Let’s have it the day after tomorrow. Can you come back at that time? Is the time OK for you?”

“Yes. At three the day after tomorrow. There won’t be any delay again. Sorry,”

“Hum. The day after tomorrow.”

Xia Ning hangs up the phone and turns to look at Gu Ruoruo with a smile.

Gu Ruoruo blinks her eyes, “Sister Xia, was Yin Jingsi calling?”

Xia Ning nods.

Gu Ruoruo’s eyes brighten, “What did she say?”

“She said that the exclusive interview would be postponed to the day after tomorrow, at three o’clock.”

“Wow. Great!” Gu Ruoruo happily claps her hands, “At three the day after tomorrow. I can surely go to it.”

Xia Ning smiles and shakes her head. It is set on the day after tomorrow. There is only one day between. It is unnecessary for them to go back to C City. They have to stay at B city for now.

“Ning, if it is set on the day after tomorrow. Can you stay here with me instead of going back to C City?” Zheng Yao asks.

That’s what Xia Ning is planning. She nods: “OK. I will call the company first. Liqing, please go with me upstairs.”

“OK.” Wan Liqing responds and follows Xia Ning.

“That’s great. I know I will surely meet Yin Jingsi this time!” Gu Ruoruo says with great expectation.

“Ruoruo, if I had not got along with you for some time and known that there wasn’t anything wrong with you, I would have believed that you were a lesbian!”

Hearing what Yi Yunyi says, Gu Ruoruo is very angry: “Uncle, what do you mean? It has nothing to do with you whether I am a lesbian or not!”

Yi Yunyi lifts his eyebrows: “It has nothing to do with me now. But who knows whether it will have in the future?”

“It won’t in the future, either! Gu Ruoruo stares at him and struggles to stand up, “I don’t want to talk with you. You always wrong me! I will go for Sister Xia.”

“Wait a minute!” Yi Yunyi stands up hurriedly and holds her, “Your feet haven’t recovered. You may fall down when going upstairs.”

“I will take care of myself!” Gu Ruoruo pushes his hands away and limps upstairs.

She walks upstairs slowly. Yi Yunyi stares at her with curiosity.

It is very cold in winter in the Northwest. There is thick snow on the ground. However, in the military exercise area, the soldiers have cleaned the ground tidily.

Yi Yunrui comes to the base very early. However, the troops of C Military Region, B Military Region and other Regions won’t arrive until the third day. This joint-military exercise is very large in scale. It is imaginable that there will be continuous and fierce battles in the following days.

The troop from Yi Yunrui’s C Military region will fight against that from the B Military Region. Yi Yunrui will not take part in the battle directly. Falcon Special Force guided by Dai Zhongheng will partic.i.p.ate in the battle directly.

Dai Zhongheng belongs to Group Red. His rival is Group Blue.

Dai Zhongheng opens the combat commanding map hung on the wall and takes a red commander baton. He draws a circle on the map and says to his troops: “This area covers 160 kilometers from the south to the north and around 500 kilometers from the east to the west. It is the place for the core troops of the base, which is for us to have the exercise. Group Blue’s exercise place is located here.” Saying this, Dai Zhongheng points at an area with the baton.

“There are also other elite corps from C Military Region taking part in the battle with us, while Group Blue is consisting of troops from Division 126, 127 and several special forces, which is very powerful. In the course of the battle, we may encounter tenacious resistance, but we must win.”

Saying this, Dai Zhongheng turns his head: “I believe that you have heard of Flying Leopard Special forces. The leader is Luo Zhen. This time, they belong to Group Blue and will be our rival.”

The present leaders are all slightly shocked when they hear Flying Leopard Special forces.

All the team members in Flying Leopard Special Forces are good at both knowledge and practice. They have created a lot of military exploits. They are elites out of elites, while the leader, Luo Zhen, is even more legendary.

Almost everyone knows that Luo Zhen is cool and honest. He is not a talker. However, he is a born battle commander. He wins in more than 90% of the battles. He is ent.i.tled “The Undefeatable General” and many soldiers stealthily nickname him “The Undying c.o.c.kroach”.

When mentioning Luo Zhen, Dai Zhongheng is excited. He is going to encounter him again after so many years!

Some years ago, Luo Zhen and he were both soldiers under Yi Yunrui.

At that time, they carried on numerous dangerous missions following Yi Yunrui. They are life-tied brothers.

Yi One, Dai Two, Luo Three!

These were their t.i.tles in their regiment.

They fought with life for many times and this is the first time for them to be rivals!

As to Group Blue, he is afraid of Luo Zhen most, while he also hopes to meet Luo Zhen most!

This time, he will give him a real fight to tell Luo Three how capable Dai Two can be.

“As the special forces of Group Red in this military exercise, our aim is to find out the location of the headquarter of the Group Blue and take it down in the shortest time. If we cannot complete this mission in the planned time, we lose.”

Dai Zhongheng gives detailed arrangements for everyone. As a matter of fact, all soldiers are clear that the power of Group Red and that of Group Blue are similar and the fighting depends on the commanding skills of the commander and the coordinating capability of the corps.

Dai Zhongheng gives a detailed explanation for the tasks in the battle and puts down the baton: “Chief of Staff Su and Commissar He stay here for orders. I will take a group of scouts to sneak into the rear area of Group Blue to find out the enemy headquarter.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Looking at the electronic battle map, Yi Yunrui is silent.

“Commander, please have some tea.” Feng Le brings a cup of hot tea and puts it in front of Yi Yunrui.

Yi Yunrui nods and takes up the tea to have a sip.

Every time, before the exercises starts, there are all kinds of meetings. And pledging speeches are given one by one. The soldiers there are excited, while he, sitting on the rostrum calmly, feels exhausted.

He read the exercise plan from the Exercise Directing Team for a whole evening. The Military Department has just issued an order that he will take charge of the commanding and inspecting before the military exercise.

He keeps being busy these days and hardly has any time to rest. Last time when he called Xia Ning, he only slept for three hours.

The beard on his face grows fiercely and it looks grey under his eyes.

“Commander, do you want to have a rest? I can help you watch on this. If anything happens, I will inform you.” Feng Le is worried.

Yi Yunrui puts down the tea cup, saying: “Has Dai Zhongheng arranged everything yet?”

“I have just called the Falcon and they said that they have got everything ready.”

“Hum. What about Luo Zhen?”

Feng Le is surprised, wondering why Yi Yunrui asks about Luo Zhen’s team specially.

Seeing Feng Le’s reaction, Yi Yunrui knows what he thinks. He waves his hand: “Never mind. You may go to rest. I have Chief of Staff Liao here.”

Feng Le hesitates and shakes his head: “No. As the correspondent of the Commander, how can I go to sleep earlier than the Commander. You don’t go to sleep, and I won’t go to sleep, either.”

Yi Yunrui lifts his eyebrows. He turns to him and wants to speak, but he stops.

“Commander, report!”

A messenger boy runs to him and make a forceful army salute: “Commander, Senior Colonel Nie is calling. He wants to talk with you.”

Yi Yunrui nods, “Transfer it here.”

“Yes, Sir!” the messenger boy says and hurriedly runs away.

Yi Yunrui takes up the handset. His thin lips curve.

Nie Zhiyuan is the Senior Colonel of B Military Region. They used to work together. After Yi Yunrui was transferred to C Military Region, Nie Zhiyuan was promoted from Colonel to Senior Colonel, becoming a deputy Commander.

Ha, he encounters this old fox again.

In the joint-military exercise, his divisions and regiments are distributed to Group Blue. Yi Yunrui is afraid that he is calling to spy out the military situation.

“Commander Yi, you are really rarely seen. I can only talk with you at this time of the year. Ah…Do you know, I admire you as much as the flowing water…”

“Well, that’s enough.” Yi Yunrui strokes his temple. He feels his head a little aching, “Braggart Nie. You must have watched a lot of soap operas. You are good at acting. It is really a waste of your talent for you to be an army man.

“Ahem. Commander Yi, do you have to say so frankly? Anyway, give me some dignity in front of the soldiers.” Nie Zhiyuan complains sadly.

“What’s up?”

“Commander Yi, do you have to be so cool? I feel that you are colder than the weather of thirty degrees below zero!”

Yi Yunrui freezes his face: “Why do you have so much nonsense? Talk about the business!”

“Hahaha!” Nie Zhiyuan laughs, “Nothing. I just want to make a bet with you.”


“Let’s bet on whether Group Red or Group Blue will win. Which group do you choose?”

Yi Yunyi slightly lifts his lips and his eyes brightens: “What’s the bet?”

“The bet?” Nie Zhiyuan chuckles, “The bet is that who loses will have to run ten kilometers in front of the soldiers.”

“OK. I bet on Group Red’s winning!”

“Not surprising. You are frank. Then, I will bet on Group Blue. Ha, the game is on. We both decided the bet. No drawing back.”

“It should be said by me.” Yi Yunrui pauses, “Braggart Nie, anything else?”

“That’s all. Ha. Wait!” Nie Zhiyuan seems to remember something. He hurriedly cries: “If I win this time, you will be ent.i.tled with the nickname Braggart. Do you dare?”


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