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Chapter 445 You Don’t Need to Worry About Me

Yi Yunrui sees Xia Ning frowns. He asks, “What’s wrong?”

Xia Ning opens her mouth. But she remembers what happened to Gu Luan the other day. She feels upset. She swallows the words on the tip of her tongue, “No. Nothing. I recalled something but can’t remember it now.”

Yi Yunrui is aware of the hesitation of his wife. He feels confused. However, he doesn’t go on asking. He smiles, “Have some fruit. You may take a rest and we will go to see Aunt Zhou.”

Xia Ning sits in the car. She holds Yi Yunrui’s hand tightly. At the beginning, Yi Yunrui held her hand. Now, she holds his instead.

She feels her heart beat rapidly.

She is nervous, frightened and sad…she gasps with an urge to cry out.

She takes a deep breath, trying hard to control her emotions. She hasn’t seen Aunt Zhou. What’s wrong with her?

Yi Yunrui notices the uneasiness of his wife. He holds her and pats her back. He comforts her in a gentle voice, “It is fine. I am here. If you don’t feel well. You may lean on my shoulder anytime.”

Xia Ning nods. She feels warmth flow inside her heart like a fire in the winter. She feels her whole body become warm.

The car stops at C City No. 1 Military Region Hospital

Xia Ning sees Zhou Mengyao’s body in the morgue of the hospital.

Zhou Mengyao looks white on her face. Her whole body is cold while her eyes are open.

Xia Ning feels heartache. At this moment, she can’t stop the sadness inside her heart. She sobs and tears roar out from her eyes like water from a broken dam.

Aunt Zhou…didn’t die in peace!

Why? How could that happen?

Yi Yunrui takes a step forward. He holds his wife from behind and feels the convulsion of her body because of continuous crying in grief. At this moment, his face looks frozen! He feels his heart painful as if it is twitched!

Xia Ning cries bitterly. The scenes of Zhou Mengyao staying with her when she was alive flash in her brain. Zhou Mengyao patiently taught her. She cared about her and protected her. Xia Ning recalls everything about Zhou Mengyao, her voice and her smile, which are as fresh as if they happened yesterday. How can Xia Ning believe that an active person could suddenly die?

She had just left for a few hours.

Just a few hours!

Xia Ning feels very regretful. If she hadn’t escaped, would she have stopped the happening of some events?

Or, …

Aunt Zhou died because of her. She caused the death of Aunt Zhou!

“It is because of me. It is my fault… If I hadn’t connected with Aunt Zhou, she wouldn’t have died…” Xia Ning feels her heart painful as if it is cut by thousands of knives. She tightly covers her chest. She hates herself very much!

She hates herself for being useless, coward and unable to change the result!

“It is all my fault…”

“Ning!” Xia Ning is having a mental collapse. Yi Yunrui draws her back and presses her head on his chest. He holds her tightly, “It is not like what you think. I will tell you later. Don’t be so sad. Don’t influence the baby.”

He understands how his wife feels now. However, his wife is pregnant. If she is too emotional, it is bad for both her and the body!

Xia Ning is reminded of the baby. She takes a deep breath. Then, she grits her teeth tightly. Yes. No matter how sad she feels, she can’t get her baby implicated by her emotions.

She can’t make her baby share the fault of her.


What did Yi Yunrui say just now?

“It is not like what I think?” Xia Ning lifts her head. Her eyes look swollen because of crying. She asks in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Darling, do you know anything?”

Yi Yunrui purses lips and nods. He strokes her hair while he closes his eyes and gives a sigh, “Ning, listen to me. No matter how sad you are, we have to help Aunt Zhou deal with the unsolved issues that she hadn’t finished before she died. You may need to control your emotions. I will show you some things.”

Hearing This, Xia Ning feels very confused.

Zhou Mengyao’s cold body is behind while Yi Yunrui is strong and warm beside her. The contrast of cold and warmth is so clear. The distance between them is so short and they are happening right in front of her.

“Ning, all of us, the baby, I and Aunt Zhou don’t want to see you in such a grief. Ning, you have to be strong. Do you understand?” He tells his wife to get strong because he doesn’t want her to be too sad. If it is possible, he really wants to prevent the grief from his wife.


Yes, she has to be strong!

Anyway, her weakness accounts for a big part of Aunt Zhou’s death.

She takes a step backward and life will step forward accordingly to give her a more serious attack!

No. She can’t draw back. She can’t stay weak!

Thinking about this, Xia Ning tightens her hand and takes a deep breath, “I am fine. I am fine.”

“Let’s leave here.” Yi Yunrui is afraid that the atmosphere here may keep shocking his wife. He holds his wife and takes her out of the cold morgue.

And directly, he holds her to go out of the hospital and get in the car.

After a while, Xia Ning finally calms down. She remembers something and asks, “Why is Aunt Zhou still in the hospital? She shouldn’t be there…”

And, there is another problem. Aunt Zhou … should not be so miserable. She is just lying there alone…

Where are the others?

Yi Yunrui looks at Xia Ning. He says slowly, “Ning, in the following days, no matter what you hear, you have to remember that your husband is staying with you. No matter what happens, your husband will support you.”

Vaguely, Xia Ning feels the event complicated. She grits her teeth. She understands that Yi Yunrui is telling her to get mentally prepared. She nods, “I see. Darling, you may go ahead. Don’t worry. I will be fine.”

Yi Yunrui purses his lips into a line. He stares at his lovely wife. If it is possible, he really doesn’t want to tell her the cruel truth.

He wants to bear everything for her.

However, the harder he tries to hide it, the sadder his wife becomes.

“Aunt Zhou’s death is related to Jiang Yongran.”

Jiang Yongran?

Xia Ning freezes her eyes. She was suspicious of Jiang Yongran. However, when hearing Yi Yunrui says so, Xia Ning understands that Jiang Yongran is the real murderer!

“Is Jiang Yongran the murderer?”

“Firstly, someone modified the monitoring videos. He was obviously hiding something. Now, it is proved that the guard told lies on the other day. Someone failed to withstand the pressure and told that Jiang Yongran went to meet Aunt Zhou on that night. However, nothing about Jiang Yongran was found in the video. Obviously, it is Jiang Yongran who made the modification. Secondly, after Aunt Zhou died, the last image inside her pupils is found and figured out. It is a man’s face, Jiang Yongran’s face.”

“Thirdly, all the information collected recently shows that Jiang Yongran was malicious. Everything proves that Jiang Yongran is the most possible suspect. However, what really happened will need Jiang Yongran to confess in person.”

Xia Ning feels shocked to hear that. She thinks for quite a while and asks, “Even if Jiang Yongran was malicious, it didn’t seem that he would kill Aunt Zhou directly. What benefit will Aunt Zhou’s death bring to him?”

“There must be some benefits for him. The real causes of Aunt Zhou’s death are still under investigation. Therefore, we haven’t taken any reactions so far. In the following days, we may need you to cooperate with us.”

“OK. If you need me to do anything, I will do it cooperatively.” No matter how dangerous it may be, she is not going to draw back this time!

She will never draw back again from now on!

She is clear that if she draws back, those to be hurt must be people around her!

She doesn’t want to be protected by others. Instead, she wants to protect those she loves. She wants to protect all the people she loves!

Xia Ning looks at Yi Yunrui decisively. Yi Yunrui strokes her hair. He feels his heart ache, “You silly. Don’t forget, you have got your husband here. Don’t put all blame on yourself. If anything happens, I will bear it with you.”

“Darling.” Xia Ning looks seriously into Yi Yunrui’s eyes. She says word by word, “I want to protect the people I love. I know I am not capable enough to do that now, but I will try my best. Darling, tell me. What should I do next? Don’t worry about my emotions. I am not going to draw back again.”


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